K-Bana, aluminum cabana: The addition of this dedicated machine is helping propel Azenco from being the leading aluminum patio cover manufacturer to also becoming the top cabana manufacturer in the market.

Azenco Expands Manufacturing Line with Dedicated Cabana-Crafting Robot

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

Cabanas are truly versatile outdoor living structures and they make an amazing modern patio cover. The basic look of a cabana features a roof and one to three walls while the front of the structure remains open. The open side of the structure usually faces the beach, pool or whichever beautiful view you would like to take in while relaxing under the patio cover. Cabanas come in an array of sizes, shapes and with infinite levels of appointment. While a basic pool cabana might feature a static roof with flowing fabric walls, top-end cabanas can feature adjustable louvered roofs, sliding doors or privacy wall panels, even interior walls to create multiple rooms within the structure.

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Azenco Creates the Modular Customizable Cabana

It was this diverse use of the cabana that led Azenco founder and CEO, Charles Chapus, to design the modular, multi-purpose K-BANA™ by Azenco. The customizable K-BANA™ combined many of the design features of the popular Azenco R-BLADE adjustable louvered pergola and the Azenco R-SHADE™ fixed roof pergola. The K-BANA™ combines a manual louvered roof system and the hidden drainage system seen in our pergolas into a truly unique modular product. Featuring Azenco’s K-BANA™ louver design ensures rain is captured by the drainage system, keeping the living space below dry.

With modular sections available in three standard sizes ranging from 8×8, to 10×10, to 12×12 square feet, homeowners and patio designers are able to combine the varying sections to imagine truly unique outdoor living spaces. Below the manual adjustable louvered roof, customers can choose from numerous wall designs including static louvered walls for full-time privacy or sliding wall segments that offer privacy when closed and clear sightlines when open. The ready-to-customize aluminum floor system allows homeowners or designers to get creative with the flooring selections for each unit. So, they can just as easily choose a stone floor, wood panels, or even turf sections.

Also, because the K-BANA™ structure does not require footings to be buried in the ground, it fits the definition of “outdoor furniture” in most municipal building codes. This means it can often be erected without the hassle of securing local permits.

K-BANA™ Demand Explodes

When Azenco first introduced the K-BANA™ in 2020, it was an immediate hit with the outdoor living industry, even securing a coveted Vesta Award from Hearth & Home Magazine. Since then, homeowners and outdoor living designers throughout the nation have also embraced the beauty and functionality of the K-BANA™. Demand for the unique outdoor living structure has accelerated so rapidly that Azenco recently expanded its manufacturing line with a new, dedicated precision extrusion robot that will produce nothing but K-BANA™ units. The addition of this dedicated machine is helping propel Azenco from being the leading aluminum patio cover manufacturer to also becoming the top cabana manufacturer in the market.

Accelerating Project Turnaround Times

The addition of a dedicated K-BANA™ production line not only enables Azenco to keep up with the growing demand for this innovative cabana, but streamlines production ensuring K-BANA™ projects can be completed for customers as quickly as possible. During its first year in production, K-BANA™ orders were being crafted on the same machines that were handling our growing pergola and carport orders. Transitioning the precision robot extrusion and cutting machines to fabricate the varying product lines took extra time and team resources. With this new dedicated production line, unnecessary downtime needed to make the transition, and recalibrate the highly technical machines will be eliminated.

Ultimately, this means turnaround times for all our orders will be reduced exponentially, and customers will be able to enjoy their newly installed cabana much sooner.


If you are evaluating options to bring a luxurious shaded outdoor living space to your patio, pool deck or backyard, a cabana could be the ideal fit for your outdoor lifestyle. If you would like to explore the myriad of design possibilities that our innovative K-BANA™ offers you, please reach out to us today and we will connect you with one of our local expert dealers near you.

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