Your private space in the open-air.

Reimagine your outdoor living with our versatile K-BANA™ manual louvered pergolas. Adjust the louvers to control sunlight and air circulation — creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Manual Louvered Pergolas by Azenco Outdoor

Shape your space, explore possibilities.

The versatility of the free-standing K-BANA™ is like no other. It serves as a private outdoor retreat, chic poolside cabana or outdoor office space. Its modular design allows for a variety of configurations, so you can customize with multiple modules.

Make it yours!

Unleash the power of powerless.

Our K-BANA™ is designed for comfort and functionality without relying on power sources. Enjoy the functions of your manual pergola worry-free!

Manual Louvered Pergolas by Azenco Outdoor K-BANA

Why Choose K-BANA™
Manual Louvered Pergolas?

Our multi-purpose K-BANA™ stands out with its unique blend of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Its quick, hassle-free installation lets you enjoy your new poolside cabana or outdoor retreat in no time. 

High-Quality Materials.

Made of the best grade of powder-coated aluminum & hardware. 

Easy to install.

Quickly install K-BANA™ with just 2 people in a few hours, often without a permit

Modular & Versatile.

Single or combine multiple modules to accommodate any outdoor space.

Award-winning manual louvered pergolas

The K-BANA™ is not just any cabana; it’s an award-winning pergola renowned for redefining intimate outdoor spaces. Our sleek design and manual system have set new standards in the hospitality industry.

Enjoy the luxury of a pergola that’s easy to install and effortlessly adjustable to suit sunlight or seasonal preferences.

Modular Cabana design

From clean design, to adjustable shading and discreet drainage, these innovative cabanas have it all!

manual louvered pergolas K-BANA

Manual Louvered Roof

Optional Flooring

Privacy Wall

Built-In Gutter


Perfect for poolside VIP areas, our easy-to-install structures enhance customer experience and provide a strong ROI without extensive construction.


A luxurious, easy-to-install solution for shaded back garden spaces. Ideal for poolside retreats, outdoor kitchens, or lunch areas for any patio or terrace.

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Download Azenco's pergola brochure and catalog for outdoor layout inspirations and aluminum pergola information.
Manual Louvered Pergolas by Azenco Outdoor


The K-BANA™ is a versatile and stylish cabana by Azenco Outdoor, featuring high-quality aluminum construction and a modular design for easy installation. It also includes a manually adjustable louvered roof system, allowing control over sunlight and shade.
Depending on the region, it will often not be necessary to obtain a permit. Please refer to your local dealer for more information.
The louvers can be manually adjusted to a 90-degree angle, allowing you to open the roof for sunlight or close it for shade and rain protection.
No, the K-BANA™ features a manual louver system that operates without power, allowing you to install this pergola wherever you like, even without access to electricity.
Yes, the K-BANA™ offers protection from rain, wind, and snow thanks to its adjustable louvers and built-in drainage system.
Made from high-quality aluminum and powder-coating, the K-BANA™ is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, ensuring a long service life.
The K-BANA™ is available in two standard sizes, which can be combined for larger coverage areas.
Even if the K-BANA™ is designed for easy self-assembly, our certified and trained local dealer will install this manual louvered pergola for you in a matter of hours.
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