World of beer - Outdoor Terrace coverd with R-Blade louvered pergola

Commercial: Outdoor Bar Pergola with Louvered Roof – World Of Beer Bar, Tampa Bay, FL.

Last Updated on October 20, 2022
LocationTampa, FL
InstallerAwning Works
Datejanuary 2021

The warmer season, upcoming Super Bowl Sunday, and a raging pandemic, these were the problems plaguing the World of Beer Bar in Tampa Bay, FL, when they got in touch with us for an outdoor bar pergola solution.

Outdoor Project

They wanted to entertain massive crowds of people and watch parties, but the guests could be limited to an outdoor seating space due to the area’s pandemic restrictions. The solution for the restaurant patio cover was the louvered roof system.

The World of Beer Bar decided on a modern pergola with an automated louvered roof to create an outside terrace where their customers can enjoy Super Bowl while maintaining the government’s SOPs due to the pandemic. They loved our R-Blade pergola as it offered a covered outdoor space where they could receive and entertain their guests.

They wanted the industrial patio cover installed on their outdoor terrace to offer rain protection to their customers. But they also wanted a part of the terrace to be uncovered so that their customers can enjoy the beautiful day outdoors.
R-Blade pergola design with the louvered system was the perfect solution for this beer bar’s outdoor space.

Product Choice

Outdoor Terrace - World Of Beer Bar and Kitchen - covered with a louvered roof
Product4 Pergolas
ModelR-BLADE louvered roof
TypeAttached to the wall
Size52’ x 22’ projection – 15’ high
ColorGrey Bronze / White louvers
BenefitsStunning 2-story patio

The challenges of this outdoor bar pergola project

Working on this outdoor bar pergola while keeping the pandemic restrictions in mind, being ready for the Super Ball game, and maintaining the friendly atmosphere for sports gatherings has been nothing short of exciting and challenging.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Ben Franklin

The World of Beer Bar seems to be doing God’s work by staying open in these trying times and giving a reason for people to come together. We had to help them create a restaurant patio design where all that could be safely made possible.

4 louvered roofs opening altogether as well as independently

This industrial patio cover for the outdoor terrace consists of 4 louvered roofs mounted to the bar’s wall. Additionally, the client wanted these roofs to open and close independently so that their customers can enjoy a nice beer and enjoy the Super Bowl watch parties outside when the weather’s good.

Automated screens for wind and rain protection

The R-Blade bioclimatic louvered roof installed at the outdoor terrace comes with outdoor screens, a rain sensor that prompts the pergola to close automatically when it detects rain. Moreover, the outdoor bar pergola has a wind sensor for automatic opening whenever it detects a strong wind force.

While offering the perfect ambiance to this convivial sports bar, it shelters the customers from winds during watch parties and gatherings.

Moreover, our modern louvered roof system is complemented by Azenco’s well-engineered invisible gutter system to drain the rainwater immediately, ensuring that the space under the pergola remains dry.

Grey bronze structure to match the bar’s overall look

We installed grey bronze structures that go very well with the sports bar’s overall look and ambiance. They also asked for white louvers to perfectly contrast with the grey bronze structures giving the outdoor bar pergola a more sophisticated yet friendly vibe.

The pergolas were designed to perfectly blend with the bar’s exterior, offering the perfect place for beer and sports enthusiasts to connect over their favorite teams in the Super Bowl.

outdoor terrace - World of Beer rooftop in Tampa, FL

Outdoor bar pergola features and Azenco’s solutions

As a result, we created an amazing restaurant patio design for the World of Beer Bar to entertain their guests outside even during the pandemic restrictions.

The louvered system was designed to blend with the sports bar’s look, so the structures were attached to the outdoor wall and crafted in grey bronze while the louvers were white.

Before the renovation, it was just an uncovered terrace on the second story of the patio. But now it’s the perfect outdoor sitting area for customers who come to enjoy the outdoors and watch Super Bowl. The elegant-looking louvers protect the customers from rain or the sun, while the uncovered part gives guests the perfect outdoor experience.

Outdoor terrace BEfore/After with a louvered pergola - World of Beer Bar and Kitchen

Not to mention that Azenco successfully installed the louvered roof before the Super Bowl 2021 started as the client needed to arrange an outdoor terrace to receive the guests.

Turnaround time

Manufacturing: Custom manufactured adjustable white louvered roof with grey bronze structure. Delivery in 4 weeks.

Mounting On Site: 4 days deal with specific timing and scheduling to ensure that the mounting doesn’t interfere with opening hours.

If you have an exciting outdoor living project at your hands, give us a call. We’d love to discover how our pergola products can bring the outdoors indoors for you.

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