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Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis: Must-Have Pergola Accessories from Azenco Outdoor

Last Updated on April 18, 2024

From simple aesthetic looks to sophisticated designs that elevate your all-season outdoor space, a custom-built pergola can be enhanced by adding features such as our recommendations for premium-level pergola accessories.

Azenco Outdoor is a pergola manufacturing company based in Miami, Florida, that focuses on redefining outdoor living standards. Our innovative pergolas are made with high-quality aluminum and concealed hardware, allowing us to provide customers with a virtually maintenance-free product. And you know what’s the best part? Azenco Outdoor offers a made-to-order service that allows you to customize your pergola to match your aesthetic and lifestyle!

Just imagine a motorized louvered R-BLADE™ pergola with double cornice details that offer a sense of elegance and timeless design. Want to know more? Keep reading to know more about the best pergola accessories to add! 

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Enhance the Look and Feel: Azenco's Architectural Elements

Azenco Outdoor’s seamless and elegant pergola design can be elevated by further customizing it with different architectural features. When creating your dream pergola with us, you have the option to add the cornice, corbel ends, and privacy walls.

1. Cornice

The Cornice is an architectural feature that gives the pergola a traditional charm, the best option for those looking to create a classy and contemporary look. This addition will blend perfectly with any outdoor setting. The Cornice also offers you the possibility of adding hidden RGBW strip lights, adding a warm ambiance to your space.

2. Corbel Ends

Looking for a unique look that will catch everyone’s attention? The Corbel Ends are for you. They are a unique feature that will give your outdoor area a special feel of traditional elegance and luxury.

Luxury white pergola with corbel ends decor.

3. Privacy Wall

This premium-level accessory has many benefits, one of which is helping you create a defined outdoor area. Azenco Outdoor’s privacy wall combines privacy and style, offering you a space where you feel comfortable and safe. 

Our privacy walls can be customized with wood slats available in 12 different wood colors. Adding warm tones to your design, such as wood, can create a more inviting and cozier space. 

A privacy wall allows you to integrate a TV for entertainment. This will make it the perfect spot for Football Sundays or gatherings with family and friends. The TV can be seamlessly mounted on the center beam of your pergola since the cables can be hidden, giving your outdoor space a clean look.  

Climate Control for Year-Round Comfort

All our patio covers feature an advanced, fully extruded integrated pergola gutter system that makes our pergolas virtually maintenance-free. This system protects and extends the life of your investment. An integrated gutter will keep you from worrying about leaks and runoff. 

R-BLADE™ motorized pergola accessories

Integrating advanced climate sensors on our R-BLADE™ motorized louvered system combined with dual-walled louvers and whisper-quiet motors automatically adjusts the pergola’s louvers. It ensures a seamless outdoor experience adaptable to changing weather conditions. With seamless technology integration, users can control these settings via remote smartphone apps compatible with major smart home systems or voice-activated features, ensuring an effortless adaptation to sunlight and inclement weather, thus extending your living space outdoors with ease and elegance.

 Azenco Outdoor’s patio covers are also compatible with other premium pergola accessories that increase comfort and functionality.  


Instead of staying inside during the cold months, create a cozy and warm outdoor area you can enjoy year-round. When designing your dream pergola, and even after, you can choose to integrate heaters.

Azenco Outdoor and Infratech have partnered to offer premium heating solutions that allow you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of season. The Infrared heaters by Infratech allow you to redefine your outdoor lifestyle by bringing indoor living outside.

6. Screens

Another transformative accessory for your pergola is the addition of screens. These screens offer protection from mosquitoes, sunlight, and strong winds. By integrating screens into your pergola, you elevate your patio experience effortlessly.

Azenco Outdoor recommends the MagnaTrack system by Progressive Screens, featuring an automated system that enables you to deploy or retract screens in seconds. These screens offer shade and style, allowing you to select the option that best suits your needs. Here are some options:

  • Nano 95 in Black: enjoy 95% opacity for maximum shade and privacy.
  • TEX 80 in Gray: strike the perfect balance with 80% opacity in stylish gray.
  • Nano 90 in White: embrace elegance with 90% opacity in pristine white.
  • Nano 95 in White: achieve the ultimate privacy with 95% opacity in brilliant white.

Additionally, the screens give you the option to add a projector and enjoy outdoor movie nights in style!

7. Fans

If there’s a must-have accessory, it would be the pergola fan. Besides creating airflow and comfort, fans add style to your patio. You can choose from many different styles, until you find the right one to match your aesthetic.

Two brands we highly recommend are Minka-Aire® and Modern Forms. Minka-Aire® provides fans with distinctive, creative designs in various styles, increasing the aesthetics of your pergola while providing adequate airflow.  Equally remarkable are Modern Forms fans, which provide smart, energy-efficient fans in elegant designs and are easily integrated with home automation systems for seamless operation.

Both fan manufacturers provide long-lasting, effective alternatives that enhance the comfort and elegance of your outdoor environment.

Setting the Mood: Lighting and Ambiance


Pergola lighting extends the usability of outdoor areas into the evening, while also enhancing ambiance and style. LED lighting is favored for its efficiency and design, with Azenco Outdoor offering three different types:

  • LED Recessed Lights – direct lighting that seamlessly integrate into the pergola’s structure for subtle illumination.
  • RGBW LED Strips – accent lighting and adjustable in luminosity and color, are perfect for ambiance along edges or beams.
  • LED Ramp Lights – ideal for pathways or features, offer linear, targeted lighting.

These Azenco Outdoor lighting options provide functional and atmospheric lighting solutions, transforming pergolas into inviting, well-lit spaces.

Maximize Functionality: Create an Outdoor Room

Outdoor Kitchens and Cabinets

Outdoor kitchens are a fantastic addition to any pergola. They transform your pergola into a multi-functional space, perfect for cooking, dining, and entertaining. Station Grill, one of Azenco Outdoor’s partners, excels in creating outdoor kitchen cabinets that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Station Grill outdoor kitchen cabinets are crafted from robust, weatherproof materials designed to withstand diverse outdoor environments, guaranteeing durability and performance. These premium, custom cabinets are tailored to integrate seamlessly with your chosen outdoor kitchen appliances for an enhanced cooking experience. With generous preparation areas and clever storage solutions, these kitchens provide immediate access to everything needed for outdoor cooking activities. Their selection includes four unique, stylish collections featuring a variety of finishes, luxurious outdoor hues, ornamental aluminum panels, and cabinets customized on-site. Station Grill also provides an extensive selection of accessories to improve your cooking area, like stainless steel sinks, garbage bins, ice buckets, and pots for herbs.


Firepits are a great option to complement a pergola, providing both warmth and an attractive focal point in your outdoor area. These additions provide an inviting atmosphere, ideal for those cold nights. Whether you go for a classic wood-burning firepit or a modern gas-powered one, they provide an enjoyable place for friends and family, perfect for chatting, toasting marshmallows, or simply relaxing under the stars. Adding a firepit to your pergola design enhances the charm and functionality of your outdoor area, making every minute spent outside more memorable.


In conclusion, incorporating one or more of these premium-level pergola accessories will add sophistication to your space. Our custom-built products are designed to match your desired aesthetic without sacrificing functionality, and with these accessories, you can create the outdoor space of your dreams.

At Azenco Outdoor, customer care is a priority. We aim to provide you with a Zen experience from beginning to end. Contact us to design your pergola!

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