IBS 2024 tradeshow in Las Vegas. Azenco Outdoor

Azenco Outdoor at IBS Tradeshow 2024

Last Updated on April 11, 2024

Azenco Outdoor and its Innovative Pergolas at IBS 2024 in Las Vegas

Azenco Outdoor had the pleasure of attending the International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show lasted 3 days, bringing people, products, and home trends together with more than 76,000 builders, remodelers, developers, and other homebuilding professionals. IBS is the largest annual homebuilder trade show in the United States, providing those in the outdoor living industry with the opportunity to showcase their innovative products to a greater audience. Azenco Outdoor has been a proud attendee of IBS since 2020.

Miami-Based Pergola Manufacturer Azenco Outdoor Makes Grand Entrance

Our company and manufacturing facility is based in Miami, Florida, the Sunshine State. Those year-round summer days make it a necessity to elevate your home’s backyard or business outdoor space with a pergola that will not only bring you shade but will also show you that life is better outside. We proudly manufacture fully customizable pergolas that will match your style and meet your needs. However, our pergolas are not exclusive to Sunny Florida, we also serve nationwide and for all four seasons. Rain, snow, or shine, Azenco Outdoor is here for you.

At IBS, Azenco Outdoor made a grand entrance with a 30×40 sq ft booth that showcased our 2024 products collection. After detailed planning, we were able to set up a unique structure design that would make you forget you were in a show, transporting you into an outdoor living retreat. The booth’s structure included our four core products, including a surprise launch.

Azenco booth 2024
Azenco IBS 2024

Azenco Outdoor a Finalist for "Best of IBS" Award

This year, we were nominated for the prestigious “Best of IBS” Award in the outdoor living industry. Our product, the S-LIDE™, earned Azenco Outdoor the finalist position in this category. The S-LIDE™ is a sliding deck pool cover that offers optimization, safety, and sustainability.

  • Optimization: the S-LIDE™ is a 2 in 1 product that will help you make the most of your outdoor space. It is a pool cover and sliding deck solution.
  • Safety: It has a sturdy base, turning your pool into a safe area for children to play in and entertain guests.
  • Sustainability: By keeping your pool covered, you help reduce water evaporation and the waste of time restoring water and chemical levels.

We would like to congratulate ChamClad for winning the Best Outdoor Product Award with their Quick Click 6″ Shadowline Soffit product!

A Showcase of Pergola Excellence: Azenco Outdoor's 2024 Collection

Azenco Outdoor 2024 pergola collection includes four innovative products, which were all showcased at IBS. In order to have all four products at the show, we needed to be creative and make the most of our 30×40 sq ft booth. Our CEO and engineer, Charles Chapus, made the team’s vision come to life by designing a beautiful floor plan.

In total, the booth included seven pergolas, creating a seamless blend between all of them. The structure was designed with two R-BLADE™, two R-SHADE™, two K-BANA™, and one R-BREEZE™.

  • K-BANA™: Offering a resort-style modular design, our cabana provides you with functionality and privacy.
  • R-BLADE™: Looking to elevate your outdoor space with a perfect mix of shade and light? This pergola is the best of both worlds.
  • R-SHADE™: The go-to for those looking for complete shade year-round.
    R-BREEZE™: Our latest innovation, designed to bring a refreshing breeze to your outdoor living space. Intrigued? Keep reading to discover more!

Unveiling the R-Breeze: Azenco Outdoor's Newest Pergola Innovation

The R-BREEZE™ is Azenco Outdoor’s latest product release. Its first public appearance was exclusively on IBS 2024. This pergola’s design features a stylish aesthetic that will seamlessly match any outdoor space, offering customers a combination of functionality and elegance.

The pergola has fixed louvers and two roofs’ layouts to choose from, vertical and angled slats. The R-BREEZE™ design also has the benefit of a cantilever post.

Vertical Slats

The vertical roof layout proposes a modern and minimalistic aesthetic design that will elevate your outdoor space. A 90° unparallel beauty that provides optimal shade and privacy while allowing just the right amount of natural light to filter through. Could this be any better? Well, yes! You can integrate LED Ramps lights that will give it a touch of sophistication, making it perfect for night gatherings or events.

Angled Slats

These 55° dynamic slats are the perfect blend of style and versatility for your outdoor retreat. This layout offers a unique interplay of light and shadow, creating a captivating ambiance that evolves throughout the day. Now, you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and luxury.

Cantilever Post

Are you tired of the four traditional pergola posts? Look no further! Azenco Outdoor’s R-BREEZE™ featured cantilever posts on our booth that offers you an aesthetically different and unique pergola. It allows you to maximize space and enhance your outdoor views with uninterrupted sights. This option is also available on all our pergolas.

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The International Builders’ Show 2024 was one for the books! We would like to thank everyone who came to meet our amazing team and our new 2024 pergola collection. It was a pleasure seeing our dealers and meeting new faces as well.

Azenco Outdoor has one goal, and that is to redefine outdoor living standards. See you at IBS 2025!

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