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Why a White Pergola? Choosing the Color of Your Pergola – Color Goes Beyond Aesthetics

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

When planning a white pergola project for your home there are a myriad of design criteria to consider. Will a pergola attached to the home or a standalone shade structure fit your space best? Is a fixed-roof better for your outdoor lifestyle or a motorized adjustable louvered roof? With so many options on your pergola menu, the color of the support beams, columns, and louvers themselves, may seem like the simplest of all decisions. In fact, with virtually unlimited color options, it can be one of the most complex (and satisfying) aspects of the project.

White Pergola: #1 Choice in the US

Most pergolas are neutral tones with a grey pergola, black pergola or white pergola being very common selections. Understandably so, these color selections are safe choices for most outdoor spaces, which is why they dominate the DIY pergola kits you’ll see at major box stores. We see plenty of requests for a white pergola, with bronzes and dark tans also high among customer selections, but we can also match the existing exterior of your home or any color you can envision.

Key Considerations When Choosing Pergola Colors

There are no hard-and-fast rules for pergola color selection, but there are some guidelines we usually suggest. It is also worth noting that local regulations may limit your color options. For example, if your neighborhood has a Homeowners Association (HOA) or you live in a historic district, there may be a predetermined color palette for your outdoor living structures. As you spin through the color wheel at your disposal, there are some key considerations to keep in mind when making your selection, such as:

  • Darker colored louvers will absorb heat making your shade space more difficult to keep cool, also the rich-colored louvers can make the pergola space seem more constricted…though this intimate feel may be exactly the vibe you want.
  • Matte colors are preferable for a pergola, they reflect less light to reduce glare compared to a gloss finish…though the gloss finish makes colors really pop.
  • Combining colors for a two-tone look can make the architectural structure of your pergola its own design focus of your outdoor design.
  • Textured finishes can help hide an occasional scratch, but smooth finishes are preferred for lighter color selections like a white pergola because it is easier to clean.
  • With our custom sublimation process we can simulate wood grains which is ideal for a more rustic look or if your outdoor space already features natural wood elements.

Matching the Color Palette of Your Outdoor Space

Whether matching your pergola colors to your home’s exterior or looking to make the pergola stand out, it always makes good design sense to select complementary tones. Another option is to coordinate your pergola colors to compliment the landscaping that will surround the structure such as a favorite flower or existing hardscaping. If a rustic wooden pergola is your dream design, we can customize our powder coating with a myriad of wood grains to simulate that rustic look while maintaining the durability and maintenance benefits of an aluminum structure.

2023 Trends: Two-Tone Color Schemes Rivaling White-on-White Pergolas

The white pergola (with white louvers and a white frame) is certainly a timeless look that can compliment any architectural style from country chic to minimalist modern, and it remains the most popular for Azenco customers. The all white pergola reflects the sun’s rays creating a cooling effect for your outdoor living space, and the light color makes the space feel more open. Increasingly, though, pergola buyers are opting for two-tone color schemes as well. With a dark frame of black or bronze, and offsetting white louvers, the structure of the pergola really stands out as a design element while the light-colored louvers allow the space to still have an expansive feel.

Conclusion: Timeless White Pergola

Color selection for your pergola project really can be as simple as matching your outdoor living space to your home’s existing exterior, or opting for the staying power of a classic white pergola. But, if you want to get creative in your color schemes to make your pergola a stylized centerpiece of your backyard, then explore the myriad of options at your disposal. If you would like to learn more about our color options, contact us and we’ll have one of our expert local dealers reach out.

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