Starbucks outdoor seating in Lancaster, PA: patio cover R-Breeze by Azenco

Commercial:Azenco Outdoor Crafts Custom R-BREEZE™ Pergola for Starbucks outdoor seating in Lancaster, PA

Last Updated on April 5, 2024

Have you ever stopped for a second and paid attention to the outdoor layout of your favorite coffee shop? When designing the perfect outdoor seating space, Starbucks’ priority is the comfort and satisfaction of their customers. The brand wanted to create a custom area with a pergola where their customers could sit down to enjoy their coffee and catch up with family and friends.

Azenco Outdoor brought Starbucks’ vision to life with the help of our partner Pergolatek, designing a custom R-BREEZE™ pergola in Lancaster, PA.

  • 📍 Lancaster, PA
  • 🏨 Commercial: Starbucks – Coffee shop
  • 📅 Date: July 2023
  • 👷 Installed by Pergolatek
T-Shaped pergola at Starbucks - R-Breeze pergola with fixed angled slats by Azenco

Product Choice

  • Product: R-BREEZE™ pergola
  • Size: 435 sq ft
  • Options: Fixed louvers
  • Color: All black pergola
  • Benefits: Create a Starbucks outdoor seating space for customers to relax under partial shade while having their coffee.

Classic Style Meets Modern Innovation: The R-BREEZE™ Pergola Takes Center Stage

The R-BREEZE™ is one of Azenco Outdoor’s newest innovations. The pergola offers the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, matching the brand’s aesthetic. Its unique features also add a sense of sophistication to the outdoor seating area while having a minimalistic design.

These features are what made the R-BREEZE™ stand out:

  • Vertical slats: a layout that offers a modern and minimalistic aesthetic with 90° slats, to which you can integrate LED Ramp lights for a luxurious look.
  • Angled slats: the 55° slats provide a dynamic interaction of light and shade, perfect for this specific Starbucks outdoor seating ambiance.
  • Cantilever post: a unique pergola design, maximizing space and providing uninterrupted outdoor views.

Also, Starbucks’ aesthetic was represented by the color of the product. Black pergolas are a trending color in outdoor area designs due to their ability to seamlessly blend with the company’s image. Starbucks is known for its green and black colors, giving the brand a sense of elegance. A black pergola was the ideal option for the brand, achieving the desired classic and elegant look in combination with the fixed louvers. Our custom pergolas can match any brand’s aesthetic, are you ready to elevate yours?

Overcoming Design Challenges: Creating a Unique T-Shaped Roof

Bringing our client’s vision to life is Azenco Outdoor’s priority no matter the challenges, and this project was not the exception! The brand wanted a traditional-looking pergola without the usual rectangular roof and multiple posts.

A pergola of the size and look desired by the brand would require at least 6 posts, including the support posts in the middle of the structure. However, this was not an option for Starbucks. They wanted a pergola that would seamlessly blend with the outdoor space without disrupting their aesthetic and comfort of the customers.

Custon designed pergoal with minimal posts - Starbucks, Lancaster, PA - Azenco Outdoor

Engineering Expertise on Display: The Design Solution and Specifications

To meet the brand’s expectations, Azenco Outdoor and their certified dealer in this area strategically designed a T-shaped roof layout. This custom design not only offers a non-traditional look but also helps with the flow of people in the Starbucks outdoor seating space.

When it comes to manufacturing a T-shaped roof, it meant that the design would have to be split into four different zones. To achieve this, the pergola’s structure included the following features:

  • 2 zones: 10′ x 15′
  • 2 zones: 10′ x 4.5′
  • 2 structural beams: 6”x 10”
  • 4 cantilever posts
Starbucks outdoor seating area with Azenco pergola

Thanks to the 6”x 10” structural beams, Azenco Outdoor was able to support the 435 sq ft black pergola with only four cantilever posts instead of six. The combination of the structural beams and the cantilever posts offers the modern and minimalistic cutout look desired by Starbucks for its outdoor seating space.

Pergolatek’s incredible design was possible thanks to Azenco Outdoor’s manufacturing team. The custom pergola offered a personalized outdoor space that would make Starbucks stand out from competitors, which only comes to show our commitment to customer satisfaction. For us, nothing is impossible.

Before & After

The Manufacturing and Installation Process

Azenco Outdoor manufactured this challenging project in 7 weeks. Following this quick process, our local dealer’s team installed the pergola on-site in only 5 days. The quick on-site installation is beneficial for businesses because it will not require the brands to close the area for business for a long period of time. We specialize in both commercial and residential projects, creating custom pergolas that allow businesses to make the most of their outdoor space. From restaurants to hotels, we can make your vision come true!

  • Manufacturing: 7 weeks
  • On-site Installation: 5 days

A Starbucks with Outdoor Seating Area to Relax and Recharge

The project’s purpose was to create an outdoor seating area for Starbucks’ customers that would not disrupt the brand’s aesthetic or the customers’ comfort. The R-BREEZE™ was the perfect option for the brand, enhancing the customer experience by offering partial shade and surpassing the brand expectations.

What could be more perfect than that first sip of coffee? Having a place to relax and enjoy your coffee during golden hour!

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Azenco Outdoor is proud to deliver unique client visions and turn them into reality. This project, featuring a Starbucks with an outdoor seating area, is a testament to that. With us, you do not have to sacrifice style for functionality to create the perfect outdoor space. Life is better outside, especially when you can have the best of both worlds!

For expert advice on selecting the ideal pergola for your outdoor area, reach out to us at 305 306-3204. Elevate your outdoor living experience now. By connecting with a local expert dealer via our service, uncover further possibilities.

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