Azenco and 4ocean teams at Boca Raton, FL beach cleanup - dec 8th, 20023

Azenco Outdoor Partners with 4ocean in the Battle Against Ocean Pollution 

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Over the past year, AZENCO OUTDOOR has forged an important partnership with 4ocean, a company committed to ocean clean-up whose mission is to end the plastic crisis in our oceans. On December 8th, this collaboration took a decisive turn when the two organizations joined forces for a major clean-up event at Spanish River Park in Boca Raton, Florida. The day was not just a clean-up but the culmination of a year-long journey of environmental management. To commemorate this special occasion and this year of collaboration, AZENCO OUTDOOR asked its team members to actively participate in the clean-up event, demonstrating their practical commitment to environmental conservation.

AZENCO And 4ocean Worked Together To Clean Up Spanish River Park

On December 8th, Azenco Outdoor teamed up with 4ocean for an extensive beach cleanup operation at Spanish River Park, a renowned municipal park in Boca Raton, located in West Palm Beach County. Eighty-five environmentally conscious volunteers gathered, including 70 partners and 15 members of the 4ocean team. 20 Azenco employees and members of one of their local resellers, SYZYGY Global were present at the event. The AZENCO OUTDOOR team was fully involved in this multi-faceted operation, which focused on several critical areas. The cleanup covered the park, including its vital mangroves – essential ecosystems along coastal areas – and a portion of Boca Raton public beach. Underscoring the collaborative spirit of the event, some AZENCO staff had the unique opportunity to join Alex Schulze, CEO of 4ocean, for boat-based cleanup activities, tackling marine debris directly from the water.

Azenco and 4ocean CEO's - Alex Schulze
AZENCO staff and Alex Schulze, CEO of 4ocean

The assortment of waste recovered was eye-opening: single-use plastics that once held fast food or drinks, aluminum cans thoughtlessly discarded, glass bottles that could have shattered and posed a hazard, abandoned ghost nets that continued to trap marine life long after they had been forgotten, and fishing lines that silently threatened the safety of unsuspecting creatures. Amid all this disarray, even stranger discoveries have emerged, such as an inexplicable golf club. Taken together, these efforts resulted in the removal of 172.2 pounds of trash over the course of the event. This achievement is a vital addition to the year’s cumulative impact. 

Overcoming Environmental Challenges

Our teams skillfully navigated through thick mangroves, employing practical but effective measures such as insecticides to deal with the challenges posed by mosquitoes and spiders in the region. The strategic use of innovative technologies such as Pixie drones and boats, as well as specialized equipment such as nets, gloves, and garbage collectors, enabled the efficient collection and identification of several types of debris.

The Benefits Of Beach Cleanups

Positive Impact On Marine Ecosystems

Beach cleanups are overwhelmingly positive. They play an essential role in protecting marine ecosystems by removing harmful litter that can injure or kill marine life. By eliminating debris such as plastic, these cleanups help to maintain healthier, more vibrant ocean habitats.

Improving The Local Environment

For local communities, beach cleanups mean improved aesthetics and safer recreational spaces. This directly benefits tourism and community well-being, making these areas more pleasant and economically viable. While the City of Boca Raton has made some efforts, our teams still encountered a significant amount of waste. This underscores the importance of conducting regular cleanups and fostering greater environmental awareness within local communities.

Plastic waste - Azenco beach cleanup in Boca Raton

4ocean's High-impact Cleanup Strategy

4ocean’s cleaning process is a blend of efficient waste management and detailed tracking. Every item collected is not only sorted and recycled but also documented, thanks to their innovative waste tracking system. This system meticulously records the origins and details of debris, with before and after photos that visually demonstrate the impact of the cleanup. To ensure the accuracy and credibility of the data collected, it is verified and certified by GreenCircle. This approach underlines 4ocean’s commitment to sustainable practices and provides valuable information in the fight against marine pollution.

Key Lessons And Prospects

The recent cleanup highlighted the importance of collaboration, effective planning, use of technology and adaptability. Tony Ernst, Director of Cleanups at 4ocean, emphasizes the value of these partnerships: His reflections underline the progress made and the promising future of environmental protection.

"We are now able, thanks to these partnerships, to fund the full-time hiring of captains and crews to clean up various areas where they feel very proud, very empowered to do so, and it all starts with the collaboration of companies like yours.”
4ocean logo icon in blue
Tony Ernst
Director of Cleanups at 4ocean

A Commitment That Goes Beyond Cleanups: Azenco Outdoor's Vision

Azenco Outdoor's Involvement And Commitment To Cleanups

The Azenco Outdoor team has enthusiastically embraced its role in the clean-up efforts, demonstrating its deep commitment to long-term environmental health. More than simply participating in clean-up operations, the company adheres to a sustainable chart that prioritizes community education and partnerships, fostering ongoing ecological well-being. In collaboration with 4Ocean, Azenco Outdoor advocates ongoing environmental action, encouraging social media engagement, local volunteering, and broader ecological initiatives.

Azenco Outdoor: Life Is Better Outside. Team at a beach cleanup in Boca Raton, FL

A Sustainable Future: Education, Monitoring, And Renewed Partnerships

AZENCO OUTDOOR is delighted to continue its successful partnership with 4ocean until 2024. This collaboration is the cornerstone of their shared vision of a cleaner, more sustainable world, marking an ongoing commitment to ecological responsibility and proactive environmental protection.

A Year Of Effective Cleanups

In 2023, Azenco Outdoor collaborated with 4ocean to achieve the ambitious goal of removing 25,000 pounds of debris from our oceans. Throughout this year, the 4ocean teams have produced some remarkable achievements.

  • On March 4, in Bali, Indonesia, 24 teams cleared the Selabih and Melaya beaches and the Ijo Gading River of 5,442.25 pounds of debris, reaching 22% of their target.

Azenco Expands Commitments To Sustainability >>

  • On May 3, another clean-up at Bali’s Bago River and Nyanyi Beach saw 14 teams remove 5,003.49 pounds, reaching 42% of their target. On May 23, 7 teams at Java’s Bago River collected 2,082 pounds, reaching half their target.

Azenco’s World Ocean Day initiative >>

Cleanup - Medewi Selabih Beach
Selabih Beach
River cleanup Jembrana Ijo Gading River.
Ijo Gading River
  • On September 10, the Ijo Gading River and Sumberkima Ocean clean-up in Bali collected 6,347.96 pounds with 16 teams, reaching 75%.

World Beach Cleanup Day >>

  • The final effort on November 7, back at the Ijo Gading River, saw 17 teams remove 6,128.02 pounds, fulfilling 100% of their commitment.

Achievement Of Removing 25,000 Pounds Of Debris >>

Cleanup Jembrana Ijo Gading
Cleanup Jembrana River
Jembrana River

These efforts reflect AZENCO OUTDOOR’s commitment not only to achieving its goal but also to preserving the world’s marine environments and fighting ocean pollution.

Join The Journey To A Cleaner Ocean

Azenco Outdoor welcomes everyone to be a part of its ongoing mission dedicated to embracing eco-friendly practices. The company’s collaboration with 4Ocean is just one example of its commitment to making a tangible difference. Azenco Outdoor encourages the community to stay tuned for future updates and participate in upcoming clean-ups, reinforcing the message that collective action is essential to turn the tide on ocean pollution.


Celebrate environmental success with AZENCO OUTDOOR and 4ocean! We invite you to become an active participant in this remarkable journey. Together, our actions will create a healthier, cleaner planet for future generations. Join us in sharing this success story and inspire others to take action. Remember, every step you take, no matter how small, helps build a cleaner, more sustainable future. Let’s make a lasting impact together!

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