Residential Louvered Roof Pergola: Photo Gallery

Take full advantage of sun and shade with a residential louvered roof pergola.

The R-Blade louvered pergola allows you to control the sun and shade on your patio with ease. Fitted with automated dual-wall louvers for better sealing and resistance, you can adjust how much light you exactly want to let enter your backyard or patio.
Browse our louvered roof pergola photo gallery below, and get inspired!

Enjoy the great outdoors in comfort with residential louvered roof pergolas. The R-Blade model is your perfect solution for controlling sunlight. Featuring automated dual-wall louvers that conveniently slide open and close, you can now choose how much light you want to enjoy throughout the day. Enjoy sunning in the complete openness of the outdoors or relax in your newly created shade oasis. This residential louvered roof pergola is designed to make life stress free while allowing you to embrace nature’s gifts.