Contemporary Pergola Photo Gallery​

Different pergola structure options purpose-built to fit any outdoor space, lifestyle, and budget. A pergola is a great addition to take any outdoor space from unused and boring to a chic area.

Motorized Louvered Roof Pergolas: R-BLADE™ system offers a harmonious blend of warmth and light in winter while providing a shield from the summer sun.

Insulated Sandwich Panels: R-SHADE™ pergola. Enjoy a cool retreat in the summer, assured by its waterproof and wind-resistant features.

Manual Louvered Roof: K-BANA™. This modular innovation features a manual louvered roof with various wall or partition options, including open, fixed, or sliding louvered panels and plain walls or screens. 

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Azenco’s elegant design fits in with just about any home architecture whether modern, contemporary or classical. Today’s pergolas offer cutting-edge materials, new finishing touches, contemporary designs, innovation and exclusives options to bring more pleasure, comfort, and security to your garden or outdoor space. 

A pergola is a great way to add charm and personality to any outdoor space. Our pergola photo gallery offers many contemporary options for anyone looking for an outdoor structure tailored to their lifestyle, budget, and architectural style.

With Azenco pergolas, you have the freedom to choose from modern materials and designs to find the ideal pergola with finishes that best fit your home’s look. Our pergola photo gallery serves up an abundance of Azenco’s design ideas that are sure to inspire your creativity. 

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