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Cleaning Up Our Oceans: Azenco Outdoor’s Partnership with 4ocean on World Beach Cleanup Day

Last Updated on April 18, 2024

The pristine beauty of our oceans has been tarnished by the ever-worsening pollution crisis. Plastic waste, abandoned fishing nets, and other debris threaten marine life and ecosystems, forcing us to take action. World Beach Cleanup Day is a global initiative to tackle this problem, and Azenco Outdoor is proud to be part of this worthy cause. In March 2023, we proudly became a 4ocean Certified Cleanup Partner, cementing our dedication to a year-long goal to make a lasting impact on ocean conservation. Together with 4ocean, we deployed 16 dedicated teams and vessels to two strategic locations in Indonesia, the Jembrana Ijo Gading River and the Sumberkima Ocean, to remove debris and help restore our oceans.

The Pollution Crisis in Our Oceans

Our oceans, often referred to as the planet’s life support system, are under siege from the
staggering amount of pollution they face. Plastic pollution, in particular, poses a major threat to marine life and the overall health of our oceans. Discarded plastics break down into smaller particles, known as microplastics, which are ingested by marine creatures, adversely affecting the entire food chain. In addition, abandoned fishing gear, known as ghost nets, continues to trap and kill marine life, compounding the problem.

Azenco Outdoor's Partnership with 4ocean

To address this crisis, Azenco Outdoor has partnered with 4ocean, an organization committed to cleaning up the world’s oceans and coasts. 4ocean’s mission resonates deeply with Azenco Outdoor’s commitment to sustainable practices and environmental conservation. Our partnership aims to make a tangible difference in the fight against ocean pollution.

World Beach Cleanup Day - September 16
World Beach Cleanup Day - Truck fully loaded with plastic trash - Azenco and 4ocean

World Beach Cleanup Day Efforts

On World Beach Cleanup Day in September, Azenco Outdoor and 4ocean embarked on a mission to make a substantial impact on the pollution plaguing the Indonesian waters. Sixteen dedicated crews, equipped with vessels and the necessary tools, were dispatched to two strategic locations:

Jembrana Ijo Gading River and Sumberkima Ocean.

The Jembrana Ijo Gading River: a haven for marine life

The Jembrana Ijo Gading River, located in the scenic region of Bali, is an essential habitat for a variety of marine species. Unfortunately, it has been badly affected by pollution, mainly due to inadequate waste disposal practices. The 4ocean teams quickly rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Over the course of the day, they managed to remove an impressive 2,221 pounds of debris from the river. This included plastic bottles, bags, fishing nets and other discarded objects that posed a serious threat to the delicate ecosystem.

The Sumberkima Ocean: A treasure trove of marine biodiversity

The Sumberkima Ocean, nestled along Bali’s northwest coast, is a hotspot of marine biodiversity. Our teams were tasked with cleaning up this pristine stretch of coastline, which had also fallen victim to ocean pollution. Despite the challenges posed by tides and currents, our dedicated teams were able to extract a further 4,127 pounds of debris from the Sumberkima Ocean. This included ghost nets that had been entangling and harming marine life for far too long.

Our Ongoing Pledge

While our efforts on World Beach Cleanup Day were commendable, Azenco Outdoor’s commitment to the cause doesn’t stop here. Our pledge is to remove a total of 25,000 pounds of debris from our oceans by the end of the year, and we are well on our way to achieving this goal. With the incredible support of 4ocean and the dedication of our teams, we believe this target is within reach.

Azenco Outdoor Ongoing Pledge with 4ocean - 75% goal reached for 2023

How You Can Get Involved

As concerned global citizens, all of us need to play a role in protecting our oceans. There are several ways you can get involved in this critical mission:

1. Support Organizations: Contribute to organizations like 4ocean that are actively working to clean up our oceans and combat pollution.

2. Reduce Plastic Usage: Reduce your plastic consumption by using reusable bags, bottles, and containers. Avoid single-use plastics whenever possible.

3. Participate in Clean-up Events: Join local beach cleanup events and encourage your friends and family to participate too. Every small effort counts.

4. Educate and Advocate: Raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation and advocate for policies that reduce plastic pollution and protect marine life.

The oceans are a shared resource that sustains life on Earth, and it’s our responsibility to protect them for current and future generations. World Beach Cleanup Day is a poignant reminder of the collective action needed to combat ocean pollution. Azenco Outdoor’s partnership with 4ocean is a testament to our dedication to this cause, and the results from our efforts in Indonesia in September prove that positive change is possible. With your support, we are confident that we can continue to make a meaningful impact in the fight against ocean pollution and work towards a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant marine ecosystem.

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