Partial shade shaping outdoor spaces.

Enhance your outdoor spaces with our innovative fixed louvered pergola. The angled or vertical slats of the R-BREEZE™ create sculptural elegance while maintaining an airy feel.

Fixed louvered pergola by Azenco Outdoor - 3D image describing the benefits of the customizable louvered system

Modern lines with timeless elegance.

R-BREEZE™ adapts seamlessly to diverse settings, whether traditional or contemporary, creating an atmosphere of refined sophistication. Offering the perfect blend of sun and shade, it allows you to create a cool and comfortable outdoor living space.

Patented Pergola System.

What sets this pergola apart is its smart design, featuring a unique, patented installation method for a seamless assembly.

Choose from our dual roof configurations to control the amount of sunlight and create the ambience you envision!

roof layout fixed louvered pergola by azenco outdoor

Why Choose an R-BREEZE™
Fixed Louvered Pergola?

Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the R-BREEZE™ pergola is built to withstand the elements and requires minimal maintenance.

Built to Last.

Crafted with the highest-quality materials, R-BREEZE™ is a reliable and functional product for years to come.

Easy Maintenance.

Its low-maintenance features ensure a simple cleaning routine that won’t disrupt your busy schedule.

Architectural Element.

Add visual interest to your space with our unique design, seamlessly integrating with your existing surroundings.

Architectural Features

The R-BREEZE™ fixed louvered pergola seamlessly integrates with various architectural elements, elevating the aesthetics of any outdoor space.

recessed lights for fixed louvered pergola by azenco outdoor

Recessed Lights

led ramps fixed louvered pergola by azenco outdoor

LED Ramps

privacy wall fixed louvered pergola by azenco outdoor
Privacy Wall
base plate cover fixed louvered pergola by azenco outdoor
Base Plate Cover

Compatible Features

Our patio covers offer customizable comfort through a range of accessories, to ensure your space is perfect in any weather or settings.

Outdoor fan with integrated light for pergolas
Outdoor misting system for pergolas
Outdoor speakers for pergolas


Whether you dream of an intimate patio retreat, a shaded play area for the kids, or an extension of your living room, the R-BREEZE™ pergola can transform your vision into reality.


The pergolas’ ability to provide both sun and shade allows you to create comfortable outdoor spaces, increasing your usable square footage and attracting customers.

Discover Our Outdoor Collection

Download Azenco's pergola brochure and catalog for outdoor layout inspirations and aluminum pergola information.
Custom black aluminum pergola with wood grain finish and fixed vertical louvers by Azenco. Patented system: R-BREEZE pergola


R-BREEZE™ is fully customizable, to ensure a perfect fit for your needs. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

R-BREEZE™ has 3 standard colors: white, black and dark gray/bronze, but any custom color can be requested to suit your tastes.
R-BREEZE™ is made from premium materials, including powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel, for durability and longevity.
Permit requirements vary depending on location. We recommend checking with your local dealer to determine if a permit is required for your pergola.
Yes, we offer financing options to make your pergola project more affordable. Please visit our “Financing options” page.
The first step is to contact us directly on our website or by phone. We’ll put you in contact with a certified dealer in your are to guide you through the design and installation process.

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