Three pergola options purpose-built
to fit any outdoor space, lifestyle and budget. 

outdoor living room wall mounted motorized louvered roof pergola in white
Louvers - Motorized bioclimatic pergola
sunroom with louvered roof
sandalone louvered pergola
standalone outdoor structure -terrace covered with louvered roof - lighting - hurricane zone
outdoor structure, wall-mounted pergola in white with motorized louvered roof - hurricane zone

R-Blade allows you to enjoy the heat and light in winter and it protects against the sun’s rays in summer. The louvered pergola provides completely natural ventilation thanks to the air circulation between the dual-wall louvers. Water drainage is almost invisible as it flows directly through each pole. For more comfort, the louvered roof opens and closes according to rain, wind and even frost, thanks to high-tech sensors designed for harsh weather conditions.

ixed pergola attached to the house for pool deck by Azenco
fixed pergolas for windy arears outdoor kitchen
Insulated roof for pergola
fixed pergola R-Shade integrated guter sysytem
fixed roof pergola in tampa bay, fl
fixed pergola for outdoor kitchen

The R-Shade pergola offers a structure with neat design combined with exceptional quality and unequalled expertise. It adapts to all outdoor spaces and suits all styles of homes, whether classic, modern or contemporary. R-Shade protects against the summer sun and it is also waterproof and wind resistant.

cabana with louvered panela
double block manual louvered pergola modular cabana for pool deck
one modular bloc louvered cabana pergola
manual sliding panel with louvers kbana - without peermit

An award-winning, elegant and versatile product fully customizable that benefits from all Azenco’s know-how and expertise. The module comes with a louvered roof and flexible options for the walls or partitions: left open or arranged with fixed louvered panels, sliding louvered panels, plain walls or screens.

No need of work neither permit! K-Bana is equipped with extendable post bases that allow accurate structure adjustment on uneven ground to stabilize the cabana.

“Our luxury outdoor structures have been designed to endure Florida climate conditions, so you can be sure they will stand strong in all kinds of weather!”

Better Design

With shade management, fixed or louvered roofs, discover our full range of pergolas and bring real added value to your backyard. Azenco turns your dreams into reality by offering you three pergola options with innovative technological integration and unequalled aesthetic.
Functional, elegant and modern, our bioclimatic pergolas let in heat and light in winter and protect against sun rays in summer. Useful to protect you from all bad weather and to regulate the brightness, nothing will prevent you from having a pleasant time outdoors in all seasons.

Better Quality

Made in America with European design, all our bioclimatic pergolas are resistant and durable. The 6060T6, class 2 powder coated aluminum structure, labeled Qualicoat and Qualimarine, is guaranteed for 15 years.
Our pergolas are available in two standard colors. Azenco offers various options as well (motorization, sensors, screens, led lighting rails or spots, decorative ends, custom colors, etc.) which complement the design in order to improve the comfort and use of the aluminum pergolas and to create the outdoor space that suits evry customer need.

Better Experience

We’ve made our dealer relationships a number one priority by providing timely, attentive, upbeat service and by making sure they have all the tools and knowledge needed to better serve their customers. We provide a unique technical support team hotline, shorter production lead times, faster response times and matchless follow-up. Our technicians work side by side with our dealers’ teams from any project conception to installation. We make a point of listening feedbacks and continually improve and Innovate. For us, service means making each and every aspect of the end user’s experience with Azenco’s pergolas an absolutely positive one.