Arlo Hotel Wynwood Miami - Resort cabanas built and designed by Azenco. The rooftop cabanas stand up to the high winds that impact South Florida.

Commercial: Rooftop Resort Cabanas at the Trendy Arlo Hotel Miami

Last Updated on April 18, 2024

The Wynwood neighborhood in Miami, Florida is a vibrant hub of design, art and culture in the heart of the city. The neighborhood is known for its massive wall murals, alluring museums like the Museum of Graffiti, galleries packed with the works of emerging artists, and is home to some of the hippest hotels and resorts in Miami.

At the pinnacle of these local resorts is the Arlo Hotel Miami where the artsy soul of the neighborhood sweeps right in the front doors and splashes creative inspirations throughout the hotel. When the Arlo Hotel Miami wanted to add resort cabanas to its 76-foot-long heated rooftop pool area, the cabanas needed to deliver functional amenities for the hotel’s high-end clientele, but they also had to elevate the artistic stylings of the rooftop pool deck. Azenco dealer, IPE Surfaces, took up the design challenge and created some of the swankiest resort cabanas that Miami has seen.

  • 🌴 Wynwood / Miami, Florida
  • 🏨 Commercial: Hotel
  • 📅 Date: December 2022
  • 👷 Installed by IPE Surfaces

Product Choice

  • Product: R-Shade pergola with insulated roof
    Size: Four 10’ x 12’ Cabanas (480 Sq Ft each)
  • Options: Motorization, Patio Fans, Sliding Louvered Walls, Fixed Privacy Walls
  • Color: All White Pergola
  • Benefits: Create revenue-driving poolside cabanas with shade and amenities for guests

Project Overview: Four Resort Cabanas

The competition amongst the many luxury resorts in Miami, Florida is a fierce as the tropical storms that frequent the southern tip of the state. To push its pool deck area to the forefront of the local hotel scene, the Arlo Hotel Wynwood took resort cabanas to a new level of refinement.

The hotel challenged Azenco dealer, IPE Surfaces, to design four poolside cabanas which guests could reserve for a day by the pool.

  • The cabanas needed to feature all the amenities the jet-set guests could imagine.
  • The outdoor structures also needed to be hurricane rated to protect the hotel’s investment.
  • Additionally, satisfying the strict building regulations in Miami Dade County was a also must.

The IPE Surfaces team designed each pool cabana as a custom Azenco R-Shade fixed roof pergola. To bring added flexibility to the fixed-roof design, the Azenco designers engineered a new style of privacy wall that opens and closes manually allowing guests to let in the beautiful tropical breeze, or close the cabana entirely for privacy.

Design Challenges: Stand Up To The High Winds

Building a rooftop pergola presents some unique challenges compared to their terrestrial brethren. First and foremost, the rooftop cabanas needed to stand up to the high winds that impact South Florida. To ensure their design would secure the necessary approvals from permitting authorities, the IPE Surfaces team selected Azenco R-Shade fixed-roof pergolas for this project. Carrying a Miami-Dade Notice of Certification (NOA), the R-Shade pergola has been tested by county officials, and its sturdy structure and assembly is known to satisfy the strict durability requirements for a hurricane rated pergola.

The Arlo Hotel Wynwood also challenged IPE Surfaces to maximize the luxe feel of its new resort cabanas. The cabanas were going to host a wall-mounted 55″ flat-screen TV, personal mini fridge and patio fan, and hotel staff was preparing personalized hospitality services for its cabana guests.

To take the poolside relaxation to a new level, the design team collaborated on an entirely new kind of privacy wall for the pergolas. Encompassing three sides of the cabana, the new privacy walls are made up of full-length manual louvers. The louvered privacy walls allow guests to open the side walls independently to let in more sun and keep the tropical breeze flowing through their exclusive cabana. When they want some added privacy to take in an afternoon nap or change clothes, the louvers close into a seamless wall again.

Color Selection

While a walk through the art-laden Wynwood neighborhood can inspire, the sheer volume of artwork and unique designs can be almost overwhelming.

The tranquil respite that is the Arlo Hotel rooftop pool deck offers guests an opportunity to digest some of the amazing works around the neighborhood. Fitting the new bespoke resort cabanas into the tranquility of the pool deck’s existing style was also an important step to making this cabana project glimmer with luxury appeal. With the pool deck clad in light-colored stone, and splashes of color accenting the roof deck from large potted trees and colorful umbrellas, the IPE Surfaces team recommended a traditional Miami look with all-white pergolas and louvered walls.

The result is a classic Miami style that is sure to impress any guest.

Resort Cabanas at the Arlo Hotel: Turn Around

Fabrication: 4 weeks
Installation: 7 days on location

If you are looking for a way to elevate your resort pool deck, consider adding custom luxury resort cabanas like the Arlo Hotel in Wynwood, Miami, FL. With amenities like these cabanas, competing for guests seeking luxury accommodations gets a whole lot easier.

If you’d like to explore upgrading your hotel’s outdoor relation spaces, please contact us today and we will connect you with one of our local expert pergola dealers.

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