Azenco Outdoor sustainbility commitments

Azenco Expands Commitments to Sustainability

Last Updated on November 15, 2023

The leading manufacturer of luxury outdoor living products is holistically revamping its operations to reduce environmental impacts, and launching a year-long partnership with 4ocean to remove tons of plastics from the world’s oceans, waterways and beaches.

At our core, Azenco is driven to design and manufacture the most-enviable outdoor living products to help our customers to get the most possible enjoyment out of their outdoor living. We are also committed to doing everything in our power to keep those outdoor spaces pristine so they can be enjoyed by future generations. To this end, Azenco is excited to announce we are launching a new multi-dimensional sustainability initiative at our facilities, alongside a new partnership with 4ocean, an ocean cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis.

More Sustainable Azenco Operations

Our commitment to improving sustainability has always begun with our internal operations. As Azenco has grown into a multi-national manufacturer with operations spanning six facilities on two continents, we have continued to strive to limit our environmental footprint. As a manufacturer of the highest quality outdoor aluminum products, attaining a zero-carbon footprint is a lofty goal, but here at Azenco we are making investments to recycle and reuse, and mitigate our environmental footprint. These sustainability goals extend from our manufacturing centers to our daily-to-day activities, and to our logistics channels. We’ve committed to:

  • Investing in green technologies – We’ve committed the necessary capital to purchase the most-efficient machines to manufacture our pergolas, carports and pool covers.
  • New aluminum cutting machines – We’ve upgraded our laser-guided precision cutting machines to reduce the amount of aluminum leftover in the fabrication process.
  • Aluminum leftover recycling – We’ve instituted a new recycling program in our factories to capture and recycle more of the unused aluminum in the same way we have long recycled plastics and cardboard.
  • More sustainable packaging – We’ve upgraded our packaging technology which prepares our products for shipment throughout the country which will reduce the use of foam and plastic while still keeping products well-protected in shipment.
  • Improved logistics operations – We’re streamlining our overall shipping practice to minimize the trucking needs for nationwide logistics which will reduce the carbon footprint of our logistics operations.
  • Going paperless – We’ve committed to going digital across our offices, factories and even in our marketing where customers will be encouraged to receive digital catalogs rather than printed materials.
  • Energy-saving product development – We’ve also committed to continuing to push the boundaries of sustainability and energy-savings in the products we design looking to run the amenities integrated into our pergolas and pool covers on embedded solar panels.

Partnering with 4ocean to End the Ocean Plastics Crisis

In addition to revamping our operations to be more sustainable, we are proud to become a member of the clean ocean movement. We are partnering with 4ocean, an ocean cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis. As a Certified Cleanup Partner, Azenco will support the cleanup of 25,000 pounds of plastic trash from the ocean in 2023. As a Miami-based company, our entire team is reminded daily of the sheer volume of plastic waste that floats through our seas and washes ashore here in South Florida. But this crisis extends well beyond our local waters and beaches. Of the estimated 330 million tons of plastics manufactured annually, it is estimated that only a tiny fraction of that gets recycled while roughly 79% remains in our environment.

Working with 4ocean, Azenco has agreed to join the company’s program. This program empowers the customers of partner brands to affect meaningful change for the removal of plastic waste from our oceans. 4ocean will ensure its worldwide team of captains and cleanup crews remove 25,000 pounds of plastic waste from the sea throughout the year.

As part of our commitment to 4ocean, the entire Azenco team will also be joining local beach cleanup events throughout the year. You can watch our social media pages for updates on upcoming cleanup events. We have also come up with an engaging way for you to drive our sustainability commitment to 40cean without leaving your home!

Tag, Follow or Share and We’ll Boost Our Investment in 4ocean

So, you’re passionate about saving our oceans, but we know getting out for a cleanup is a major commitment. Don’t worry, we get it, and we can help! We have a way for you to help the 4ocean cleanup efforts from the comfort of your shaded patio.

Throughout this year, we aim to reach $25,000.00 in donations that we will measure using every engagement on our branded social media properties! All you have to do is follow us on Instagram, LinkedInFacebook, Pinterest or YouTube. Each time you like, comment, reshare, subscribe, etc. we will make a one-dollar donation to 4ocean.

We’ll start tabulating these sustainable engagements starting on the upcoming Global Recycling Day, celebrated on March 18th, 2023. So, jump over to our social media pages and give us a follow so you can join the fun and help us raise funds to fight the ocean plastic crisis!

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