Azenco Outdoor is Forging New Tides in Pool Cover Innovation with Cover Dream's Partnership for U.S. Distribution.

Azenco Outdoor is Forging New Tides in Pool Cover Innovation with Cover Dream’s Partnership for U.S. Distribution

Last Updated on June 14, 2024

Leading the charge in pergola innovation on an international scale, Azenco Outdoor is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cover Dream for the distribution of its pool cover collection across the United States. This strategic move promises to make significant waves in the market and deliver unparalleled quality and experience to pool professionals from coast to coast.

Cover Dream, which boasts investors Leslie and Charles Chapus, the co-founders of Azenco Outdoor, and Camille Rivals, who oversees operations, will now distribute Azenco’s S-LIDE™ and N-CLOSURE alongside the groundbreaking COVERSEAL cover—a unique patented design previously unavailable in the American market.

Azenco Outdoor's Commitment to Top-Tier Quality

The Chapus duo from Azenco Outdoor brings a wealth of industry experience and a deep commitment to quality that has long characterized the brand. 

Azenco Outdoor, pergola manufacturer - Leslie Chapus

Leslie Chapus: Vice President - Azenco Outdoor

"The partnership with Cover Dream underscores our dedication to nurturing specialized excellence in both our pergolas and pool cover collections. It reflects our commitment to separating and specializing our pergolas and pool covers, ensuring that each product receives the focus it deserves" Leslie Chapus explained. "It's also about providing dedicated attention to craft that our customers have come to expect."

Azenco Outdoor - Charles Chapus, CEO - #30 Inc.5000 fastest growing companies in the Southeast Region

Charles Chapus: Founder & CEO - Azenco Outdoor

Charles Chapus also reflects, “Our collaboration with Cover Dream will elevate the level of customer service and expertise we bring to our pool covers, embodying a tradition of distinction that has been integral to every enterprise I've been a part of. I am confident in Camille's ability to propel this vision forward, drawing upon her experience."

At the operations, Camille Rivals, rooted in family tradition and eight years of hands-on experience, embodies the innovative spirit driving this partnership. With extensive cross-disciplinary expertise, she stands ready to create significant impact within the pool cover sector.

Camille Rivals - Cover Dream distribution - Pool Covers

Camille Rivals: Founder & COO - Cover Dream

Camille shares, “Growing up with Azenco Groupe, France’s development and being integral to various areas, I am delighted to contribute to the American market through Cover Dream.” Camille expresses her pride and excitement for the collaboration, "This partnership is more than just business; it's about honoring my father and Charles' legacy and contributing to the ethos of family and innovation that Azenco and Cover Dream represent."

Bringing Innovation to the Surface

Azenco Outdoor is realigning its desire to separate their product lines of pergolas and pool covers by entrusting the pool covers distribution to Cover Dream, synergizing their commitment to white-glove customer service and continuous education for pool dealers and installers. The partnership simultaneously grants exclusive access to high-end innovative products revered in Europe.

Cover Dream's Exclusive Portfolio

Cover Dream’s portfolio breaks the mold of the pool cover sector, providing easy-to-install customizable options for an array of pool sizes, fitting almost all pool shapes and stages of construction. This approach positions Cover Dream as a vanguard, standing out in a market where the products are often standardized.

The announcement marks the exclusive distribution of pool covers, such as the S-LIDE™ by Azenco Outdoor and the N-CLOSURE by Azenco Groupe, France, to the American market and spotlights the addition of the COVERSEAL as well, an advanced pool cover solution in the USA.

S-LIDE™ sliding deck pool cover by Azenco

Converting pools into decks with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and space optimization.

  • 2-in-1 Sliding Deck: Effortlessly switches from a robust pool cover to an inviting pool deck.
  • Motorized Convenience: With just the push of a button, S-LIDE™ transforms the pool space into a deck without any manual intervention.
  • Heavy Load Support: Crafted to accommodate high loads, S-LIDE™ supports your favorite patio furniture.

N-CLOSURE retractable pool enclosure by Azenco Groupe, France

Merging elegance with flexibility, featuring a retractable, telescopic design for all-season pool use.

The cover extends the swimming pool season, allowing swimming underneath it, and is retractable, thus enabling easy covering and uncovering.


Complementing Azenco pool covers, Cover Dream will also exclusively distribute Coverseal—a patented pool cover intertwining groundbreaking solar-powered automatic technology and discreet design. This innovative product offers a sustainable solution alongside high function elegance and subtle design. This solution elevates pool protection to a new level of refinement while reducing drowning risks, maintenance costs and energy bills.

Play Video about Cover Dream Youtube video at Pool and Spa show - introducing the COVERSEAL.

The partnership positions Azenco Outdoor and Cover Dream at the forefront of easy-to-install high-end pool cover design innovation for professionals nationwide and brings a brand-new offer for pool owners.

For additional information, please contact Cover Dream:
Phone: +1 (645) 202-9849

Insta: cover_dream_usa
LinkedIn: @cover-dream

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