Commercial: Boca West Country Club Expands All-Weather Outdoor Dining Space with Interactive Drive Suites

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Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Boca West is an award-winning private community. Made up of 55 neighborhoods, the community combines luxury single-family homes, condominiums and villas. Interwoven by Boca West Country Club’s four championship golf courses, the community also features a 400,000 square foot private club featuring racket courts, a luxurious spa, an aquatics center and seven world-class dining venues. 

Location Boca West Country Club, Boca Raton, FL
DateDecember 2021

Reinventing its 19th hole indoor/outdoor dining space, the famed Boca West Country Club, worked with Azenco partner SYZYGY Global, Inc. to construct an adjustable louvered-roof pergola that covers 3,550 square feet of outdoor dining space and seven new interactive driving suites. Creating a seamless connection with the existing restaurant facility, the 21-zone pergola required numerous customizations to perfectly accent the vision of the restaurant’s updated look along with the needed functionality of the driving bays. Implemented as part of a $45 million renovation project, the newly covered space upgraded the dining facilities and will enable Boca West to offer members a new entertainment amenity that is available regardless of the weather conditions.

Boca West restaurant and terrace - Louvered system by Azenco

Over the last several years, Boca West has pursued an extensive renovation of the club’s facilities. In the summer of 2020, the club selected Azenco’s partner SYZYGY Global, Inc., to undertake a complete redesign of the country club’s Mr. D’s Restaurant patio. Named for the club’s longtime general manager and renowned philanthropist, Jay DiPietro, Mr. D’s is a popular destination offering an elegant-yet-casual setting abutting the golf practice facilities. The restaurant’s renovation incorporated an adjustable louvered roof to provide protection from Florida’s intense sun and routine afternoon rain showers, while adding seven covered interactive driving bays, each with its own lounge space to host private events. 

SYZYGY Global Chooses AZENCO Outdoor Products

Headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida, SYZYGY Global is the largest installer of residential and commercial outdoor living structures in the state of Florida. The company specializes in the design and installation of luxury outdoor living structures for some of the most prestigious private clubs on the state’s eastern shore. For this project, SYZYGY Global envisioned a customized, fully automated pergola to protect  the 200-seat outdoor restaurant and new interactive driving facility. Working closely with club’s architect and interior designers to translate their artistic vision for the space into a buildable reality required several unique customizations that only the SYZYGY and Azenco team could create.

Product Choice

pergola louvered - 3,550 square feet, Azenco
ProductLouvered Pergola
TypeMultiple interconnected pergola zones
Size 3,550 square feet
OptionsCustom angled pergola zones
ColorBronze grey frame, white louvers
Benefits Modernizing the style of the indoor/outdoor dining space and seamlessly connecting to the club’s new interactive driving suites

Mr. D’s Restaurant Patio Dining Space

Replacing the restaurant’s dated patio awning with a motorized pergola roof would ensure full control of the sun and shade for the Mr. D’s patio dining space, while simultaneously adding a unique architectural centerpiece to the restaurant that seamlessly flows with Boca West’s luxurious surroundings. Fabricated from high-quality aluminum, the project was assembled with 21 Azenco R-Blade pergola zones. Featuring Azenco’s best-in-market gapless louver system, the giant pergola is able to completely seal out the rain when closed and funnel all the rainwater through a hidden internal gutter system to drain it away from the dining space below. Featuring a custom powder-coated exterior to fit the interior design specifications for the project, the structure is built to stand up to the often-violent weather of South Florida.  

Artistic vision and convenience

Turning the renderings from architects and interior designers into a structure that could satisfy the demanding building codes in Boca Raton, and still meet the club’s haute designed expectations, was a whole team effort. The main design challenge was to customize the pergola zones over the interactive driving bays to allow for the necessary space to allow golfers full range of motion.

High-Tech Interactive Drive Suites

The interactive drive suites employ technology from UK-based InRange. Each station features a series of sensors that track the golf ball and the player’s golf club at impact. The InRange system instantly analyses each swing and animates the ball flight on the monitor. It can sync swing session data to a smartphone making it a great self-guided practice tool or as a platform for club instructors to help reinforce their lessons. Additionally, the drive suites can be used to play fun interactive multiplayer games that are ideal for small groups. With the sensor array charting real-life swing physics to the game monitor, players can play even when the sun has set.

Because the swing bays needed long, wide-open sections opening onto the driving range, SYZYGY had to customize a continuous beam that would allow the support columns to be spaced out far wider than normal. Fabricating these custom-length pergola zones and the one-of-a-kind support beam required the specialized manufacturing capabilities that only Azenco could provide.

Custom Manufacturing and Expertise

A second challenge for designers was more an aesthetic challenge than one of engineering. Because the new pergola system was replacing a now-dated fabric awning, the members who frequented Mr. D’s had become accustomed to the soaring interior height of the old space. To maintain this height over both the drive suites and throughout the outdoor dining space, SYZYGY and Azenco worked together to create custom risers for the attachment points where the pergola joined the restaurant exterior. These custom risers extended the height of the pergola beyond the standard nine-foot clearance to impart the same airy feel to which members had become accustomed.

Additionally, project renderings called for a uniquely angled face of the pergola along the front of the swing bays that would follow the lines of the abutting driving range. Because the main restaurant building and adjoining patio were not perfectly perpendicular to the driving range, SYZYGY had to incorporate numerous angled louver zones into its design. These angled zones could only be fabricated by Azenco’s skilled aluminum craftsmen. With its specialized extrusion and cutting robots, Azenco was able to not only deliver the look that this project demanded, but also maintain the full functionality of the adjustable louvers throughout.

Fitting the design aesthetic of the new covered outdoor dining space and swing bays into the overall color scheme of the club’s renovation was also imperative. So, the build team worked with Azenco to custom-match the pergola louvers, frame and support columns to match the color schemes of the updated design. With a bronze-grey powder coating, the frame created a modern architectural look against the classic white louvers that left the covered patio feeling airy and bright. Ensuring the color scheme carried through the entire restaurant design, the pavers surrounding the pergola support columns were designed to make a more seamless transition between the patio cover and the rest of the restaurant space. 

Ultimately, the unique partnership of SYZYGY’s design and Azenco’s unique custom manufacturing capabilities was able to deliver a beautiful and functional pergola system for this outdoor dining and golf entertainment venue. The long-lasting aluminum construction and custom powder coatings featured in all Azenco projects will ensure the pergola structure maintains its luster despite the harsh sun and driving rain of South Florida, providing Boca West with a venue worthy of its best-in-class facilities.

Turn around

Manufacturing: Custom-manufactured 21-zone pergola 

Timeline: 12 months from inception to completion

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