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Residential: Creating Shade For South Florida Horses

Last Updated on February 27, 2024

South Florida is like living in paradise with beautiful sunny weather year-round. However, the weather in the Sunshine State can be a disadvantage for horse owners who need a spacious outdoor area that can work for both people and animals. It is crucial for them to protect their horses from the unpredictable Florida weather.

This residential project highlights the story of horse owners in South Florida who needed a custom 1,220-square-foot covered space for their animals. Their horses require special care and supervision, so they were looking for an alternative to a classic run-in shed that would provide their horses a space to relax and enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather, while staying covered when accessing the washroom located on the ground floor of the house.

Client Requirements: An alternative To A Horse Loafing Shed

The client had only one requirement: the product had to be an architectural structure that would provide shade and shelter for the horses while seamlessly completing the house’s architectural design. The R-SHADE™ pergola was the perfect option because of its beautiful and functional design. After closely working with the client, Azenco Outdoor was able to bring to life a design that surpassed the client’s expectations.

Pergola revolutionizes the classic horse loafing shed

Insulated Roof Pergola

The R-SHADE™ pergola is an aesthetic, protective, and functional product that elevates the client’s backyard. It was carefully designed to adapt to the existing architecture while satisfying all their needs. The pergola became the focus point of their entire renovation project.

  • 📍 South Florida
  • 🏡 Type: Residential
  • 📅 Date: Summer 2023
  • 👷 Installed by SHO PROS 

Product Choice

  • Product: R-SHADE™ pergola
  • Size: 1,220 sq. ft.
  • Options: 2-step Cornice – premium white panels
  • Color:  Gray bronze with white insulated roof
  • Benefits: Horses enjoying the outdoors no matter the weather


1,200 Sq Ft of Multi-Functional Outdoor Shade

The home’s design was upgraded by the pergola because of how it blended traditional and modern architecture styles. It provided 1,200 sq ft of shade and space for the horses to enjoy the outdoors. This new feature made the house look better while making the horses feel more comfortable in their new lounge area.

The white insulated roof was the perfect option based on the client’s need, ensuring comfort and functionality no matter the time of day. The pergola’s simple but aesthetic design brought elegance to the home’s outdoors, making it a multipurpose space. Besides providing shelter for the horses, it also provided the client with a new area to host different activities like social gatherings.

Adding Recessed lights

Azenco Outdoor offers various customization options, allowing clients to make their pergola unique to their wants and needs. Recessed lights are a functional feature that has been added to the pergola, making it useful even after dark. Here, the lights provide safety for the horses and give a cozy feel to the outdoors.

Adding a Double Cornice: Traditional Charm for a Pergola Ranch

The details during the design process make the pergola unique. In this case, the client decided to add the double cornice, a feature that combines traditional and contemporary look and feel perfectly. It adds a classy touch that seamlessly blends with the space. The double cornice adapts to your unique vision.

Besides being a stylish choice, the double cornice also shows the commitment to creating a welcoming environment for both the horses and guests. This design feature elevates the appearance of the structure and gives it a more traditional style.

Customization: Premium Insulated Panels For Horse Stables

The premium insulated panels go beyond visual appeal; they represent a blend of practicality and durability. These panels are engineered with moisture-resistant materials, guaranteeing longevity. This allows the pergola to stay resilient against the unpredictable Florida weather.

Besides providing a sense of elegance, the white finish creates a zen outdoor ambiance. These panels require minimal maintenance, which allows the horse owners to focus on enjoying the outdoors.

The R-SHADE™ Shelter: Innovative Insulation for Horse Protection

The R-SHADE™ pergolas are carefully designed and durable against harsh weather conditions while maintaining perfect aesthetics for years.

By following care recommendations and understanding the drainage systems, you can enjoy your R-SHADE™ pergola with confidence, knowing it is built to resist adverse conditions and keep its flawless condition over time.

The R-SHADE™ pergolas come with a warranty that ensures their durability and quality. Here’s how it works:

  • Standard color powder coating: 15-year warranty.
  • Custom color powder coating: 10-year warranty.
  • Aluminum structural components: 15 years warranty

This comprehensive guarantee protects the pergola’s aesthetic and structural integrity for the stated periods. Enjoy your outdoor space with confidence, knowing that the R-SHADE™ pergola is built to last.

insulated roof pergola as shelter for horses

Before & After

The Turn Around

Azenco successfully completed the production phase in three weeks, from order placing to fabrication. Following this quick process, the SHO PROS team delivered the pergola to the site and expertly built the structure in just eight days.

  • Manufacturing and Delivery: 3 weeks
  • On-site Installation: 8 days

Securing the Perfect Shelter for Horses With A Pergola

In conclusion, the R-SHADE™ pergola offers more than its main purpose of providing shade and shelter. In this case, it provides the horses and the homeowners with a customized multipurpose outdoor space that brings elegance and functionality to their home. Our pergolas can be designed to blend and adapt to any type of architecture.

For guidance on the best pergola for your outdoor space, contact us at 305 306-3204. It is time to elevate your outdoor space. Connect with a local expert dealer through us to discover more.

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