Difference Between Pergola and Gazebo – Know Your Options

difference between pergola and gazebo

Are you looking to build an outdoor structure for your backyard that fits well with the scheme of your home but can’t decide which one? Options are abundant, and each come with their unique benefits. The right place to start would be determining what purpose your installation would serve. Is it just for looks? Or […]

Pergola Flooring Ideas – What Goes Under a Pergola?

pergola orientation for shade pergola flooring ideas

When we think of a pergola, the things that immediately come to mind are beautiful sleek installations with louvered roofs. In fact, pergola flooring ideas are usually an afterthought. But flooring and pergola footings are just as crucial to the structure as the roof. The floor forms the foundation of the pergola structure, footings are […]

Enclosed Pergola Design Ideas – Find Inspiration Here!

enclosed pergola - with automated screens

Since self-isolation and quarantining is the order of the day, most of us have nowhere to go but home. This has resulted in a drive to bring outdoors indoors using patio and backyard spaces creatively. For many homeowners, this means investing in enclosed pergolas or other patio enclosure design ideas. But many others go a […]

Pergola Roof – Here’s What You Need To Know!

pergola roof - closed louvers

When you think about it, pergolas are better than arbors and gazebos because of their unique roofing systems. So why would you need a roofed pergola? Well, for starters, because it is uniquely designed to let some sunlight shine through while also providing partial shelter and shade in a garden or patio. It’s the perfect […]

Pergola Permit – Do I Need One?

building permit - pergola permit

A considerable amount of work goes into mounting a pergola. Manual labor aside, you need to make sure that your pergola meets code requirements which vary from state to state. And yes, you would need a permit for your new pergola, just as you would for any other outdoor home improvement projects. In fact, you […]

Pergola Orientation For Shade – Know Your Options

pergola orientation for shade know your options

Pergolas are the perfect combination of beauty and functionality for your backyard. These structures also offer protection from the sun’s harsh rays and make outdoor living spaces more useful. If you have a deck or a patio, this roof-like structure can significantly expand the time you and your guests spend outside. And it can also […]

A Quick Guide To Getting The Pergola Height Right

Pergola with corbel ends decor

You have decided to buy a pergola for your yard. It is going to be magnificent, the go-to place for parties, dinners, and intimate conversations with your favorite people. But before we proceed with its construction, it’s essential to understand the scope and magnitude of the project and get the right pergola height. A pergola […]

How Much Do a Louvered Pergola Cost In 2021?

louvered pergola cost

Pergolas and louvered roof systems are the latest architectural trend for outdoor living, but do you know how much a louvered pergola cost? From transforming your backyard into a comfortable, relaxing place to adding style and elegance to your house, a louvered pergola can bring immense benefits to your home. Why Choose a Louvered Pergola? […]

30 Pergola Ideas To Jazz Up Your Outdoor Space

30 pergola ideas

Outdoor living has become a massive trend in home makeovers, making pergola ideas the perfect architectural additions to your backyard, patio, or garden. If you plan to spruce up your backyard or add a little shade to the patio so you can enjoy a summer afternoon, pergolas are just what you need. Discover 30 pergola […]