HGTV's Inside Out Backyard Makeover Show featuring R-Blade louvered pergola by Azenco

Azenco R-BLADE™ Pergola Stars in a Backyard Makeover on HGTV’s Inside Out

Last Updated on April 18, 2024

Transforming a dated and unused outdoor space into a breathtaking outdoor living paradise takes some design skill and the perfect material selections. On HGTV’s popular home renovation show, Inside Out, the dynamic duo of Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle make such a backyard makeover look easy. In one recent episode the team helps a Southern California husband and wife renovate their newly purchased mid-century ranch to make room for their growing family. Their design impresses from inside to out, but the Azenco R-BLADE™ Pergola steals the show and these homeowners’ hearts.

Inside Out or Outside In

The popularity of HGTV’s Inside Out comes from its combination of tantalizing interior designs and landscape architecture dreamed up by the show’s skilled hosts. The show also adds a bit of dramatic competition between the two. For each episode, hosts Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle both pitch their dream backyard makeover project to homeowners with a fixed project budget. Carmine takes the lead in revamping the home’s interior, while Mike levels his expertise in landscape design to amplify curb appeal and refresh the outdoor living spaces. Ultimately, the homeowners choose whether to focus their budget on the indoor or the outdoor renovations. With an endearing camaraderie and a lot of teamwork, though, Carmine and Mike always make sure the entire home gets an update that leaves the homeowners ecstatic.

In this episode, Carmine and Mike help a young couple get their new Los Angeles ranch-style home ready for their growing family. The interior commands a lion share of the project budget, which adds a new master suite, turns existing spaces into children’s rooms, and lands the homeowners a brand-new updated kitchen space. Out back, Mike is getting the backyard ready for a total makeover, featuring a large patio with a grilling station and an outdoor movie theater under the protection of an Azenco R-BLADE™ Pergola. Then, discovering a failing home roof forces him to pivot his plans to make room in the budget.

Outdoor TV retractable screen and projector - mounted in pergola Azenco

Taking Their Cues from The Homeowners

Regardless of the project, Carmine and Mike’s designs are always a product of the homeowners’ unique needs. One of the primary hopes for these homeowners was to have a space to host their outdoor movie night. Despite the unexpected budget crunch, the team always wants to deliver on the homeowner’s core desires. So, the Inside Out hosts amplify the luxury and usability of the outdoor spaces, while pulling back on the overall footprint of the outdoor living space without sacrificing the opulence and functionality.

With the Azenco R-BLADE™ pergola as its centerpiece, the stunning transformation of this backyard put Carmine and Mike’s savvy and commitment on full display. Their combined expertise in home renovation, landscaping, and design, has made them household names in the world of home improvement television, and this project shows why they have become so beloved.

The Backyard Makeover – A Drool Worthy Covered Outdoor Patio and Screening Room

Even with the project scope dialed back slightly after the roofing disaster, Mike’s expertise shines through in the final design. With a smart use of space, he delivers on all the homeowners’ hopes and wants. The final product featured a patio of large three-foot square pavers and flowing artificial turf that seamlessly connected the entertainment space with the rest of the yard. The covered patio also included a beautiful covered BBQ island to anchor the outdoor living space that left the property owners gasping.

The real star of the design, though, was the Azenco R-BLADE™ Pergola. Clad in durable black exterior powder coating, the pergola’s sturdy frame and louvers cut a stark contrast to the bright California sky to bring a defining architectural element to the outdoor space. The homeowners beamed as he demonstrated the remote-controlled adjustable louvers that angled to allow some sunlight onto the patio, then closed tightly to seal out the sun’s rays and any potential rain.

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As the pergola installation took shape, the hosting duo realized that the standard height of the structure was going to be a bit too tall for the one-story ranch’s existing roofline. With a little help from Carmine eyeballing the perfect pergola height from inside the home, Mike and the expert Azenco pergola contractors made on-site adjustments to the pergola columns landing the pergola roof at a perfect 8’ 3” height. With these adjustments, the pergola roof would remain invisible from inside the home and preserve the sightlines to the beautiful valley vista behind the patio.

With a dash of Hollywood flourish, the homeowners toured their renovated house for the big final reveal. They loved the interior renovations, and were all smiles as they entered the backyard. They finally had the family friendly outdoor living space of their dreams, then the final surprise reveal came. Mike flipped on the outdoor projector setup on a tripod, and tapped the remote control to lower the motorized retractable movie screen embedded in the R-BLADE’s pergola frame. In the end, the savvy Inside Out hosts pulled off another amazing home renovation both inside and out.

Backyard Makeover With R-BLADE™ Pegola

This episode of HGTV’s Inside Out is a testament to the luxurious flexibility that the Azenco R-BLADE™ Pergola brings to any backyard makeover. Whether you are looking for enclosed patio ideas, a patio cover for your outdoor kitchen, or a fun covered outdoor screening room, the modern all-weather R-BLADE™ will truly be the stand out feature of your outdoor living space. Contact us today to start exploring your next outdoor home reno project.

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