Virginia Beach, FL - Motorized louvered pergola for a residence.

Residential: Virginia Beach, VA Oasis with a Motorized Louvered Pergola 

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

At this beautiful Virginia Beach home, the homeowners wanted to design the backyard of their dreams. They wanted to create a comfortable outdoor space they could enjoy year-round without restrictions. Our local dealer, Virginia Beach Patios, designed and installed this beautiful residential project, bringing a coastal dream to life.

📍 Virginia Beach, Virginia

🏨 Residential Project

📅 Spring 2022

👷 Installed by our certified local dealer Virginia Beach Patios

At this beautiful Virginia Beach home, the homeowners wanted to design the backyard of their dreams. They were looking to create a comfortable outdoor space they could enjoy year-round without restrictions. This beautiful residential project was designed and installed by our local dealer Virginia Beach Patios, bringing a coastal dream to life.

Virginia Beach experiences warm summers and mild winters with average summer highs around 86°F and winter lows around 41°F. The city enjoys a moderate climate with precipitation on 115 days (about 4 months) per year and about 213 sunny days. Spring and fall are particularly pleasant, making it an attractive destination throughout the year.

Following the design, Azenco Outdoor manufactured a stunning two-tone R-BLADE™ motorized louvered pergola, allowing homeowners to use the space throughout the four seasons. This motorized louvered pergola satisfies their desire to entertain guests, allowing them to enjoy meals al fresco and socialize with friends year-round. Now, they can sip local beers at sunset while watching football or golf games on the TV outside.

Product Choice

  • Product: R-BLADE™ pergola – Motorized Louvered Roof
  • Size: 12’x12’
  • Color: White pergola with dark gray/bronze louvers.
  • Options: Accessory beam with fan, LED lighting, and weather sensors.

Design Expertise Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Azenco’s local dealer could design a dual-tone custom pergola that matched the house’s aesthetics. The white custom pergola with gray bronze louvers blended seamlessly with the existing architecture. These colors were chosen because the pergola’s white frame would match the house’s architecture, while the gray bronze louvers would contrast perfectly with the rest of the home’s exterior.

Opting for a white pergola to contrast with the gray exterior of the home makes the architectural structure of the louvered pergola the focal point of the outdoors. This elevates the space by giving it a sense of elegance.

The Heart of the Oasis: The Outdoor Kitchen

Nestled in a verdant residential area, the VB Patio Team has masterfully transformed this private backyard into a comprehensive outdoor area with a custom motorized louvered pergola. At the heart of this open-air kitchen stands a premium stainless steel grill flanked by white storage cabinets that exude a modern, minimalist charm. The substantial stone countertops, which house a seamlessly integrated sink, offer generous space for preparation and presentation.

Suspended from the innovative R-BLADE™ louvered pergola, a strategically placed fan ensures a comfortable breeze and continuous air circulation.  The entertainment and aesthetic appeal of the space are further amplified by the inclusion of a chic bar area, where high-backed wicker bar stools invite guests to linger. For those seeking more relaxation, a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall provides another focal point for communal viewing.

Stone tile flooring underpins the design coherence, harmoniously interacting with the home’s gray siding, the white trim of the windows, and the clean lines of the pergola frame. This outdoor kitchen is a meticulously designed area that marries functionality with relaxation, tailor-made for social gatherings and memorable family moments.

The R-BLADE™ Takes Center Stage

The 12’x12’ R-BLADE™ pergola’s role is both aesthetic and functional. Color-wise, it seamlessly transitions from the interior to the exterior, linking the home’s modern façade with the outdoor leisure area. 

The strategic use of two tones in the pergola’s color scheme enhances the depth and dimension of the space. It also frames the outdoor kitchen and dining area, drawing the eye to the social heart of the patio. 

Functionally, the R-BLADE™ louvered design allows for adjustable sunlight and ventilation, enabling the space to be used comfortably at any time of the day. The pergola is a testament to the thoughtful design that marries utility with style, making it the centerpiece that completes the space.

Standout Element: The Pergola Fan

A standout element in this setting is the white pergola fan, which serves both a functional and design purpose.

Aesthetically, the white fan offers a striking contrast against the dark-toned louvered pergola overhead, harmoniously complementing the home’s white trim and the lighter elements of the outdoor kitchen. Its sleek, clean lines and unobtrusive design ensure that it complements rather than overwhelms the space. 

From a functional standpoint, the pergola fan is strategically placed above the bar seating area, which plays a crucial role in enhancing the comfort of this outdoor space. It circulates air, providing a refreshing breeze that mitigates the heat, especially during warmer months. 

Additionally, the fan helps repel insects and promotes even air distribution, ensuring that the area remains as comfortable as it is stylish. The white fan, therefore, is not just a design choice but a carefully considered addition that underscores the usability of this well-appointed outdoor living space.

The Finishing Touches: Creating a Coastal Vibe

In this tastefully curated outdoor space, the bar stools play an essential role in defining the coastal style and vibe of the overall decor. Positioned along the kitchen island, these high-backed stools with their wicker seating introduce a textural contrast that adds a warm, organic element to the scene, which harmonizes beautifully with the modern, clean lines of the dual-tone pergola.

Pergola stool bar - Azenco Outdoor.

Project Turnaround

Azenco Outdoor manufactured this beautiful pergola project in only 4 weeks, and our dealer installed it in 2-3 days, bringing a coastal dream to life in no time.

Manufacturing and Delivery: 4 weeks
On-site Installation: 2-3 days

Azenco Outdoor takes pride in bringing unique client dreams to life, perfectly exemplified by this Virginia Beach, VA, project. The installation, featuring a white and grey R-BLADE™ motorized louvered pergola, harmoniously blends with an elegantly appointed outdoor kitchen and stylish wicker stools, reflecting our commitment to marrying style with functionality. With Azenco Outdoor, your exterior space doesn’t have to compromise on aesthetics to gain practicality.

Experience the great outdoors with sophistication and comfort. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor area with the perfect pergola, call us at 305 306-3204. Through our service, connect with our knowledgeable local dealers for expert insights and to explore more options. Elevate your outdoor living experience with Azenco!

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