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Residential: A Custom Pergola on Florida’s Intercoastal Waterway

Last Updated on June 19, 2024

Living along the Intercoastal Waterway in Pompano Beach, Florida, offers some amazing views from the luxurious waterfront homes along the canal. With easy access to the water for boating, kayaking and swimming, the real estate on the Intercoastal is highly sought after. Also popular among homeowners along the Intercoastal are pools perched above the canal that offer great relaxation and entertainment venues. Such was the case of these Pompano Beach homeowners who tapped Azenco partner SYZYGY Global to create sun and rain protection for their outdoor kitchen and entertainment space with a poolside pergola.

📍 Pompano Beach, FL
🏡 Type: Residential
📅 Date: November 2021
👷 Installed by SYZYGY Global

Pergola Choice

This Azenco’s custom louvered roof system boasts a generous 18′ x 13′ footprint (240 sq ft) and offers ultimate customization. The homeowners selected motorized louvers for effortless shade control, dazzling embedded LED lights for evening ambiance, and risers for additional height. The sophisticated tuxedo color scheme, featuring a black frame and white louvers, adds a touch of modern elegance to the elegant outdoor space. Plus, the elevated louvered roof cleverly provides cooling shade while maintaining ample headroom for a truly luxurious outdoor experience.

  • Model: R-BLADE™ Pergola
  • Type: Bioclimatic louvered roof
  • Size: 18 ‘ x 13’ (240 Sq Ft)
  • Options: Motorization, Embedded LED lights, Risers
  • Color: Black Frame/ White Louvers (Tuxedo style)
  • Benefits: Elevated pergola roof creates shade and maintains headroom

Project overview

Spending time relaxing in the sun overlooking the picturesque Intercoastal Waterway in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a dream vacation for many. The dream is an everyday reality for these homeowners thanks to their new custom pergola. Nestled alongside a mecca of boat sports, SYZYGY Global designed a gorgeous adjustable louvered roof pergola that soars above the single-story. This home features a beautiful patio complete with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor seating, and an outdoor television mounted on the wall. To provide protection from the constant sun and regular afternoon showers, Azenco partner, home’s roofline to create a spacious outdoor living space styled in ting and water classic black and white tuxedo colors.

Custom aluminum louvered pergola with risers

Custom Pergola Design Challenge

The small, yet picturesque backyard patio would truly benefit from adding an Azenco R-BLADE™ custom pergola with louvered roof. With its motorized louvers, the homeowners could adjust the sun/shade balance at the push of a button or close the roof completely to block out the afternoon rain showers. Though a small space, this patio project posed a few challenges for the designers. Experts in custom pergolas, the design team turned the challenges into unique customizations for this pergola to help elevate its design even further.

First, the patio was confined by two sides of the home’s exterior, and on the third side by a stem wall that blocked the view of the neighboring home and provided a barrier between the patio and the pool’s mechanicals. The designers turn this walled-in challenge into an advantage by mounting the pergola frame on top of the flat-roofed home and the stem wall. This design meant there would be no footings required to support the pergola and ensured the open side of the patio left unobstructed views of the Intercoastal Waterway and adjacent pool.

Eliminating the footings and support columns solved one challenge, but created another. With the pergola frame mounted directly to the roof line, the outdoor space would have felt too confined. So, the team added risers to elevate the pergola frame above the low roof line. With these risers installed, the pergola roof now soars to 10′-6″, which instills a spacious loft-like feeling to the patio. 

The team customized a super gutter that intuitively collected all the rain water running off the flat roof of the home and channeled it into the R-Blade’s hidden gutter system, discharging excess water into a garden space outside the stem wall.

Color Selection

With the existing home exterior clad in a classic South Florida all-white style, the team saw the addition of the pergola as an opportunity to add a stylish accent to the patio area. To bring a splash of accent color to the patio roof, we crafted the pergola’s louvers in matching all-white, and the pergola frame and risers in black. This classic tuxedo colorway offers a modernist look with the timelessness of a perfectly tailored tuxedo. With the risers set in black, the pergola also created an architectural accent that elevates the entire space.

Tuxedo style, black and white pergola - Azenco


If you would like to explore how an Azenco custom pergola will upgrade your outdoor living space, contact us to explore some pergola on deck ideas. We will connect you with one of our expert local dealers, who will be the perfect contractor for your outdoor living project. Contact us or call us at 305 306 3204 to learn more about our innovative solutions for your courtyard, deck, or patio.

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  1. I am looking to erect a 20ft long x 10 deep louvered pergola, attached to the house and resting on two posts, in a white material – would greatly appreciate a ball park and adv on availability

    1. Hello Even,

      Thank you for your interest in our pergolas. Each pergola is custom. One of our representatives will connect with you to learn more about your project to give you a free estimate.
      You can, as well, contact us directly at or call us at (305) 306-3204.

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