Residential: Installing an R-BLADE™ Pergola in Chesapeake, VA

Residential: Installing an R-BLADE™ Pergola in Chesapeake, VA

Last Updated on January 30, 2024

Selecting a pergola in Chesapeake is an important decision as the city rests on only 10 miles of drainable land to avoid flooding. Here, the climate blends perfectly southern warmth with fresh breezes of the Atlantic, making it the perfect frame for living areas outside. In the Chesapeake Bay region, known for its picturesque waterfront views and rolling green fields, homeowners treasure their backyards, and many seek to create natural, peaceful spaces that boldly look as organic as they feel — a virtual extension of the scenic outdoors. However, the desire for such idyllic outdoor spaces often comes with its own set of challenges.

Homeowners in this charming city located near Virginia Beach, look for solutions that would accommodate the tight space, provide privacy from their close-knit neighbors, and offer protection from frequent visitors to the area—pesky bugs. For our customer, the desire was plain – transforming a raised deck into a versatile, bug-free, and private outdoor space. This is where the expertise of Azenco Outdoor chipped in with a vision to bring alive a pergola project that not just only catered but exceeded the unique demands of Chesapeake living.

Louvered pergola with TV on the wall and insect screens - Azenco Outdoor

Product Choice

  • Product:R-BLADE™ pergola
  • Size: 120 sq. ft.
  • Options: Custom privacy wall to hold a TV, 2 auto screens, and a fan beam
  • Color: White structure and louvers, gray bronze privacy walls
  • Benefits: enjoying the outdoors all year long in Virginia, protection from rain and cold in winter and from bugs in summer.

Overview of Chesapeake's Project

Located in Chesapeake, known for its beautiful weather and great locations, our customer decided to improve their outdoor living area and selected to work with our custom pergola company and our local dealer. We created a structure to fit on a small area on a raised deck. The customer brief was:

  • Ensure privacy by preventing the nearby neighbor from observing activities within the premises.
  • Implement measures to prevent insect intrusion.
  • Enhance overall functionality and usability of the space.

Azenco Outdoor’s solution was a custom-made R-BLADE™ pergola, smartly designed to best use the compact space. The motorized pergola, with its adjustable louvers, appeared to be the perfect option for Chesapeake’s changing weather conditions, providing controlled light and shade. The pergola was fitted with privacy walls and an automated insect screen system to solve privacy and bug issues.

White color choice for a pergola in a small backyard.

Overcoming Environmental Challenges and Space Limitations

The Virginia Beach patio team faced various challenges in installing this pergola in Chesapeake, VA. One of the biggest roadblocks was the narrowness of the deck to which they attached the pergola.

In addition, the customer needed a flexible structure that could allow to enjoy the outdoor space under various weather conditions. Moreover, the deck was close to a neighbor’s house and yard, so the team built privacy walls to give the equivalent of a backyard fence. The space also faced bug issues since it was near a lake. Therefore, the team installed motorized screens to keep the bugs out and make the space comfortable and enjoyable for their client.

Product Spotlight: R-BLADE™ Louvered Roof Pergola in Chesapeake, VA

The Azenco R-BLADE™ Louvered Roof Pergola stood out as the ideal choice for this Chesapeake project, embodying a fusion of innovative design and practical functionality. In Virginia, where the allure of outdoor living spans across all seasons, the R-BLADE™ offers an unparalleled experience, allowing homeowners to relish their outdoor spaces year-round, undeterred by rain or the chill of winter.

The superior engineering of the R-BLADE™ sets it apart from its competitors. This pergola is designed with a gapless roof, providing a reliably weather-resistant environment. This means that the pergola remains a cozy and sheltered haven even during Virginia’s sudden showers or colder days. The seamless design is further accentuated by the absence of visible assembly hardware, offering an unparalleled and versatile aesthetic.

Among its standout attributes is the R-BLADE™’s motorized adjustable louvered roof, equipped with ultra-quiet electric motors. This allows homeowners to adjust the pergola roof to their liking easily:

  • Fully open for sunbathing,
  • Angled for shade,
  • Closed to shield against rain and Chesapeake’s typical 40 inches of annual snowfall.

This refined engineering addresses common issues found in standard pergolas, such as leaks and noise, making the R-BLADE™ a superior choice. More than just a pergola, the R-BLADE™ is a symbol of Azenco’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and harmoniously blending indoor comfort with outdoor beauty.

Improving Outdoor Living: Customer Satisfaction and Use

Following installation, the customer experienced a transformed outdoor space. It now includes a shaded area by the pool and offers a comfortable setting for social gatherings, even during light rain. Enhancements such as a fire pit and a TV significantly increased its appeal. The pergola features an adjustable roof, providing versatility and adaptability to various weather conditions and times of day.

Color Selection

Color choice was crucial in creating aesthetic harmony for this pergola. The pergola’s white structure and louvers were chosen to create a bright, welcoming atmosphere. Complementing this, gray-bronze privacy walls, one with an integrated TV, add a modern touch. The consistent color palette, along with two automatic screens and a fan, perfectly combined functionality with style, to create a welcoming and elegant outdoor space.

White pergola color choice with complementary gray louvers for added style

Before and After – Creating an Ideal Year-Round Outdoor Space

The Turn Around

Azenco completed the manufacturing phase within 3-4 weeks, from order to fabrication. Immediately upon delivery to the site, the VB Patio team expertly assembled the pergola structure in two days. Over the next 3-4 days, they installed custom screens, achieving seamless integration with the design and functionality of the outdoor space.

  • Manufacturing and Delivery: 3-4 weeks
  • On-site Installation: 2 days for pergola, 3-4 days for custom screens

Azenco Outdoor’s Commitment to Quality and Customization

At Azenco, we prioritize understanding unique customer requirements, tackling environmental challenges, and ensuring efficient installations by partnering with the best local dealers nationwide.

For expert guidance on modern pergola systems in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA, call us at 305 306-3204. Elevate your backyard patio with our innovative outdoor structures. Connect with a local expert dealer through us to discover more.

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