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Unlock Every Square Foot of Your Backyard with an L-shaped Pergola

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

Turning your backyard into a zone of relaxation and outdoor entertaining is a sure-fire way to get the absolute most enjoyment out of your downtime at home. Adding an outdoor kitchen, covered outdoor dining space or bar, or a patio with a fire pit instantly takes an everyday backyard to resort-level accommodations. The best part, you get to enjoy the space all year round.

To ensure you are able to enjoy this new space rain or shine, season after season, it will be imperative to include a patio or deck cover that provides complete protection from the elements, including the blazing sun. Basic sun shades or patio umbrellas provide limited protection from the sun, but really do not offer much of a barrier against rain, sleet or snow. More durable and permanent gazebos improve the protection levels, but are still limited in their functionality. The ideal all-weather patio cover is a modern aluminum pergola. Taking a step beyond the ubiquitous prefab DIY pergola kits seen online opens an entire world of design flexibility with advanced custom pergola features that can truly unlock your one-of-a-kind backyard space.

Removing these design constraints means you are not limited to basic square or rectangle-shaped pergolas. One of the more popular customized footprints is the L-shaped pergola. Here we’ll explore how the great flexibility that a custom roof pergola and this unique L-shape roof can unlock the underused areas of your backyard.

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Pergola Roof Options – Fixed Roof vs. Motorized Louvered Roof

Choosing the pergola roof style that will best fit your outdoor living space will largely depend on how you plan to use the patio. All Azenco modern pergolas are fabricated from high quality aluminum and treated with a durable exterior powder coating. This treatment not only ensures the structure will stand up to heat and cold, as well as weather of all types, but it allows you to choose the color of your pergola. Standard colors like white, black, gray and bronze are common selections, but we can also color match any hue you can find.

For an L-shaped pergola with roof that will house an outdoor dining space or bar, a solid fixed roof pergola design is often the ideal option. Creating full-time shade and all-weather protection, the Azenco solid roof R-SHADE pergola features insulated fixed roof panels that reflect the sun’s rays keeping the patio below bathed in cool shade. A hidden internal gutter system drains rain and snow melt through a downspout secreted in the pergola support column. Optional additions can be integrated with the R-SHADE design like embedded LED lights to cast down light over a dining table, a fan beam separating roof panels where patio fans can be mounted, or motorized retractable shades and privacy screens that roll up into the pergola frame when not in use.

Another flexible roof option for an L-shaped metal pergola is a motorized adjustable louvered roof like that seen in the industry-leading Azenco R-BLADE™. Featuring motorized louver slats that can be angled to control the amount of sun reaching the patio, the R-BLADE™ opens for full sun exposure or angles its roof blades to create shade while maintaining a view to the blue sky above. When rain or snow showers approach, the R-BLADE’s louvers close tightly to completely seal out the weather. Its one-of-a-kind design makes the R-BLADE™ the only adjustable louvered roof pergola on the market that prevents drips onto the patio when closed. Featuring the same hidden internal gutter system seen in other Azenco products, and able to be customized with similar optional extras, the R-BLADE™ can also be equipped with autonomous weather sensors that automatically close the roof when rain is detected, and open when strong winds could damage the louvers. A louvered roof pergola is often preferred for structures on the pool deck where homeowners and guests would like to sunbathe below the pergola, or on rooftop decks where the roof offers immense flexibility.

Freestanding L-shaped Cabana

An alternative to these luxury pergolas or a corner pergola is a freestanding modular cabana. The award-winning Azenco K-BANA™ is a modular cabana system that allows you to customize the footprint of the outdoor living space by combining 8×8, 10×10 and/or 12×12 foot sections to fit your backyard’s unique layout. An L-shaped cabana offers many of the same weather protections and shade of a pergola. The K-BANA™ can be customized to your unique specifications with manual louvered roof panels, louvered or solid privacy walls. Sliding wall panels to create room separation or doorways, and all feature a hidden integrated drainage system. The K-BANA’s floor system is ready to accommodate your patio flooring of choice, and best of all, it does not require the in-ground footings of a traditional pergola. This means the K-BANA™ can often be erected without complex permitting to streamline installation.

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L-shaped Pergola Photos and Ideas

Whether you choose a fixed roof or louvered roof pergola, or a modular L-Shaped cabana design, these innovative modern outdoor living structures can accommodate innumerable outdoor living spaces. Here are some inspirational L shape pergola ideas and pergola plans to help illustrate how an L-shaped pergola can fit into any backyard.

  • Small Backyard Nook – Spruce up an unused small backyard space by bringing a flourish of interior design to the outdoors with an L-shaped pergola in a corner nook.
  • L-shaped Rooftop Pergola – An L-shaped pergola fit into the corner of a rooftop deck adds all-weather protection on the sun-soaked rooftop while keeping the remainder of the rooftop accessible for other activities.
  • Shade Right Up to Pool’s Edge – An L-shaped pergola on the pool deck can combine a solid-roof section for full-time shade and a louvered segment approaching the pool where sunbathers can relax at the pool’s edge.
  • L-shaped Pergola Attached to House – Where the home’s kitchen and living room share an outdoor patio, an L-shaped pergola can create a seamless connection between these spaces ideal for taking a diner under the stars and joining the holistic indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces.
  • Covered Walkway – Positioning an L-shaped pergola with the long side of the L over a walkway to the home allows you and your guests to transition from the home to the covered patio set away from the house without languishing in the rain or beating sun.


There are innumerable detached patio ideas that will truly elevate your backyard life. If you are considering elevating your patio and would like to explore how including a modern and luxurious pergola on your patio will bring this space to life, please, contact us today.

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