Rooftop Deck – A World Of Options Awaits

covered rooftop deck with synthetic grass

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Do you dream of having a rooftop deck where you can chill with your friends and family and soak in the sun? Or perhaps you want a space all to yourself where you can relax in the shade while enjoying the view from the top?

If you’re looking for any of the above, installing a pergola is the perfect solution!

Can Your Rooftop Support Any Additional Structure?

When you install a cover on your rooftop deck, make sure that your roof structure can withstand the heavyweight. For this, you might need a structural engineer or a building code official to help you determine how much of the extra weight your rooftop can support.

Plan Your Rooftop Deck Design

If you’re planning to have a covered rooftop deck, chances are you might already have a few ideas on how you want to design it. Do you want an overhead pergola on your deck? Perhaps you have a pool, and you want to enhance your pool deck? Perhaps you want to enjoy your terrace all year long and be protected from the wind and rain? Whatever you decide, professionals at Azenco Outdoor can help you with your unique space.

To utilize your rooftop deck space wisely, placing a pergola in the center would be a great use of the space. You can have potted trees and a tiled pathway leading to and from the pergola. Our Azenco pergolas have three different types of pergola structures. Here are a few ideas for your covered deck that can help you decide what you’re looking for: 

Louvered Roof

The bioclimatic pergola with a louvered roof is perfect for sunny and wet climates. The roof blades can protect from the sun in the scorching heat and allow light and wind to penetrate in the winter. This R-Blade louvered roof pergola is made of aluminum to provide maximum resistance against strong weather conditions.

You can also install a ventilation system at the top where the blades allow for automatic opening and closing of blades during heavy rains and windy conditions.

Fixed Roof

If you fancy an elegant covered rooftop deck to organize evening parties, an R-Shade pergola would be preferable. This pergola has insulated sandwich panels to regulate the temperature inside and outside the pergola and even with its solar panels! It is waterproof and wind-resistant and requires less maintenance. For these reasons, the R-Shade pergola might be the perfect fit for you!

Cabana With Manual Louvered System

If you have a small covered rooftop deck, consider installing a K-Bana free-standing pergola that doesn’t take up your entire space but at the same time allows you to create a flexible outdoor living space so you can enjoy the view with your friends and family.

Suppose you are unsure of your rooftop structure. In that case also, a K-Bana is perfect for installing, given its adjustable posts that can be adjusted on the unleveled ground to provide stability to the structure.

Commercial and Residential rooftop deck Projects

Commercial projects Examples

A well-lit, fancy rooftop can add personality to any restaurant or bar’s overall structure and make it stand out. So make sure you choose a cover that goes with the architecture of your place. All Azenco’s gazebos and pergolas are made with the finest materials integrated easily within modern and contemporary architecture.

Residential Rooftop Deck Ideas

If you’re a fan of potted plants and flowers, you can create your own greenhouse pergola garden with flowering trees, plants, and bushes. This will offer a lush contrast to the wooden rooftop deck and can make your own little orchard on earth.

Consider putting brightly colored lounge chairs to add some life to your covered rooftop deck. You can also put miniature bulbs and fairy lights to have a nice, cozy lit-up space.

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