Carport with Insulated Roof


Sophisticated coverage.

Give yourself a warm welcome when you get home. With R-CAR, you’ll drive into a carport with all the advantages of our pergolas:
custom engineering, a sleek design that complements any style and protection from the elements.

carprot 2 vehicles - white aluminum with insulated panels

Perfect outdoor parking solution that keeps the interior of any vehicle at an ideal temperature.

R-car carport roof with insulated panels

Designed to stand up against sun’s UV rays, rainstorms or snowfalls without fading or oxidizing over time.

Luxury carport with flat insulated roof - Azenco

Custom drive-through access
Offset posts allow the driver to take the curve and park their vehicle easily.


Carport Insulated Roof
Optimized for Comfort

Carport for 2 vehicle - Gray brozne poweder caoted aluminum with flat insulated roof

R-CAR is available in custom sizes to fit any car combination, with extended pillars available so you can accommodate your RV or boat.

We can mount it to your building or install it as a freestanding, drive-through shelter, and you can choose from an insulated fixed roof panel like the R-SHADE or a custom roof material that matches your building.

You can even add solar panels to produce green power for your EV. Like all our products, it’s built for the elements – sheltered in luxury.

Carport -flat aluminum roof - Azenco

Long-lasting powder-coated Qualimarine and Qualicoat aluminum structures come with a 10-year guarantee.

Thick sandwich panel roof provides insulation and  protection. 

Tailored solutions
One vehicle 
Two vehicles 
Lean-to carport
Cars, trucks, boats & RVs

Solar energy
Can be outfitted with solar panels to charge an EV or power embedded accessories.