Do I need an architect or a contractor to install your outdoor products?

Out of area of competence a professional or somebody with good competences in hardware and assemblying will be able to do it thanks to our manual.

Do I need a permit to install your products?

It depends where your are located in the state but for the major part of them yes.

Do I have to transmit all my project dimensions to obtain a quotation?

For a detailed quotation yes. Otherwise for professional a price list is available.

Is there any warranty on every product?

Yes sure, it depends on the product:

1- Pergolas: 25 years on the powercoating of the pergolas. 10 years on the structure. 2 Years on the motor. 2 years on the wearing parts.

2- 10 years for the structure. 10 Years on the powercoating 2 Years on the motors. 2 Years on the wearing parts.

What are the condition to cancel or modify an order?

One week after the confirmation of the order and the payment of deposit received.

Where could I see your products before placing an order?

A showroom will be open in Autumn in Florida