5 Ways a Well-Lit Patio Cover Maximizes Your Outdoor Living

well-lit patio cover

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There are so many reasons to choose a modern pergola for your outdoor living space. Whether you
install a fixed-roof pergola for full-time shade, or an adjustable louvered roof pergola that allows you to
control the sun/shade balance, an all-weather outdoor living space will truly change the way you enjoy
your deck, patio, pool deck or garden. During the daytime, the main function of your pergola is to help
block out the sun and rain, but once the sun dips for the day, a well-lit patio cover will keep the evening festivities going well into the night. Let’s explore some of the benefits of incorporating different lighting
options and spotlights into your modern aluminum pergola.

standalone outdoor structure -terrace covered with louvered roof - lighting - hurricane zone

Well-lit Patio Safety

First and foremost, a well-lit patio cover imparts multiple levels of safety for you, your home and your
outdoor living space. When you are outside enjoying a beautiful night under your pergola, proper
lighting will help prevent an unfortunate encounter with tripping hazards or a stumble on uneven
ground. A well-lit patio cover can also deter would-be intruders, whether they be people or animals,
from your home and outdoor space. A forgotten dinner plate can be a beacon to raccoons and possums,
but a motion-sensor light will usually scare them off…the same goes for would-be robbers.

well-lit restaurant patio cover


The proper lighting from a well-lit patio cover can also make your outdoor living space more functional.
Obviously, lighting makes the space more enjoyable once the sun sets, but our all-aluminum pergolas
give you the flexibility to mix up the types of lighting fixtures you can have throughout your outdoor
space. For instance, you might choose to install recessed LED spotlights above an outdoor kitchen to
ensure the best visibility when cooking outdoors at night. For lighting above an outdoor dining table, a
dimmable LED light will allow you to better set the mood for dinner before you crank up the power for a
nighttime game of poker. To create a surrounding glow, LED strip lights can be embedded in the pergola
roof for a soft all-around light.

Outdoor living space - Spring 2021


In the same way that our pergolas accent any type of architecture during the day, a well-lit patio cover
can have similar impacts on the look and feel of your outdoor living space by night. When envisioning
how to light your pergola-covered patio, remember subtlety is key. Too much light can look harsh, and
frankly can feel harsh on night-adjusted eyes. Also, remember to focus on the height of the lighting you
are adding. LEDs embedded in the pergola roof will cast wide overhead light, while scalloped fixtures on
the pergola columns can cast up-light to illuminate the architectural structure of your pergola, or down-
light to illuminate just the floor…or both independently. Again here, dimmable ramping LED lights will
also allow you to control the ambiance throughout your pergola space.

smart ocontroal for light patio cover

Well-Lit Walkways

Adding lighting to your well-lit patio cover to illuminate walkways is also a must. Not only does lighting
walkways make the evening easier to navigate, but it can create a more aesthetically-pleasing overall
look to the space. When thinking about how to best light your walkways, make sure to consider any of
the destinations you may want to reach at night that are outside the main living space. Do you have an
out building housing pool mechanics, or a favorite bench in the garden, maybe a stack of firewood to
feed your grill or fire pit? Make sure the path to those areas is well lit to avoid stumbles and keep
uninvited nocturnal guests from surprising you.

Smart Controls

With several different light sources integrated within your well-lit patio cover, you’ll want to have some
intuitive control over them all. Lighting for our modern pergolas is controlled with a smart app-based
system that allows you toggle lights on and off, adjust dimmers individually, and set timers for ramping
lights. This flexibility allows you to adjust lighting without leaving your chair, or even from the car as you
pull into the driveway so you don’t come home to a dark patio.


A well-lit patio cover can make your outdoor living space more enjoyable, safer and more functional.
Also, with the right lighting choices it can truly exude the same heightened style that your home
portrays during the daytime. If you’d like to dive into designing a well-lit patio cover for your home,
reach out to us and we can connect you with one of our local dealers to arrange a consultation.

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