Azenco Outdoor Project Spotlight: Creating a Perfect Alfresco Escape in Auburn, Alabama

Azenco Outdoor Residential Project Spotlight: Creating a Perfect Alfresco Escape in Auburn, Alabama 

Last Updated on June 19, 2024

At Azenco Outdoor, we pride ourselves on crafting high-quality pergolas for residential outdoor projects that blend functionality with elegant design. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every custom installation, including a stunning patio cover designed to provide shade and comfort in a charming backyard in Auburn, Alabama.

📍 Auburn, Alabama

🏨 Type: Residential

👷 Installed by Viking Custom Constructions

Auburn, AL is known for its warm, humid climate, making it an ideal location for outdoor living spaces. The addition of a well-designed patio cover not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a home but also offers a practical solution for enjoying the outdoors while staying cool and protected from the sun.

Unveiling an Outdoor Retreat

The patio cover chosen for this Auburn, AL residential outdoor project transformed the backyard into a stylish and functional space. This addition provided much-needed shade and enhanced the overall aesthetic, creating an inviting area perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Product Choice

  • Product: R-SHADE™ patio cover with insulated roof
  • Size: 23’x15’
  • Color: White premium insulated roof with dark gray/bronze frame.
  • Options: Accessory beam with fan and LED lighting.

A Vision Come to Life

The new patio cover offers comprehensive protection, protecting the outdoor space from the harsh Alabama sun and unexpected rain. Its design integrates seamlessly with the backyard, delivering a welcoming and comfortable environment. The structure includes features that enhance the ambiance, such as integrated lighting and fans, ensuring comfort in varying weather conditions.

For their residential outdoor project, the homeowners envisioned a space they could enjoy throughout the year, and the R-SHADE™ insulated roof option has made this a reality. The installation aligns perfectly with their desire for a year-round outdoor haven, blending practical protection with a sense of hospitality and relaxation by providing both functionality and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The Perfect Patio Cover Solution

For this project, the homeowners selected the Azenco Outdoor R-SHADE™ insulated panel patio cover, a model renowned for its superior quality and innovative design. The R-SHADE™ is equipped with leak-proof panels, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to heavy rain or snow, ensuring the outdoor space remains dry and usable year-round. Additionally, our Azenco Outdoor patio cover boasts an impressive snow load capacity of up to 80 lbs./sq ft and a wind load capacity of up to 175 mph, providing exceptional durability and protection against extreme weather conditions. This makes it a robust and reliable choice for any climate, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

The chosen color scheme features a sophisticated gray-bronze structure paired with white premium panels. These colors not only enhance the patio’s aesthetic appeal but also help keep the area cooler during the hot summer months, providing a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

The R-SHADE™ model meets the homeowners’ needs for both protection and visual appeal. Its robust construction and weather-resistant design offer unparalleled protection, while the elegant color combination complements the home’s architectural style. The detailed design ensures the patio cover serves as a beautiful and practical addition to their outdoor living space.

Technical Specifications

Measuring 23×15 feet, the patio cover provides ample coverage for the entire outdoor dining area. This generous size ensures that the dining space is fully protected from the elements, allowing the customers to enjoy meals and gatherings outdoors year-round. With only four posts, the design maximizes the view without adding unnecessary obstructions, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality. The spacious design makes it perfect for hosting family and friends in comfort and style. This functionality, combined with the cover’s aesthetic appeal, makes it a standout feature in the backyard, enhancing the overall outdoor living experience.

Residential outdoor project with a patio cover and a firepit in Alabama - Azenco Outdoor

Enhancing the Outdoor Experience

Discover how the addition of premium-level pergola accessories like an accessory beam and LED ramp lighting expands the functionality and enhances the ambiance of this outdoor space.

Expanding Functionality

The design included an accessory beam, enabling the installation of a ceiling fan. This addition significantly enhances comfort during hot summer days, allowing the homeowners to enjoy alfresco dining experiences without the discomfort of excessive heat. The fan provides a refreshing breeze, making the outdoor dining area a cool and pleasant outdoor space.

Creating a Warm Ambiance

In addition to the fan, the patio cover features integrated LED ramp lighting, which greatly enhances the ambiance of the space. These lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for cozy evenings outdoors. All Azenco Outdoor lights are dimmable, allowing homeowners to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. The soft glow of the LEDs complements the fire pit beautifully, enriching the overall aesthetic and making the outdoor area a delightful place to relax and entertain even after sunset.

Residential outdoor project with insulated roof patio cover - Night view. R-SHADE by Azenco Outdoor

A Seamless Process

From beginning to end, Azenco Outdoor makes it its goal to provide better quality, better design, and a better experience.

From Order to Installation

The journey from order to installation with Azenco Outdoor is smooth and efficient. Once you place an order, the manufacturing process begins and typically takes from 4 to 5 weeks. Each pergola is custom-made to fit your specific needs. Then, one of our local certified dealers handles the installation, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your space. This comprehensive approach guarantees every project is delivered on time and meets the highest standards.

Benefits of an Azenco Pergola

Our patio covers offer numerous benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Customers can choose from standard colors like white, gray-bronze, and black for the frame, or explore endless customization possibilities, including wood-grain panels, to match their personal style. Additionally, our pergolas can be enhanced with luxury accessories, adding both functionality and elegance to your outdoor space:

  • Screens: Provide shade and privacy while maintaining airflow.
  • LED lights: Illuminate your space for evening gatherings.
  • Fans: Keep your outdoor area cool and comfortable.
  • Heaters: create a warm and cozy ambiance.

With Azenco Outdoor, you can create a beautiful and functional area that seamlessly extends your living space outdoors, making it perfect for relaxation and entertainment.


Turning dreams into reality is what we do at Azenco Outdoor. This Auburn, AL, residence exemplifies the perfect blend of form and function. Our white and grey R-SHADE™ insulated patio cover seamlessly complements the existing outdoor kitchen and the homeowner’s global design vision.

Why Azenco Outdoor? Unlike other solutions, Azenco Outdoor allows you to elevate your outdoor space without sacrificing aesthetics for practicality and allowing you to enjoy the outdoors year-round in comfort and style.

Call us today at 305-306-3204 and connect with our knowledgeable local dealers in Auburn! They’ll provide expert insights and help you explore the perfect custom patio cover for your dream backyard.

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