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Pergola Structures for Luxury Living

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Outdoor living spaces have become a high-demand amenity for homeowners, and new home buyers. Beyond simply searching for bedroom and bathroom count, home shoppers are also checking search toggles for patio, terrace and deck. If you are considering upgrading your outdoor living space, building a modern motorized pergola in your backyard, garden, or even your front yard, will maximize your use and enjoyment of the space. It will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers when you decide to sell. 

If you are looking to ramp up the luxury of your backyard, then a pergola will do the trick. Let’s explore the core elements of modern pergola structures, and what you should look for in your pergola project.

What is a pergola structure?

In its most simple form, a pergola structure consists of fixed slats mounted over four support columns. Traditional pergolas sought to create shade as the sun traversed the day, but as technologies advanced, pergolas evolved too. Today’s modern aluminum pergolas feature adjustable louvered roofs that are controlled remotely, or even completely autonomously. The adjustable louvers allow the roof to open to allow full sun exposure, close partially to create shade, or close completely for full shade and rain protection. Adjusting the louvers not only provides sun/shade flexibility for the patio cover, but improves storm resistance in a pergola for windy areas.

What is the pergola frame?

The pergola frame is the entirety of the pergola roof structure in which the louvers sit. In traditional wooden pergolas the frame simply supports the louvers, but in advanced modern pergolas, the frame enables several modern capabilities. The frame of the pergola houses the motors that operate the adjustable louvers, and all the wiring for the controls. It also includes a hidden gutter system that channels rainwater from the louvered roof into downspouts embedded in the support columns. When shopping for adjustable louvered pergolas, make sure to pay particular attention to the point where the louvers and the frame meet. In some pergola structures, there will be no overlap at this junction. These pergolas will inevitably allow rainwater to drip around the edges of the frame.

To ensure your covered patio or other outdoor living space is sealed against the rain, look for pergola structures in which the louvers extend into the frame. This is the case with our Azenco R-Blade pergola. Our unique dual-walled louvers provide the necessary insulation against the sun, close tightly to seal out the rain, and extend all the way into the pergola frame.

Why Blocking the Rain with a Pergola Structure is Important

The ability to keep your outdoor living space dry during afternoon rain showers will drastically expand your enjoyment of the space. If you want to embrace the luxury of outdoor living, you will first and foremost need to ensure the space is accessible in any weather.

An all-weather outdoor space creates immense usability for the space. More than simply a respite from the sun, this all-weather patio cover can house custom outdoor kitchens with grills, sinks, etc. Properly protected from the weather, your outdoor seating area can be better appointed with upholstered outdoor furniture, and tables will stay cleaner longer. One of the added benefits of choosing a customized modern aluminum pergola, is the extensive amenities which can be embedded into the structure.

Amenities for Luxurious Outdoor Living

The amazing amenities that can be integrated with a modern motorized pergola are extensive, and can truly elevate your pergola from basic shade covering to luxurious home relaxation destination. Some of the basic additions include embedded dimmable LED lights, patio fans, and infrared heaters to keep the chill away in the evenings.

More luxurious amenities include outdoor TVs hung from the pergola frame and motorized retractable privacy screens. These screens can be fitted with dense material that blocks the sun and the view of nosey neighbors, or a sheer material that provides partial shade while adding some privacy. With the ability to customize the materials, the flowing curtains can also add a resort-like design element to your outdoor living space.

To take your pergola to the pinnacle of luxury, you can also add hands-free voice activated controls or request embedded sensors to autonomously control the louver operations. The voice controls work with all popular smart home assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Simply tell Alexa to close the louvers, and you never have to leave your chaise lounge. A smart sensor array makes the pergola even smarter. An embedded rain sensor will monitor for showers and automatically close the lovers at the first sign of rain. A wind sensor will watch for heavy gusts, and automatically open louvers to prevent damage from updrafts. For colder climates, a temperature sensor will monitor for freezing conditions and open the louvers to prevent snow build up.


If you would like to take your patio, deck or backyard living space to the next level of luxury, a modern pergola will deliver all the style, functionality, and all-weather living that you can imagine. To ensure your pergola will provide the capabilities and rain protection you desire, make sure to contact Azenco today.

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