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Last Updated on January 26, 2023

Started in 2011 in Europe, Azenco, the pergola company, has been designing and manufacturing the most innovative outdoor living structures on the market for more than a decade now. Our pergolas, carports, cabanas, and pool covers grace some of the most luxurious homes, glitziest restaurants and rarefied private clubs throughout the world. Additionally, our dedicated team of pergola craftsmen leverage precision robotic extrusion and cutting machines to mold the highest-quality aluminum into custom outdoor structures that stand the test of time.

Here we will explore some of the innovative product line that has made Azenco the world’s market-leading pergola company.

The Types of Outdoor Structures Our Pergola Compagny Creates

Our award-winning line of outdoor living structures are simply the most innovative and advanced on the market. We design modern patio covers with a variety of roof options, and integrate the latest technology, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor living space year-round. The precision craftsmanship we deploy enables us to push the boundaries of pergola design constantly. When you work with a pergola contractor from our nationwide network of outdoor living specialists, you can be sure your pergola will be of the finest quality.

As a pergola company that manufactures and builds a full collection of patio covers, we design multiple roof options for customers, including:

Louvered Roof Pergolas

The most dynamic pergola roof design available today is our motorized adjustable louvered roof R-Blade Pergola. The R-Blade gives you the utmost control over the sun/shade balance on your patio:

  • With the louvers in the closed position, the patio is kept in complete shade and our uniquely designed dual-walled louvers capture every drop of rain, channeling the water to a hidden internal gutter system.
  • At the touch of a button, the louvers can be opened partially to create shade while promoting airflow, or opened completely for maximum sun on the patio. Making the R-Blade the most intuitive user experience possible, customers can opt to incorporate voice controls through popular home assistant apps like Apple’s Siri, Google Home, or Amazon’s Alexa; or add smart sensors that monitor the weather and autonomously open and close the louvers when needed.

Fixed-Roof Pergolas

An alternative to the louvered roof design is our solid, fixed roof R-Shade. This insulated sandwich-panel roof repels the sun’s rays and is ideal for outdoor spaces where the homeowner desires full-time shade.

A fixed roof design is well-fit to outdoor kitchens and outdoor living rooms with furniture or TVs that required added protection from the elements. With our fully customized pergola designs, homeowners can also choose to combine fixed-roof pergola zones with louvered sections to keep part of the patio in full shade while maintaining control of portions of the roof. The fixed-roof design can also be seen in our R-Car carport. Providing protection for your vehicles, boat or RV, the R-Car can be custom tailored to anything you drive, and the sturdy fixed roof is an ideal location for a solar array to recharge your EV.

More than just a pergola company, Azenco also crafts dynamic cabanas and pool covers.


We have also developed a modular cabana system, the K-Bana, which combines many of the innovative designs we have patented over decades in design excellence. The customizable K-Bana can easily scale from a poolside relaxation outpost to a sprawling partially-enclosed outdoor dining room. Designed in varying size modular sections, customers can mix and match panels to create their own unique size and shape cabana.

Totally customizable, the K-Bana is crafted with manually-controlled louvered roof, sliding wall panels made from powered-coated aluminum or louvered sliding segments. The floor of the cabana is able to accommodate any material of your choice from wood to stone pavers to real grass.  In many municipalities, this also means the K-Bana can be erected without the need for permitting.

Pool Covers

Our line of innovative pool covers will bring luxury resort-level design to your pool deck. From our Neo telescoping pool cover, to our R-Design enclosure which allows you to swim in your enclosed pool year-round, to our innovating PoolDeck which is a clever three-in-one mechanized pool cover, patio and deck solution that makes the most of the pool area square footage.

Pergola Company, Expert Design and Installation Partners

As a pergola company focused on maximizing customer satisfaction, we recruit, train and work hand-in-hand with some of most amazing outdoor living designers and contractors in the country. Our dealers are contracted by homeowners and commercial businesses looking to bring a new level of luxury, style and function to their outdoor space. The custom designs we create with them deliver the most dynamic outdoor structures featuring unique outdoor living amenities like embedded LED lighting, motorized retractable privacy shades, integrated patio fans, and more. 

If you would like to explore design options for a new pergola, carport, cabana or pool cover, please get in touch with us here at Azenco Outdoor Google and we will connect you with one of our local design experts.

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