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Level Up Your Outdoor Living Space with These Detached Patio Ideas

Last Updated on December 28, 2023

Turning a wide-open backyard into an outdoor living destination is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces are highly sought after by home buyers. Moreover, a well-appointed backyard deck, patio or pool deck will ensure you and your family get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor spaces. The location you choose for your outdoor living space will often be influenced by the layout of your backyard, as well as how you plan to use the space. Patios abutting the home can serve as a great seamless extension of your indoor living space, but in this blog post we’re going to explore the amazing potential for detached patio ideas.

Why would you choose a detached patio?

Creating some separation between your outdoor living space and your home allows the space to feel truly transportive. With your detached patio you are able to step away from the distractions of your daily homelife. This physical separation can be especially impactful for people working from home. Adding some landscaping and a manicured pathway between the home and the detached patio can also further define this separation.

What is a detached covered patio called?

Depending on where you are in the world a detached covered patio can be called many things. Undercover patio ideas might come with the name veranda, gazebo, or a covered lanai. Regardless of the naming of the space, adding a patio cover to your detached outdoor living space will ensure you get the most enjoyment out of the space. With the proper patio cover, like a modern pergola, you will enjoy shade on the patio as well as protection from the weather. With the right pergola design, though, a detached patio can become a truly luxurious and purposeful space.

How do you cover an uncovered patio?

While simple sun shades or retractable awnings can create some much-needed shade for a detached patio, they are limited in their ability to protect the space from inclement weather. These simple solutions also leave little room for innovative features or elevated architectural design. Alternatively, a modern aluminum freestanding pergola can be fully customized to turn your detached patio into a resort-caliber outdoor space. Today’s modern pergolas can be customized with your choice of roof design, like our R-SHADE™ insulated fixed roof that creates full-time shade and weather protection. For more flexibility with the sun/shade balance on the patio, our R-BLADE™ motorized louvered roof allows you to open the roof for full sun exposure, angle the louvers to create shade, or close the roof to completely block out the sun, rain and snow.

Is a covered patio worth it?

A high-quality patio cover is absolutely worth the investment, especially if you want to get the most from your investment in the outdoor space. To make sure your patio cover truly unlocks your best outdoor life it will be imperative to incorporate the functionality you need into its design. With an attached to the wall pergola abutting the home you have ready access to your indoor amenities like the kitchen for cooking or running to grab drinks, but with a detached space you’ll want to make sure those amenities are built into the patio design.

roof covered outdoor kitchen ideas, Miami Beach, Fl
White louvered pergola over the pool with high-end outdoor kitchen - Azenco Outdoor, R-Blade model.

What kind of detached patio ideas are popular right now?

When contemplating your detached patio design, you’ll want it to be perfectly suited to your family’s needs. To ensure it best elevates your home value, it is also important to keep your patio design on trend. Choosing an innovative modern pergola roof as your patio cover solution will also maximize these differing uses for the space and turn the backyard deck or patio into an all-season outdoor space.

Some popular designs for a detached patio include:

  • Outdoor dining spaces: Everyone loves to enjoy an alfresco meal during the warm summer months. Designing your pergola with a motorized adjustable louvered roof allows you to keep these fun outdoor dinners going even when a rain shower approaches or snow season drops flakes on that patio.
  • Outdoor culinary stations: Complete outdoor kitchens remain extremely popular home additions. Customize your outdoor kitchen with grills, pizza ovens, sinks with running water, refrigeration units, or full bars so you have every tool at your disposal.
  • Private hot tub escapes: Bring the spa experience to your backyard with a hot tub under your pergola. Ideally, look to incorporate motorized retractable screens or fixed privacy walls into the pergola design to keep prying eyes from interrupting your hot tub time.
  • Backyard movie theaters: Enjoying a movie night with the family under the stars can be just the weekend entertainment you need. Look to include a fan beam in the design of your pergola roof which can house the wiring for an outdoor projector, and swap the retractable privacy curtain for the silver screen.


There are innumerable detached patio ideas that will truly elevate your backyard life. If you are considering elevating your patio and would like to explore how including a modern and luxurious pergola on your patio will bring this space to life, please, contact us today.

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