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Commercial: Massive Telescopic Pool Enclosure Makes Outdoor Waterpark A Year-Round Destination

Last Updated on January 22, 2024
LocationLa Roche Posay, France
DateFebruary 2021

Outdoor Project: Telescopic pool enclosure       

Looking to extend its waterpark season into the colder months, the owners of the luxury campground Yelloh Village in Laroche-Posay, France added a massive motorized pool enclosure to its most popular water feature.

Having worked with the company in the past, Yelloh Village called upon the Azenco Group to create a vaulted roof that open and close that allowed the park to offer warm-water swimming for its guests year-round. Built to withstand the wind and snow of freezing winter months, the custom clear-paneled enclosure lets in plenty of sunlight when closed and can open telescopically for outdoor swimming during summer months. The new pool enclosure not only adds a striking design aesthetic to the park, but helps reduce cleaning and maintenance demands on staff while keeping the facility open to guests regardless of the weather.

Product choice

campsite pool cover in aluminum - sliding panels
ProductCustom telescopic pool enclosure
Type4 vaulted motorized sections
Size4050 sq. ft.
OptionsSliding window panels to provide ventilation
ColorsGrey bronze to accent park color schemes
BenefitsAdjustable enclosure easily transitions from indoor to outdoor pool depending on the seasonal demands

World-famous thermal springs: Laroche Posay, France

Nestled among historic chateaus and storybook castles, the therapeutic waters of the Laroche-Posay thermal springs have drawn visitors from throughout Europe since their discovery in the 14th century. Known for its skin-healing qualities, the spring water from this small village has become world-famous. Cosmetics giant L’Oreal uses the waters of Laroche-Posay in its dermatological products and the waters also feed the facilities at its La Roche-Posay Thermal Centre where the company provides free treatments for psoriasis, severe burns and post-cancer recovery. The reputation of Laroche-Posay also attracts tourism traffic from all over Europe looking to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

At the nearby Yelloh Village luxury campground, adult guests may come to enjoy the relaxing privacy of hedge-rowed camp sites or the glamped-up cottages with linen sheets, but the kids want to come for the splash time fun at the campground’s popular waterpark. As the owners of the campground were looking to extend the facility’s booking season into the cooler autumn and down-right freezing winter months, they faced a challenge to keep at least portions of the waterpark available to guests year-round.

Yelloh Village had previously worked with Azenco to create similar poolside aluminum structures for its facilities, so when they wanted to add a pool cover that would stand up to the frigid wind and rain but still be able to easily transition to open-air swimming for the summer season, they once again tapped the company’s proven creative vision.

Azenco: Pool enclosure builders

After building the Azenco Group into the European leader in pool and patio covers, founder and CEO Charles Chapus, who holds several patents related to pool enclosure designs, has recently brought his expertise to the US where Azenco now serves the North American market from its headquarters in Miami, Florida.

The Yelloh Village deck cover project came with some unique challenges. First, the space was massive, including two separate pools and a series of slides, which meant the pool enclosure needed to extend multiple stories to cover the top of the slides. The owners also needed to fit the aluminum structure into a confined area between an existing building and the park’s wide shallow wading pool.

To limit the deck covers footprint to the pool deck, the design team leveraged one of Charles’ patented telescopic enclosure designs. The final design featured a static two-story aluminum and glass structure to encapsulate the slides, and four automated sections which slide open telescopically to fit within the outer sections for an open-roof setup. At the ground level, each panel features a sliding pane that can swing open to keep natural air flowing through the enclosed space.

Making the new pool enclosure fit within the overall design aesthetic of the existing waterpark was also a key consideration. With the outdoor overhead structures comprised of mostly glass, the frame of the structure was powder coated in a grey bronze to match the surrounding buildings and make the patio cover pop against the rolling countryside.

Turn around

Manufacturing: Custom-manufactured 4 weeks

Mounting on site: 1 week with 4 technicians.


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