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2024 Outdoor Design Trend: The Black Pergola

Last Updated on February 14, 2024

When you choose to add a fully customized aluminum pergola to your backyard, pool deck or patio, you have the opportunity to select the exact color, or colors, for the exterior powder coating of your new outdoor living space. This flexibility allows you to match the pergola to your home’s existing exterior color, or leverage the new structure to create an offsetting accent color for the home.

Because this exterior color will live with the pergola for its lifetime, most homeowners prefer to choose a colorway that will be as timeless as possible. Afterall, you never know when you’ll decide to change the exterior color of the home, and you will want the pergola to still be a seamless element of the home’s design. This is why white, bronze, and gray have been among the more popular pergola colors in projects Azenco fabricates.

Recently, though, the black pergola has become a more popular selection. So, let’s explore some of the top pergola designs that feature the color black.

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Solid Roof Black Pergola

For homeowners looking to create full-time shade for their patio, a solid fixed roof pergola design is the ideal solution. A black metal pergola with a solid roof makes the structure look more like a gazebo than the open-topped pergolas that you would see in a garden. This look can also make the new pergola appear to be a direct extension of the home’s original architecture. With its insulated sandwich panel roof, a solid roofed pergola, like our R-Shade, is a great way to cool an outdoor space.

Adjustable Louvered Roof Black Pergola

When it comes to the latest in outdoor home automation, the modern black louvered pergola with a motorized adjustable louvered roof is a true standout. With control over the angle of the pergola louvers, you can control the amount of sun that reaches the patio. In our R-Blade design, the louvers can also close completely to block out the sun, and the rain. With the louvers closed, this black pergola will present the same look as a solid roof design, but once you open the louvers the entire look of the outdoor space changes. When the sun shines through the opened louvers, it casts great architectural shadows that add a new design element to the living space.

Tuxedo Colorway

While the all-black pergola is a tried-and-true classic look, another color style that has similar timeless appeal is the tuxedo look. This design combines black and white exterior coatings for a simultaneously classic and modern appeal. A tuxedo pergola can be designed with white support columns and frame with a black louvered pergola, or in reverse, with a black pergola frame combined with white roof sections.

Black Pergola with Wood Grain Louvers

Beyond the black on white tuxedo look, customers also like to combine a black pergola frame with wood grain louvers. Leveraging an advanced sublimation process, we can add several wood grain styles to the exterior powder coating that protects our pergola structures. While an all-wood grain pergola would be quite the rustic look, combining black with the wood grain has a contemporary appeal while bringing a new level of warmth to living space.

Black Pergola with One-of-a-Kind Custom Colors

In addition to the wood grain exteriors, we are also able to precisely color match any hue you can imagine. If you have a favorite color found in nature, we can sample that color and apply it to your pergola’s exterior. While homeowners often use this capability to match their pergola color to that of their home, the possibilities do not stop there. You could also choose to add symbiotic colors from the flower garden to your pergola. Whether choosing a white pergola or a black pergola, adding a splash of unique color to the structure’s louvers can serve to unify an outdoor space or provide a stark contrast.

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Your outdoor living space should always be an extension of your personal style. With the full flexibility in color sections that we offer customers, your pergola will become exactly that. If you would like to explore some of the stylistic possibilities for a new covered patio, please contact us today and we will have one of our expert local dealers follow up to start your design journey.

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    1. Dear Glenn,
      Most of the time, yes, you will need a permit to install a pergola in your backyard. However, our K-Bana often doesn’t. Our local dealers know their local regulations and take care of it.

  1. I live in St Augustine FL. Do you have any distributors or installers for this area?

    Interested in a louvered pergola, attached, that is roughly 14x20ft. What is wind rating for your structures?
    Ed M

    1. Good afternoon Ed.

      Thank you for your interest. We do serve St Augustine, FL. Our local dealer will connect with you shortly.

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