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Pergola Plans Attached To House: 10 Projects examples

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Pergolas have a long history dating back to ancient Egyptian times. For many years, they simply provided shade from the intense sun. While you can still buy a pergola that protects from the sun’s rays, manufacturers, such as Azenco, have modernized the structure with integrated smart features that enable outdoor living in windy, rainy, or snowy weather. As a result, today’s homeowners install pergolas to create all-weather outdoor living spaces that compliment any architectural style.

When building a pergola, one thing to think about is whether you want it attached to your house or set up as a standalone structure. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces is to attach the pergola to your home. Azenco manufactures pergolas that can be mounted to your house or be erected as freestanding structures, but for this article we’ll spotlight ten pergola plans attached to the house.

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Block the elements with a pergola attached to a home

Homeowners turn to house-mounted pergolas to make their patios or decks an extension of their indoor living space. When a pergola is attached to your home, you can breeze from inside to outside without considering the weather. For example, let’s say you planned to enjoy a meal on your patio or deck, but the weather didn’t get the memo, and it’s started to pour. With a pergola attached to your home, you can still enjoy the outdoors without getting wet.

Keep party plans intact even when the weather won't cooperate

A pergola attached to your home gives you more space to entertain even in imperfect conditions. It can be frustrating to spend time planning an outdoor party only to find the weather has other plans. Wind and rain ruin decorations and make it uncomfortable to relax outdoors. An Azenco pergola attached to your home can eliminate those woes especially with our automated wind, rain, and heat sensors that intuitively open and close the louvered roof while you focus on entertaining. Installing an Azenco pergola truly extends your living space in every season by providing shade from the sun, as well as peace of mind to your entertainment plans.

Square pergola plans attached to house

Azenco pergola plans attached to house

When designing our pergolas, we consider the vast home architectural styles. Azenco pergolas feature hidden assembly hardware to deliver clean lines that complement any type of home, from traditional to modern and all architectural styles in between. When you choose one of our aluminum pergolas, you can feel confident it will fit seamlessly into your home design. With choices between an Azenco fixed-roof or louvered-roof pergola, your outdoor living space can provide the all-weather flexibility your lifestyle demands.

2 post pergola plans

Azenco R-SHADE™ fixed-roof pergola plans attached to house

The Azenco R-SHADE™ is a fixed-roof pergola with insulating sandwich panels that help regulate the temperature in your outdoor living space, boosting your comfort when outside. Designed to fit any outdoor space and complement all styles of architecture, the R-Shade may be attached to your home to enhance your deck or patio with elegant clean lines and gorgeous style. Engineered to be waterproof and wind-resistant, you can be sure the R-SHADE™ will stand strong in all kinds of weather.

The R-SHADE™ protects you from the intense midday sun, rain showers, and snowfall, perfectly extending your living area for use in any weather condition. It is also important to note that the R-Shade’s water evacuation is almost invisible, flowing directly through each post to drain water away from the living space.

Suppose you’re looking to create an outdoor oasis with your Azenco pergola. In that case, you can customize the R-SHADE™ with an array of options, including solar and insect screens, LED lighting (spots or rail), a beam to mount a ceiling fan, an array of powder-coated finishes, and decorative corbel ends. If you’re exploring alternate ways to generate electricity, you can customize the R-Shade with solar panels to power LEDs or embedded outlets.

Azenco R-BLADE™ bioclimatic pergola with louvered roof

Another option for pergola plans attached to house is the modular, adaptable, and impressive Azenco R-BLADE™.  This bioclimatic pergola features a motorized roof with twin-wall aluminum louvers. The R-BLADE’s automatic roof system means better climate management, so you can move from indoor to outdoor living in comfort and style. The R-BLADE™ automatically closes when it detects rain and automatically opens on windy days to prevent damage from updrafts.

A truly unique feature of the R-BLADE™ is that it is weather sealed, providing protection when the sun is blazing, and keeping your outdoor living space completely dry in the rain or snow. If you’re looking to create a luxurious outdoor experience, the R-Blade will be an excellent addition to your deck or patio. You can also further customize R-BLADE™ to meet your particular lifestyle by adding options such as an infrared heating system to offset a late-season chill, LED lighting (spots or rail) to keep the party going into the night, or solar and insect screens to block prying eyes and buzzing visitors.

Adding a pergola enhances your lifestyle

Accurate pergola plans are essential for ensuring a successful installation and optimal functionality. The R-BLADE™ with automatic adjustable louvers, requires careful measurement for seamless operation. Similarly, the R-SHADE™, focusing on shade and design, demands exact specifications to achieve the desired aesthetic and comfort. In both cases, accurate plans are crucial for aligning with customer expectations, ensuring structural integrity, and facilitating ease of use.

Installing a pergola to your deck or patio enables you to get the most out of your outdoor space, regardless of wind, rain, and blaring sun. We hope these pergola plans attached to house featuring Azenco designs inspire you to make the most of your outdoor living space, and invite you to contact us to learn more about how an Azenco pergola can enhance your time outside.

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