Residential cabana projects: Award-winning manual louvered system

All Azenco’s expertise in one innovative and manual outdoor module. The system allows ideal sunlight control in summer and excellent protection from wind, rain, and snow in winter. Installed in a few hours, the residential cabana doesn’t require a permit.

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K-Bana manual modular system - Aluminum patio cover

K-BANA™, residential cabana from Azenco is a great solution for all your outdoor design needs. Its innovative dual-walled louvers are unlike any other in the market, boasting a manual open/close system that offers excellent sunlight control in the summer and superior protection from wind, rain, and snow in winter. Furthermore, since it can be installed in just a few hours, you won’t have to worry about permit requirements. 

Azenco Residential Cabana: A Manual Louvered System for Luxury Outdoor Living

Transform any space into a luxury residential cabana with K-BANA™ manual louvered system. Experience elegance and style as you curate your personalized oasis using our sleek and award-winning modular system. Create an unparalleled atmosphere on your patio or garden, tailored exclusively to your refined lifestyle. 

Azenco Outdoor: Manufacturer and premier brand in luxury outdoor spaces, is widely recognized for its unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship, innovative solutions, exemplary design, and exquisite residential cabana designs, all characterized by their unparalleled quality.

Elegant and Versatile Louvered System

Our modular outdoor structure is equipped with a louvered system that can operate at an impressive 130º, providing the ultimate flexibility for a superior lounging experience.

Year-Round Protection

Our manual louvered roof is specifically designed to control the rays of solar light and shield against harsh weather elements, including winds, rain, and even snow.

Tailored to Your Needs

Available in three standard sizes, our residential cabanas offer the perfect solution for any outdoor space and lifestyle. Whether you need a single module or multiple modules, our cabanas can effortlessly accommodate your requirements.