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Pergola Visualizer – How to Envision Your New Pergola Project

Last Updated on November 30, 2022

Today’s stylish pergolas can truly reinvent how you use your outdoor living space by creating shaded outdoor spaces, providing protection from rain, or bringing privacy to your backyard. Often, trying to visualize how a pergola project will complement your existing home can be a little difficult. With innumerable customization options available, your pergola can easily turn your outdoor space into the most functional relaxation space in your home. So, your first step as a pergola visualizer is to evaluate just how you plan to use your new covered patio, which will inform what type of pergola you’ll want to build.

Pergola Visualizer Function Leads Design

Residential pergolas can take just about any form the homeowner dreams. Often the size, shape, materials, roof design, etc. are determined by exactly how you expect to use your new pergola space. For example, customers looking to create a stylish outdoor dining space may choose a fixed-roof pergola to provide full-time shade while a standalone outdoor kitchen on the pool deck may be best served by an adjustable louvered roof pergola that easily vents the covered space. Once you have an idea of the types of fun you expect to have beneath your pergola, a qualified pergola dealer can help steer your design choices towards the most ideal structure.

Pergola Features to Fit Your Lifestyle

Beyond the style and roof selection, how you plan to use your outdoor living space will help you become a true pergola visualizer. Some of the available feature options will be visible in the design while others will be hidden from view. Features that can be secreted into the structure itself could include fully autonomous sensor-actuated controls that automatically close the louvers at the first sign of rain or even integrated shade screens that retract into the pergola frame. On the other hand, some features will inherently shape the outward look of the pergola itself such as accessory trellis panels to allow climbing plants to accent the pergola structure.

Balance Privacy with Sweeping Views 

Another key consideration that will impact the overall look of your project, and is dictated by how you plan to use your outdoor living space, is the level of privacy you’d like to create on your patio or deck. The retractable screens and plantings discussed above can help create added privacy under your pergola, but our specialist designers can also create a flexible space that maintains sweeping views. To preserve unabated beach views or horizon-to-horizon mountain views a cantilevered roof which extends the shaded space without support columns obstructing line-of-sight can be amazing.

Color Selection with a Pergola Visualizer

Beyond the structural and functional aspects of your pergola, one of the most stylistically-impactful choices will be the pergola color scheme. More and more two-tone pergolas (with clean white louvered roofs and colored accenting columns) have become a trendy color scheme that allows the architectural structure of the pergola to really stand out. One of the benefits of working with a custom pergola builder like Azenco is we can match the exterior powder coating on our all-aluminum pergolas to any color you can imagine, even copying surrounding wood grains. For customers that are having difficulty truly envisioning how the pergola colors will look in real-life, a digital rendering of the project can be a helpful tool.

How to Pre-Visualize Your Pergola Project

Here at Azenco we’ve created thousands of modern pergolas for every type of architectural style, so our expert designers and the dealers can easily envision your project before it comes to life. While this ability helps expertly guide you through your project development, we realize that not every homeowner can simply close their eyes and see a fully-realized design. So, there are some ways that we often suggest homeowners look to pre-visualize their pergola projects, such as:

  • Play with free online landscape design tools – If you are unsure where to build your pergola, whether to attach it to the house, etc., one of the free landscape design tools available online can be a great (and frankly fun) way to kick the tires of some design options. Just keep in mind that any pergola project will be subject to unique engineering demands for your specific property and based on local regulations, so these tools are just a conceptual pergola visualizer.
  • Map out the design in its real location – Grab a tape measure, some stakes and a roll of string, and measure off the footprint of your planned pergola project. This will allow you to get a sense of the space it will encompass when completed. While you’re at it, add some chairs where you anticipate to include a dining table or fire pit to make sure the sunset views are ideal.
  • Ask your pergola dealer for a 3D rendering of your project – 3D rendering pergola is something that we specialize in here at Azenco, and our dealer network will always be eager to help you pre-visualize your project with rendered images and even video. Because these 3D rendering patio views are digital, we can even show you what your project will look like in various color schemes.


If you are looking forward to another year of working from home in 2022, then now is the ideal time to start planning your new outdoor office space. Contact us today to be connected with one of our local pergola experts that can help you navigate this project.

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