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Better Design

Elevating your space, enhancing your life.

You’ve considered every details of your existing space, from the fundamental layout to the color and texture of your walls, along with the furniture, lighting and landscaping that add comfort and vitality. Now that you are imagining this addition of pergola, carport or pool cover, you expect – and deserve – the same thoughtful approach.

That’s what we’re here to deliver.

Pergola design by Azenco - We are an outdoor cover manufacturer
Azenco who we are - Waht we do - Pergoal manufacturer - European deesign made in the USA
Azenco pergola manufacturer

Our full line of products are designed to elegantly complement any architectural style, with clean lines and clever details that offer an elevated experience of the outdoor world around you.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve refined the precision engineering that delivers strength and durability, earning new patents for our products and processes.

Better Quality

Premium materials and processes.

High-quality aluminum pergolas - Azenco

Made with pure, new aluminum for enhanced strength without contaminants

High precision machinery - pergola factory - Azenco

Machine Cuts
Precision-cut by machine, pre-drilled and ready to assemble – so you can spend less time waiting for construction to start.

Standard colors - white, black, gray bronze - powdercoated aluminum

Powder Coating
Powder coated so each piece gas beautiful finish that’s built to last.

Better Experience

Dreaming with you. Delivering for you.

We’re here to bring your outdoor space to life — and make the process a pleasure. Around the globe, we’ve created more than 25,000 projects. And along the way, we’ve learned how to deliver a zen-like experience from start to finish.

You will work with a member of our extensive dealer network to tailor our products to match your vision, and install them with precision and care. Our expert dealers walk you through the process step-by-step, and leave you astonished at your new outdoor space — with the strength, beauty and automation features you can rely on for years to come,

Small white aluminum pergola in North Carolina - Custom pergola by Azenco Outdoor
Commercial patio covers - Luxury outdoor layouts by Azence
Commercial project Azenco

When you look up from underneath one of our pergolas, you may not notice the length of our seamless spans of aluminum, or the lack of visible screws, or the way rainwater flows into the posts and out of sight. And that’s the whole point.

We’ve continued to integrate the latest technology, from smart sensors to mobile app controls. These technical achievements are the foundation for what you do — and don’t — see.
We’ll bring you closer to what you want to enjoy outdoors.


27 years of Experience in the Aluminum Cover Industry Worldwide

We trace our history to 1996, when Charles Chapus created Abrisud. He earned around 20 patents for his suite of products and made his company the European leader in pool covers by 2005. Today, we use our expertise in pool covers to develop bioclimatic pergolas, carports and cabanas. 

Azenco Outdoor designs and manufactures an award-winning range of aluminum pergolas, innovative cabanas, carports and pool covers that elegantly compliment any architectural style and optimize every residential or commercial outdoor space.

Combining functional durability, precision manufacturing and innovative features imparts elegance to each Azenco outdoor cover.

Azenco fcatury in the USA - Prgola and outdoor cover manufacturer
Charles Chapus - Azenco outdoor - CEO

Chapus formed Azenco Groupe France in 2011 before expanding to Spain in 2016, along with Switzerland and the United States in 2017. In 2019, Azenco achieved milestones on both sides of the Atlantic: partnering with Akena Group, the number one sunroom manufacturer in Europe, becoming the leading maker of pool enclosures in the European market, and opening its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of all Azenco products which feature no visible exterior hardware and concealed internal drainage, while robot-cut extrusions ensure louver roofs are weather-sealed and optional automated sensors augment manual user controls.

Charles Chapus - Azenco CEO
Detail of manufacturing machine - Azenco Outdoor factory

We use our 25 years of experience and 30 patents to create products that make life better outdoors for our customers and their guests. But we aren’t resting on the achievements in the past — every day, we’re applying new insights and the latest technology to continue driving our work forward. Let’s create the outdoor life of your dreams together. 


A Constant Growing Company

Made in America with European design, Azenco Outdoor products are manufactured in Miami, Florida for distribution within the US, Canada, Mexico, and The Caribbeans. Whether you choose from our line of innovative outdoor designs or require a custom-crafted outdoor cover, Azenco’s localized manufacturing enables it to streamline fabrication, delivery, and installation timelines.

Azenco Outdoor is based in the USA and operates in all North America including: Canada, The United States, Mexico and Caribbean Islands.

Made in the USA with French Technology

Our workshops in Florida are equipped with new generation high-precision tools. Our technicians supervise & control each step, down to the smallest detail, and our design office can respond to any customized request.

Distribution: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands

We work hard to ensure our dealers can best serve homeowners, contractors and architects by building an efficient workflow from the moment an order comes into the factory to shipping to the project site and installation support.

Elegant & Easy To Use

Azenco products combine technological performance with a taste for innovation, ensuring that they fit perfectly into your home. 

High-quality Materials

Whether mobile or static, our products are available as wall-mounted, supported or completely independent systems.


Our Team Leads

Charles Chapus
CEO & Co-founder of Azenco Group in Europe.
Charles has more than 20 years experience in the industry and more than 30 patents under his name. he imagines, designs and creates all Azenco products.

Leslie Chapus
Vice-president with 10 years experience in the industry. Leslie oversees the business development of the company.

Charles Chapus
CEO & Co-founder of Azenco Group in Europe.
Charles has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and more than 30 patents under his name. He imagines, designs and creates all Azenco Outdoor products.

Leslie Chapus
Vice-president with 10 years of experience in the industry. Leslie oversees the business development of the company.

Leslie and Charles Chapus - Azenco Outdoor CEO and Vice President

Our Team Members

Angel - Azenco

Angel F.
Technical Director

Glen Azenco

Glen C.
Production Supervisor

Yannick Azenco

Yannick B.
Logistics Manager

Margaux - Azenco

Margaux G.
Process & Marketing Manager

Sabrina -Azenco

Sabrina B.
Accounting Manager

Valeria - Azenco

Valeria M.
Office Assisstant

Danilo - Azenco

Danilo F.

Carlos - Azenco

Carlos H.
Machine Operator

Freddy - Azenco Outdoor

Freddy. M
Machine Operator

Our Professional Memberships

Make it yours

When you’re ready to step outside, we will be with you every step of the way –
from dreaming up your new space together to standing by you with an industry-leading warranty and service program.

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