White open roof system: R-Blade pergola for residential project.

Residential: Motorized Opening Roof Systems Bring Year-Round Entertaining to This Sioux Falls Home

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is cherished for its close-knit community and vibrant outdoor lifestyle, and outdoor entertainment spaces here are defined by the seasonal weather making pergola opening roof systems a perfect choice for the city’s backyard patios. When they are through taking in the amazing Falls Park vistas that gave the city its name, residents revel in the city’s distinct seasons, making backyard patio entertaining a year-round affair. The allure of mild summers and crisp winters finds residents building well-equipped patios, where the magic of social gatherings. With the drastic temperature fluctuation between the South Dakota winter and summer months, a firepit and pergola become indispensable elements of any residential outdoor living space. Ensuring warmth during chilly evenings and shelter from the occasional drizzle or snowfall, a modern pergola that opens and closes delivers the luxurious flexibility that this Midwestern paradise requires.

📍 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
🏡 Type: Residential
📅 Date: July 2022
👷 Installed by Innov8 Outdoors

Product Choice

  • Product: R-BLADE™ pergola
  • Size: 11’x14′
  • Options: LED lighting, Motorized retractable screens
  • Color: Two Tone – White pergola with Gray Louvers
  • Benefits: Shaded outdoor relaxation space for all seasons

Project Overview

Awash in the truest forms of Midwestern hospitality, residents of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, love entertaining with friends and family. With all four seasons descending on the prairie city throughout the year, though, many residents elevate their outdoor living spaces to accommodate year-round use. This was the case for these Sioux Falls homeowners looking to create a flexible poolside patio space that could make the most of the summer heat while also being able to protect the patio from winter weather and rains. Azenco’s expert dealer in the region, Concrete Outdoor Living, developed a patio design featuring a luxurious pergola system with an open and close roof system to create shade in the summer and block the rain, and then hold the winter snow flurries at bay in the winter. The Concrete Outdoor Living team also integrated durable concrete patio furniture ready to last a lifetime, and a gas fire feature for the perfect evening ambiance and some added warmth during the winter.

Pergola system in South Dakota- Azenco

Design Challenges For an All-Season Outdoor Space

Small backyard transformations take a creative designer to execute properly. With this outdoor living space set to squeeze into a small patio space between an existing shed, pool deck and the home, the Concrete Outdoor Living team sought to make the new space seamlessly fit the home’s existing architecture.

1. R-BLADE™ Opening Roof System

With its innovative design, the Azenco R-BLADE™ louvered roof pergola was the perfect patio cover for this project. With no visible assembly hardware, the R-BLADE™ provided clean exterior lines that flowed perfectly with the smooth slate gray concrete formed patio furniture. The innovative engineering of the R-BLADE’s gapless pergola roof created a rain proof pergola that sealed out the rain and snow, and locked in the heat in the winter. Its motorized adjustable louvered roof, operated by twin whisper-quiet electric motors, allowed these homeowners to open the roof, bringing full sun to the patio, angle the louvers to create shade, or close the roof completely to seal out the rain and the roughly 40 inches of snow that falls on the city each year.

2. All-Weather Capabilities

To maximize the pergola’s all-weather capabilities, the team also integrated motorized retractable screens around the perimeter of the pergola frame. With the screen controls integrated with the pergolas roof remote control, the retractable screens could be lowered when the South Dakota wind began to whip, or winter snows began to fall.

3. Fit The Small Poolside Patio

In addition to sizing the footprint for this 11’x14’ pergola to perfectly fit the small poolside patio, the Concrete Outdoor Living team also adjusted the pergola height to fit seamlessly with the backyard’s existing shed structure. Aligning the pergola’s roof line with that of the shed ensured a smooth eyeline transition between the two structures. To ensure this outdoor living space would shine by night, the team integrated LED light bars into the design of this pool pergola. The dimmable LEDs allowed the homeowners to set the ideal evening mood, perfectly balanced against the glow of the included gas fire pit feature.

Color Selection

With the adjoining shed clad in a light gray exterior, the patio flooring featuring a two-tone gray and black stone finish, and the custom concrete furniture carrying a smooth slate gray finish, the design team opted to leverage the customizable exterior powder coating of the R-Blade pergola to bring an accent of color to the patio space. Tying in with the white fire feature, the team chose a white pergola frame and white support columns offset by gray louvers to complete this amazing poolside pergola.

White louvered roof system by Azenco - Residential installation in South Dakota

Before and After – Motorized Opening Roof Systems

The Turn Around

Delivering this project in amazing time, the Outdoor Concrete Living team fabricated its outdoor furniture and firepit in advance of the pergola’s arrival. Taking just four weeks to fabricate, this fully customized R-BLADE™ pergola was installed in a mere two days on-site.

  • Design and Fabrication: 4 weeks
  • Two days on-site installation


If you are looking into opening roof systems to elevate your small backyard patio space, please contact us to learn more about our innovative outdoor structures and be connected with one of our local expert dealers in your area, at 305 306-3204.

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