30 pergola ideas

30 Pergola Ideas To Jazz Up Your Outdoor Space

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

Outdoor living has become a massive trend in home makeovers, making pergola ideas the perfect architectural additions to your backyard, patio, or garden.

If you plan to spruce up your backyard or add a little shade to the patio so you can enjoy a summer afternoon, pergolas are just what you need. Discover 30 pergola ideas and designs that you can add to your outdoor space.

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Pergola Trends

Decorate your pergola with plants that thrive in shady spaces, such as jasmine, climbing rose, passionflower, honeysuckle, black-eyed Susan, and wisteria.

Color Trends

The black pergola

The black pergola is becoming one of the hottest trends in the US for outdoor living spaces. Pinterest, the popular social media platform for all things DIY and decor, has seen a sharp uptick in searches for black pergolas in recent years. This is likely due to the sleek, modern look that a black pergola can offer, as well as its ability to perfectly complement any type of outdoor setting. The black color allows for the pergola to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, while still providing a stylish and functional addition to your outdoor living area. With this trend on the rise, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are opting for black pergolas as a way to transform their backyard into a chic and contemporary oasis.

The white pergola

White is an elegant and timeless color that never goes out of style, making it the most popular color choice for pergolas across the US and a hit on Pinterest. This classic hue provides a crisp and clean look that perfectly enhances any outdoor setting while also blending well with a range of design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Simply put, a white pergola is the ultimate statement piece for your backyard, garden, or patio. Plus, did you know that white is the brightest color of the spectrum, which means it will reflect the sun’s rays and help keep you cooler during those hot summer days? So, not only is white a chic color option, but it is also practical!

Outdoor Furniture Trends

As people spend more time home, extending their functional and comfortable living spaces to the outdoors continues to be a priority. According to The Zoe Report, comfortable yet stylish outdoor furniture are hot purchases for homeowners this year. Since a pergola already gives your outdoor space a resort vibe, complete the look with comfy upholstered sofas and chairs for you and your guests to relax and enjoy.

Lighting Trends

Built-in lights are also a hot trend for pergolas. Extend a party into the night with a pergola featuring sleek embedded LED lighting, whether spots or rails.

Add Plants

Decorate your pergola with plants that thrive in shady spaces, such as jasmine, climbing rose, passionflower, honeysuckle, black-eyed Susan, and wisteria.

Wooden Pergola Ideas

To give a more rustic and natural vibe to your backyard or patio, go for a wooden pergola that becomes the focal point of your garden.

Pergola With Slat Wood Screens

Increase the privacy of your outdoor space with slat wood screens that protect you from prying eyes while allowing airflow for a cool outdoor space.

Pergolas With Roof

Play around with a range of colors for the roofed pergola and select one that perfectly matches your home’s outdoor space style.

Louvered Pergolas

With the adjustable mechanisms of a louvered pergola, you can adjust the shade according to your preferences, making it perfect for a summer pool party.

1. Motorized Louvered Pergolas

2. Manual Louvered Pergolas

3. Fixed Louvered Roof Pergolas

Wall-Mounted Pergolas

Wall-mounted pergola ideas serve as the perfect shaded oasis. These pergolas are constructed using similar materials and colors as your home’s exterior so that they can blend easily with your patio style.

Pergolas For Landscaping

Spruce up your garden with a pergola that blends in with other landscape elements. Don’t forget to add rose beds, a stucco fireplace, or a swing.

Contemporary Pergolas

For a more modern look, you can go for a more minimalist construction that offers all the bare essentials, including seating furniture, fire pit, shade, and privacy.

Pergola Combined With an Arbor

To create a more charming entrance for your garden, you can install a pergola with an arbor that mesmerizes your guests.

Pergola On a Deck

Cover your deck for a more private retreat with a full-roof pergola. With arched beams and a roof over the freestanding deck, you can create a more intimate space in your garden. Add curtains or a privacy screen, and you get a perfect deck enclosure.

Corner Pergola Ideas

Small corner pergola ideas make for the perfect decorative element for the corner of your garden or backyard. Add outdoor lights, flower beds, and seating furniture to complete the look.

Open Top Pergolas

This is an open roof pergola design that allows air circulation and sunlight while adding beauty to your garden. Add vines or potted plants for a cozier look.

Gabled Pergolas

Add more classical charm to your home by installing a gabled pergola. With a raised roof that adds more height to the pergola, you get a stunning enclosed outdoor living area.

Steel Pergola

Go for a steel pergola with a metal roof if you need a durable and reliable structure that adds to your house’s minimal style.

Pergola Attached With A Heating System

Pergolas serve as the perfect structure for attaching electric heating systems to their beams so that you and your guests can enjoy a warm day out, even in the winters.

Pergola With Tin Roof

For complete coverage from the sun and rain, get a pergola with a tin roof that offers rugged protection from extreme weather conditions.

Pool Pergola Ideas

Consider an extended pergola for your poolside that offers some shade at the edge of the pool and your patio.

Traditional Pergolas

Consider a wooden pergola decorated with climbing plants and rustic seating furniture to add a more traditional vibe to your garden or a small backyard.

Cantilevered Pergola

To add a more modern look to your backyard, get a cantilevered pergola that offers extra shade to your patio or pool.

Pergola Ideas With Roof Variations

Achieve your desired look with outdoor pergola roof ideas. You can go for bright colored roofs or patio pergolas with customized roof variations to suit your needs.

  • Louvered roofs provide the best of both worlds: shade and ventilation. With adjustable louvers, you can control the amount of sunlight and airflow entering your pergola space. 
  • Insulated roofs offer complete protection from the elements, making your pergola usable year-round. 

Pergola With Polycarbonate Roof

A polycarbonate roof pergola offers adequate protection from the sun and heat. Available in a wide range of colors and tints, it adds to the ambiance of your patio.

Outdoor Roof Pergola Ideas

Pergolas elevate your outdoor living space and offer it a more defining element. Pair an outdoor pergola with your red-brick fireplace or rustic seating furniture.

Pergolas As a Transition Structure

Pergolas built with a roof that complements your home architecture work as a smooth transition structure when you move from your house to your backyard or the patio.

Pergola On a Pathway

The pathway that connects your front yard to your backyard is another transition space that can be accentuated with a pergola paired with vines and flower pots.

Lighted Pergola Ideas

String lights or Edison bulbs hanging from the pergola roof along with vines and potted plants give a soft and warm ambiance to your patio.

Pergola With Curtains

Curtains on a pergola add privacy and comfort to your outdoor living space while offering a more dramatic effect to the backyard.

Bioclimatic Pergola With Louvered Roof

Perfect for all weather conditions, the bioclimatic pergola offers natural ventilation and an automatic and adjustable louvered roof.

Pergolas For Kid-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Make your patio more kid-friendly by adding an open pergola and a swing where your kids can enjoy their play-dates.

Pergola Ideas For Urban Spaces

Small apartments with balconies or homes with cramped spaces in urban areas can shelter their outdoor area with a modern pergola design elevated with lights.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Ideas

Cook outside and entertain your guests simultaneously by installing a pergola over your outside kitchen that offers shelter and warmth.

Pergola Ideas For A Wet Bar

Add a pergola over the wet bar and grill to make your outdoor dinners more comfortable and private.

Pergola With Aluminum Roof

The pergola’s aluminum slats create the most dramatic effect on your garden, making it a must-have for every home.

Innovative Options

Azenco’s bioclimatic R-BLADE is a pergola with innovative customizations, such as sensors that close the louvered roof when it rains and open in strong winds. You can also add infrared heating, LED lights (rail or spots), solar panels, as well as solar and insect screens.

Playground Area For Kids Under the Pergola

Protect your kids from the sun with a playground area under a pergola. A fixed roof pergola insulates from harsh sun while an adjustable louvered roof can open when the weather cooperates or closed tightly to let the kids play outdoors even when it rains.

Add a BBQ

Place your grill under a pergola to barbecue out of the draining sun and keep the rain from dousing your charcoal or zapping the heat from your low-and-slow smoker, all while providing and protected space for food prep.

Add Solar Panels

If you’re exploring alternative ways to generate electricity, you can customize the Azenco R-Shade with solar panels to power LEDs or embedded outlets.

Add Fans

A pergola can be fitted with a beam for mounting a ceiling fan, which will boost air circulation and comfort.


In addition to the beautiful pergola ideas showcased here, custom structures offer many benefits for homeowners. They increase the value of your property, provide shade and protection from the elements, and can even extend your living space outdoors. Pergolas are also relatively easy to maintain and come in various styles to complement architectural aesthetics.

Azenco Outdoor pergolas seamlessly blend timeless design with modern innovation to elevate your outdoor living experience. Our custom pergola collection ranges from classic styles featuring decorative cornices and corbel ends to modern marvels with smart sensors for ultimate comfort. Crafted with high-quality materials and a commitment to customization, every Azenco Outdoor pergola is designed to be a luxurious and functional focal point of your patio.

Contact Azenco Outdoor today and let our local experts help you design the perfect pergola to suit your vision and needs.

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