K-Bana manual louvered pergola

Manual Louvered Pergola: 5 reasons to choose a K-BANA™

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

Still looking for a manual product that lets you control sunlight, shade, and rain? You just found it! Azenco Outdoor’s K-BANA™ is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. This manual louvered roof pergola not only gives you control over the elements, but its unique design makes it an aluminum gem for your backyard.

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1. What is a K-BANA™?

The K-BANA™ is a manually operated louvered pergola. The roof system can be fully closed or opened at a 90° angle. This adaptable feature allows you to control solar light rays. It offers protection against the elements without having to plug it into any power outlet. Made in the USA with the best quality aluminum and powder coating, it has a lifetime value.

The manual pergola comes in two standard sizes: 10’x10’ and 12’x12, and 2 standard colors:

  • White Frame with White Louvers – Powder Coating
  • Black Frame with White Louvers – Powder Coating

These specifications in colors and sizes make the K-BANA™ a time and cost-efficient product. Unlock your lifetime of shade in as quickly as 3 weeks.

2. A Modular Design

Just like combining Lego bricks builds the craziest shapes, combining K-BANA™ pergolas creates unique designs. Add options to make this standard product a unique addition.

Endless Layouts Possibilities

Our manual louver pergolas are modular as their design offers endless layout possibilities. Install them side by side, make it an L-shape or a U-shape, and feel free to customize it. The conception of the K-BANA™ allows for the combination of structures, helping the pergolas adapt to any residential or commercial space. The K-BANA™ is a great option for a hotel’s outdoor area. It is not just a functional product; it also has a luxurious style that can be fully customized to match your desired aesthetic.

Many Options To Choose From

The K-BANA™ offers other customization options to choose from. Adding one or several privacy walls will give you control over the elements but also privacy. Our walls are made with 5.5 inches slats, keeping out the sun and prying eyes like the ones in our R-SHADE™ and R-BLADE™ pergolas. Also, our manual pergola is offered in 2 versions: with its in-built decking frame or with no floors at all. A pergola with a white structure and a tropical wood deck would be the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional styles.

K-Bana manual louvered pergola with multiple modules to form a l-shaped covered area with lounge area and outdoor kitchen

3. A Manual Pergola Is A Versatile Investment

Azenco Outdoor believes that life is better outside. This is why we design and manufacture products that creates enjoyable and relaxing experiences outdoors. The K-BANA™ is one of them. In the meantime, it’s a versatile investment due to its multi-functional design. Besides providing shade, it can also be your outdoor lounging spot. Our functional product offers you quality materials, compatibility with accessories, and adjustable features.

White cabana in aluminum with manual louvered roof

A Great Addition To Any Backyard

This pergola is a great addition to any outdoor space. As a matter of fact, our 10’x10’ model is the perfect size to cover a small outdoor kitchen. A grill and a countertop fit in the structure. Plus, with its operable roof, you can grill your steaks without being overwhelmed by smoke. It will make your time outside more enjoyable, to the point that you will not want to go back inside. And to those who work from home and love connecting with nature, our product is often used as an outdoor office.

If homeowners enjoy bringing the resort quality home, commercial businesses will also benefit from the K-BANA™.

In a hospitality setting, a K-BANA™ system elevates the customer experience while bringing plenty of options to facilities. Our product can be used as pool cabanas, giving hotels or country clubs’ pools a classy and aesthetic look. Guests would have their private spots while enjoying the hotel amenities with poolside shade. It is also a safe option due to its powerless design, avoiding hazards and mind wrecks regarding remotes. Residential community managements have the opportunity to enhance the outdoors with quality resort cabanas that will give their residents more quality outdoor time.

A Quick ROI For Commercial Application

The K-BANA™ represents significant ROI opportunities for hospitality businesses. A modular manual louver pergola offers a variety of applications. For instance, this product can we used for:

  • Beach bars and grills;
  • Massage booth;
  • VIP space during events…

The flexibility and functionality of the product allow this investment to pay off quickly. However, the best investment remains a poolside cabana. In certain areas, these cabanas rent for 700$ a day. K-BANA™ is your opportunity to turn aluminum into gold after a few days only.

Resort cabana - Azenco

4. A Lifetime Of Shade Three Hours Away!

Our multi-purpose K-BANA™ will not only provide you with lifetime shade, but it will also transform your backyard into your favorite lounging spot. Creating your retreat for the upcoming summer days is only three hours away. It is as easy as choosing your desired size, color, and customization features. A low-maintenance and durable product. So, are you ready for the backyard of your dreams?

Installed in Half a Day

The K-BANA™ has been designed so a couple of skilled people can install it in three hours. Half a day installation combined with its integrated floor means no footings are needed for installation. No footings means that your cabana can be installed in a few hours without disrupting your day, plans, and current layout.

Huge Durability

We pride ourselves on the quality of our pergola collection. Azenco Outdoor uses top-notch materials that will secure you a lifetime of shade with very limited maintenance. Our aluminum is all new and powder-coated following AAMA 2604 standards, limiting corrosion issues. The absence of any kind of electrical part allows you to enjoy your louvered pergola worry-free. It requires very low maintenance as an occasional cleaning and lubrication of friction points are the only recommendations.

The free-standing pergola’s unique design has won multiple awards. It is a real louvered pergola but with lighter features. It has a seamless design with concealed hardware
powder coating and warranty. Customize your K-BANA™ and enjoy an easy and elegant backyard upgrade.

Four Times Awarded Product

The K-BANA™ stands as one of our most esteemed achievements. It has been recognized on various occasions due to its singular design, durability, and cleverness when covering an outdoor space.

Awards list:


These awards are a recognition of the hard and dedicated work of the Azenco Outdoor Team to provide the best outdoor living experience.

A Real Louvered Pergola With Lighter Features

We want to make your outdoor experience worry free. In addition to being low-maintenance, the K-BANA™ integrates a water management system. Our manual pergola features a beam-mounted gutter combined with an optimized louver. Every roof component is tapered and features a pre-gutter. This drainage system was designed to make your K-BANA™ still a usable outdoor space even when a rain shower wants to trouble your Sunday family cookout.

Additionally, the louver of the K-BANA™ is partially dual-walled, making it strong and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The K-BANA™ respects the detail-oriented philosophy accented by Azenco Outdoor. The cabana/pergola has no exposed fasteners, clean lines and studied proportions.

5. It Often Doesn't Require A Permit

Besides its unique and flexible design, the K-BANA™ has another great benefit. Thanks to its clever design, the cabana can be installed almost anywhere, often without a permit. The majority of the United States does not require a permit for a structure smaller than 144 sq.ft, including the 2 standard sizes of the K-BANA™. The model with the customized built-in floor is considered high-end furniture, meaning it is not subject to permitting anywhere in the USA.

White square aluminum cabana. Model K-BANA by Azenco

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