Azenco Outdoor - Eccology is at the heart of our DNA

Ecology is at the heart of our DNA

Last Updated on November 15, 2023

Everything AZENCO undertakes always lines up to support our brand ethos and personal values. For us, respecting the environment is not just a project, ecology is in our DNA.

We have a long-standing eco-responsible consciousness and understand that every decision we make as an industrial business has an environmental impact.

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Factory In The USA To Limit Waste

Our state-of-the-art facility in Florida is not only equipped with the latest high precision tools and semi-automatic saws but also with cutting-edge machining centers with integrated robots that provide the highest rate of outdoor product reliability and unique features in the market.

Azenco factory in the USA - Aluminum pergola

Solar Energy-powered Factories In France

All our outdoor products in France are developed and manufactured in four solar energy-powered factories committed to a sustainable development approach and our goal is to duplicate the model as soon as possible in the USA.

Azenco solar-powered factory in France

Making Recycling A Priority

We strive to continually improve the quality of our products, to optimize recycling, and reduce waste. All our outdoor products are made of aluminum, that is:

  • SUSTAINABLE, but it’s also recyclable, environmentally-friendly, and an eco-conscious, responsible choice for the next millennium.
  • SUPERIOR LONGEVITY. It efficiently stands the test of time in the face of outdoor elements that more quickly break down other materials
  • WELDABLE. It greatly enhances its longevity and performance as well as safety.
  • HEAT TREATABILITY. This ensures the hardness, durability, and maximum strength needed to relive stresses that could affect safety and allow for the creation of lasting outdoor products.
Aluminum Association of Florida member - Azenco Outdoor
AAF member - Azenco, manufacturing pergola

Azenco is a member of the AAF (Aluminum Association of Florida)

Investing In Sustainable Operations

Our collaboration with 4ocean is a testament to Azenco’s holistic commitment to improving our ecological footprint. In addition to our collaboration with 4ocean, we have implemented various measures to make our operations more environmentally friendly. We have invested in new, energy-efficient manufacturing machines, upgraded our aluminum cutting machines to minimize material waste, and launched a proactive aluminum capture and recycling program. Furthermore, we have implemented sustainable product packaging, optimized logistics to reduce carbon emissions during deliveries, transitioned to paperless offices, and installed solar generators on the roofs of our Miami facilities, enabling us to operate on 100% solar energy.

Azenco Ecology, 4Ocean collaboration to clean the ocenas from plastics

Miami Dade NOA Certification & Approvals: Product Durability

All our products are designed to endure Florida climatic conditions, so you can be sure they will stand strong in all kinds of weather.

Hurricane zone approved - Ecology material

R-CAR carport and R-SHADE pergola already received the Miami Dade NOA Certification and Approvals. They are products that the State approves for use in all areas of Florida, including the Hurricane Zones.

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