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Backyard Innovations: 10 Luxurious and Smart Outdoor Gadgets

Last Updated on April 18, 2024

It’s time to celebrate the great outdoors with backyard innovations. Elevate your backyard experience with cutting-edge technology and opulent design, as we explore a world where comfort meets innovation. From high-tech grills to intelligent lighting systems, the perfect blend of luxury and intelligence for your backyard is rounded up here. Discover how these gadgets and innovations seamlessly integrate with nature, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. 

Here is our latest curated selection of luxurious and smart outdoor gadgets:

Smart Grill

Connected pellet grills combine precision technology with traditional wood-fired flavor. These backyard innovations boast smart features such as app-based remote control, precise temperature management, and large cooking areas. Fueled by a pellet system, the grills impart a distinctive smoky taste to dishes, and grill masters can choose their preferred flavor of wood pellets. With robust construction, these smart grills are favored by barbecue professionals and enthusiasts for their versatility, consistent performance, and user-friendly design, making them a staple in outdoor cooking experiences. Pellet grills are an investment, so protecting your smart grill with a rainproof pergola is always recommended.

Pellet grill -Smart outdoor gadgets

Automated Pergolas

Today’s backyard innovations such as modern pergolas are chocked full of advanced technology. Where traditional wood pergolas featured static angled louvers creating only partial shade and weather protection for the patio, these modern structures are truly dynamic. Motorized adjustable roof pergolas, like our R-BLADE™, incorporate electric motors to angle the roof louvers and operate retractable side screens. Louvers can be set fully open to allow the sun to reach the patio below, angled to create shade and promote airflow, or closed tightly to seal out the sun’s rays and passing rain showers. The R-BLADE™ can also be outfitted with smart sensors. As a result, they monitor the weather and automatically open and close the louvers when necessary. First, a rain sensor monitors for rain showers and automatically closes the louvers when rain is detected. Second, a thermal sensor watches for freezing temperatures and opens the louvers to prevent freezing. Finally, a wind sensor tracks wind speeds and automatically opens the louvers if potentially damaging updrafts are detected.

Colored Hue Lights

Smart outdoor color hue lights bring vibrancy and versatility to outdoor spaces. With features like app-controlled color adjustments and compatibility with voice assistants, they offer effortless customization to suit various moods and occasions. Weather-resistant designs ensure durability in outdoor environments, while integration with smart home ecosystems enhances automation possibilities. These smart outdoor gadgets create dynamic atmospheres for thematic family gatherings and enhance landscaping aesthetics. Color hues provide a modern touch to outdoor decor, making them appealing for those seeking innovative outdoor lighting solutions.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart backyard sprinkler systems revolutionize lawn care with intelligent and automated features. These backyard innovations, often equipped with weather sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity, adjust watering schedules based on real-time weather conditions. Users can control and monitor irrigation remotely through mobile apps, optimizing water usage and promoting a healthier lawn. Some of these smart outdoor gadgets even integrate with smart home platforms, offering seamless automation. With water conservation in mind, these backyard innovations make lawn maintenance efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

smart outdoor gadgets - backyard innovations

Voice-Activated Pergola (Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa)

Not only have smart pergolas like our R-BLADE™ turned to outdoor home automation to improve ease of use, but the pergola’s user controls have also taken a technological leap. While many features can be controlled with a standard remote control, they can also be integrated with your digital home assistant.  With these hands-free controls, you can relax in your lounger and adjust the sun/shade balance on the patio as the sun transits the afternoon sky. For the complete privacy of a screened-in pergola, just ask Alexa to “Lower the curtains,” and the motorized retractable shades will slowly descend from their hideaway in the pergola roof.

Voice activated pergola: alexa, Siri home automation

Outdoor Cinema

An outdoor home theater offers unparalleled luxury, allowing one to enjoy cinematic experiences with high-end audio-visual quality amidst the comfort of home. To bring the true big screen experience to your patio, look to integrate a digital projector and retractable screen into a modern pergola with tv screen. The motorized retractable screen can be rolled up into the pergola frame when not in use for safekeeping. With the projector situated along the pergola’s integrated roof beam, all the wiring can be hidden to maintain a seamless exterior look. Accessorizing the custom pergola with surround sound speakers brings the entire theater experience home.

Outdoor TV retractable screen and projector - mounted in pergola Azenco

Automated Pool Cover

For any pool deck, a pool cover is a must to keep debris from clouding the water, sealing in the warmth of a heated pool, and preventing children or pets from accidentally falling into the water. Ramping up the luxury with an automated pool cover provides an opulent touch by offering effortless control, enhanced safety, and energy efficiency, ensuring a pristine pool experience with minimal maintenance. Our backyard innovation, POOLDECK™, takes this resort-style experience to the next level. Its motorized decking seamlessly rides along embedded tracks to cover and uncover the pool. With POOLDECK™ covering the pool, its decking is sturdy enough to support outdoor furniture and guests, making the backyard a truly dynamic, multi-use space.

Sliding pool deck - Innovation by Azenco made in the USA


If you are considering elevating the luxury of your outdoor space with a pergola and the latest smart outdoor gadgets or backyard innovations, reach out to our team. We will have one of our local expert dealers walk you through all the optimizations that can be integrated with your upgraded backyard experience.

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