Residential: Shaded Rooftop Pool in Delray Beach, Florida with an Azenco pergola pool cover

Residential: Shaded Rooftop Pool in Delray Beach, Florida with a Pergola Pool Cover

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

Nestled on the east coast of Florida, Delray Beach is a seaside paradise. The area is a magnet for residents and visitors looking for upscale restaurants, haute shopping, in a laid-back beach community. The city is also home to some of the most luxurious residential properties in the state. Running along the two-miles of beautiful sandy beaches, South Ocean Boulevard is home to palatial estates designed by some of the nation’s most-coveted architects. When these homeowners undertake renovations, honoring the original intentions of the architect is of the utmost importance, but so is maintaining the modern, luxury living to which they are accustomed. When this property owner wanted to make their rooftop pool deck more comfortable, they trusted Azenco’s South Florida dealer, SYZYGY Global to design an adjustable louvered roof pergola that seamlessly fits with their luxury home.

  • 📍 Delray Beach, Florida
  • 🏡 Type: Residential
  • 📅 Date: July 2022
  • 👷 Installed by SYZYGY Global

Product Choice

  • Product: R-BLADE™ Pergola
  • Size: 81’ x 21’ 9” (1,643 Sq Ft)
  • Options: Motorization, Embedded LED lights, Custom support columns
  • Color: Custom Match – SW Alabaster White
  • Benefits: Adjustable pergola roof creating shade for pool deck and lap pool

Project Overview: Pergola Fitting Seamlessly With The Refined Architecture Of The Home

Luxury living permeates the seaside properties in Delray Beach, Florida, and this oceanfront estate sets the bar for refined luxury in the area. Its alabaster white exterior stands out amid the surrounding estates. Its magnificent manicured courtyard and eye-catching entryway columns are reminiscent of Old World architecture. Elevated on the home’s rooftop and looking out over the horizon, this residence also features a rooftop pool deck. While the rooftop pool is an exquisite place to relax and entertain, when the sun reached its peak each day, the extreme heat made the pool deck virtually inaccessible. The homeowners called upon Azenco’s regional pergola experts, SYZYGY Global, to create a pergola pool cover that would provide shade and rain protection, all while fitting seamlessly with the refined architecture of the home.

Design Challenges: Louvers Oriented Parallel To The Lap Pool

Adding a custom rooftop pergola to any home presents some challenges not seen with a patio pool cover on the ground.

1. Pergola anchored to the Roof

The primary difference is in how the pergola is anchored to the roof. To erect the pergola for this covered rooftop deck, the SYZYGY Global designers anchored the pergola columns to an existing perimeter wall. This ensured the pergola covered the entire rooftop pool deck without taking up extra living space. The team also fabricated custom baseplates and multiple height support columns that aligned with the exterior wall. Featuring seven independently-controlled pergola roof zones, the new roof could be opened over a portion of the pool to manage the amount of shade, or open completely for full sun on the pool deck.

2. Fitting the existing architecture

When designing new outdoor additions for refined luxury homes like this one, an additional challenge is seamlessly fitting the new construction with the home’s existing architecture and style. To align the new pergola roof with the home’s roofline, the SYZYGY team further customized the pergola’s height. Standing at 8’ 9”, this pergola roof is slightly lower than standard structures, but still allowed plenty of clearance for the pergola pool cover.

3. Louvers orientation

Pergola projects of the caliber seen in this patio pool cover also challenge designers to maintain fine attention to detail throughout the project. To elevate the architectural elements of this new covered pool deck, the SYZYGY team mounted the pergola roof so the louvers were oriented parallel to the lap pool. When the louvers were opened, they cast complimentary shadows on the tranquil waters below. This louver orientation also ensured the deep blue South Florida sky was visible when the roof was opened. Choosing the Azenco R-Blade was the ideal fit for this high-end project. With no external assembly hardware, and its hidden gutter system, the R-Blade provided the clean exterior lines the home’s sleek exterior demanded.

Color Selection: Alabaster White

Seamlessly merging this new rooftop shade structure with the luxurious stylings of the seaside estate was always the main priority for this pergola project. The SYZYGY team carried this attention to detail right through to the color selections as well. The classic look of a white pergola fit this project perfectly, aligning with the all-white color scheme of the home’s exterior. There is an array of whites in the color wheel though, so the designers employed Azenco’s advanced color matching capabilities to select an exterior powder coating that was the exact alabaster white as the home. Once installed on the rooftop pool deck, the new R-Blade pergola looks to be an original part of this home’s noble architecture.

If you are looking to elevate your outdoor spaces while maintaining the elegant style of your luxury property, contact Azenco Outdoor and we will have one of our local pergola pool cover specialists contact you for a consultation.

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