aluminum pergolas that open and close

Four Things to Know About Aluminum Pergolas That Open and Close

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Pergolas have long been popular additions to outdoor living spaces. Not only do they keep your patio cool, but offer a dynamic architectural accent for any backyard, pool deck or patio. Pergolas can be crafted with innumerable roof styles. A fixed roof will create fulltime shade on the patio, and is often favored for a pergola attached to the house, especially if it is covering an outdoor dining space. To take your patio cover to the next level, operable pergolas that give you control over the opening and closing of the roof are ideal. So, let’s explore the top four things you need to know about aluminum pergolas that open and close.

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How Do Aluminum Pergolas Open and Close?

Adjustable louvered roof pergolas are relatively modern creations, but technological advancements continue to push the capabilities of these structures at a rapid pace. Pergola louvers can be opened and closed manually with a hand crank, but modern pergolas incorporate a motorized louvered roof that opens and closes at the push of a button. Operated by embedded motors, the motorized roof can be finely adjusted to control the angle of the louvers.

To take aluminum pergolas that open and close to the next level, you can choose to incorporate smart sensors that autonomously control the roof operation. An embedded rain sensor will monitor for showers and close the roof at the first sign of rain. A wind sensor will track gusting wind, and automatically open the louvers to prevent damage from potentially dangerous updrafts. And a temperature sensor will keep watch for freezing conditions, opening the roof to prevent snow build up.

Why Choose a Pergola Roof That Opens and Closes?

The ability to open and close the roof of your pergola offers numerous advantages. Motorized louvered roof pergolas can adjust the angle of their louvers to allow full sun on the patio, close partially to create shade and promote airflow, or close completely to block out the sun. Some louvered roof pergolas, like the Azenco R-BLADE, can even seal the roof tightly to block our rain, sleet and snow. With this fine control over the pergola roof you can enjoy your patio in any weather conditions and any season.

Aluminum pergolas that open and close also up the ante on your home’s outdoor style. The architectural structure of a pergola can deliver a stylish accent to any backyard, pool deck or patio, but the shadows that are cast through open louvers can also become an integral aspect of your patio design. Additionally, pergolas fabricated from aluminum carry a protective exterior powder coating which can be color matched to fit your personal style. Options can include a classic all white pergola for a timeless style, or a two-tone pergola with white louvers that create a sense of space paired with a pergola frame and support columns that match your home’s exterior.

Several Innovative Features That Characterize The R-BLADE™ Aluminum Pergola

The R-BLADE™ aluminum pergola stands out in the market due to several distinct features and the company’s overall approach to product quality and customer satisfaction. The aluminum pergola boasts several high-quality features, including:

  • Whisper-Quiet Motors: R-BLADE™  is equipped with motors that operate the louvered roof quietly, ensuring that there are no jolting sounds during operation​.
  • Motorized louvers for customizable light and rain protection.
  • Fully extruded integrated gutters for effective water drainage and a seamless appearance.
  • Smart sensors that automatically open and close the pergola roof in response to weather changes.
  • Dual-walled louvers for enhanced protection from the elements.
  • Gapless louvers with integrated gutters for optimal waterproofing.
  • Concealed hardware for a polished finish​.

Remote Control and Compatibility with Smart Home Systems

R-BLADE™ Aluminum pergolas that open and close can be controlled remotely, allowing for easy adjustment of light and shade. It is also compatible with various smart home systems, including Apple, Android, Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and Control4​​​.

Customer Satisfaction Focus

Azenco’s dedication to customer satisfaction is central to its business philosophy. This is reflected in their high customer satisfaction ratings.

Decades of Experience and Expertise

Azenco’s founder, Charles Chapus, has over a decade of experience in designing and fabricating innovative outdoor living products. This experience is evident in the more than 25,000 pergola, carport, and pool cover projects completed worldwide, earning the company numerous accreditations and customer satisfaction​.

High-Quality Manufacturing and Materials

The company’s manufacturing team is dedicated to using the highest quality aluminum and precision tools to create their products, contributing to the brand’s reputation for quality and durability​.

Innovation and Industry Recognition

Azenco’s commitment to innovation is a key factor in the company’s success. They have developed unique solutions for outdoor living challenges, holding over 30 patents. This innovative approach has earned them numerous industry awards and recognition.

What Should You Look for When Choosing an Adjustable Pergola Roof?

Not all aluminum pergolas that open and close are created equal. So, it is imperative to look for some key design and quality features in your adjustable louvered roof pergola. When shopping for your pergola, pay particular attention to:

  • Craftsmanship and quality – First and foremost look for a manufacturer using the highest quality aluminum and powder coatings and a manufacturer willing to guarantee the quality of its materials with reliable long-term warranties.
  • Seamless frame – Look for a pergola roof in which the louvers extend into the pergola frame; this design element ensures rainwater is channeled all the way to the integrated gutter system and will not drip around the edges.
  • Dual-walled louvers – Simple single layer louvers can easily warp over time; look for dual-walled louvers which provide superior heat insulation and are better designed to capture all the rainwater.
  • Single extrusion louvers and panels – High-quality custom pergolas are individually crafted for each pergola project and feature single extrusion aluminum panels which eliminate the potential for leaks at joints.

What is the Cost of Aluminum Pergolas That Open and Close

Budgets for modern aluminum pergolas vary greatly based on the overall footprint and the customizations you desire to meet your unique outdoor living lifestyle. Pricing varies greatly depending on the project specifications, local building code requirements, and many other factors, so anyone interested in exploring aluminum pergolas that open and close for their home should contact Azenco to be connected with one of our local expert designers.

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    1. Good afternoon Don,

      Our roof is gapless when closed. It is a unique design that fully blocks the rain, so your covered patio becomes an all-weather destination.
      Unlike any other louvered roof in the market, we use dual-walled louvers for tighter sealing and better resistance.

  1. I’m a happy owner of one of yours Azenco r-blade pergolas here in Florida (see pic attached) but I was wondering if you have the kabana available which will be a nice touch to my backyard along with the pergola; stopped by your office back in October 2021 and I was told then that tentatively models were expected for February 2022

    1. Hello Roynel,

      We’re so happy to hear you enjoy your R-Blade pergolas in Florida. Your review made our day! The K-Bana is now available in three different sizes.

    1. Good afternoon Yash.

      We appreciate your interest in our pergolas. One of our representatives will connect with you shortly.

  2. Yes, hello i will like an estimate for my house ,whats the next step .plz i will like an open and closed roof for my pervolas.

  3. Yes, hello i will like an estimate for my house ,whats the next step .plz i will like an open and closed roof for my pervolas. Do you guys do the Orlando area?

    1. Good afternoon Sandy,
      We appreciate your interest in our pergolas. One of our local dealers will connect with you shortly.

  4. Please contact me at your earliest convenience regarding building one of your structures at our home in Georgia.

    1. Hello Mitch.

      We appreciate your interest in our patio covers. One of our local representatives will connect with you shortly.

    1. Good afternoon Michael.
      Tahnk for your interest in our outdoor products. one of our reps will connect with you shortly.

    1. Good evening Cindy.

      The post sizes depends on the pergola/cabana model. All our pergolas are custom. One of our representatves qill conect with you to learn more about your pergola projet and give you a price range.

  5. I already have a wood pergola attached to the house. I would like to have the aluminum panels place on it to provide shade and use during rain. Is it possible to use the existing pergola and add the top aluminum panels for opening and closing

    1. Good afternoon Judy.

      Thank you for your interest in our insulated roof. Our pergolas are custom systems and parts can’t be installed independently on other structures. Our R-SHADE™ has the wood grain finish option that mimicks the wood look and feel. Contact us for more details:

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