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Aluminum Lattice Pergola: The Best Options to Choose From

Last Updated on April 23, 2024

Renovating your outdoor space can be overwhelming, especially since the type of pergola you select can set the tone for your patio’s practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. Once you decide to make this great investment, it is crucial that you choose products that will guarantee you both durability and resistance.

For years, wood has been the traditional go-to material for outdoor structures. But with longevity and ease of care increasingly reigning supreme in property investment decisions, the question on every homeowner’s mind is this: how do we enjoy the authenticity of wood without the pitfalls of rot, high maintenance, or termite tunnels? The answer lies in aluminum lattice pergolas.

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Why Choose Aluminum Lattice Pergola over Traditional Wood?

Homeowners are increasingly turning to aluminum for the same reasons it’s become a material of choice in aerospace and automotive engineering; it’s unbeatable in terms of durability, weight, resistance, and sustainability. In comparison to wood, aluminum lattice pergolas offer a significant set of benefits that can elevate your outdoor experience while reducing long-term headaches and costs.

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1. Durability

Wood pergolas are exposed to sunlight, rain, and extreme temperatures, making them susceptible to deterioration and decay. Rain and humidity are the most significant concerns for this type of cover because it causes the pergola to absorb moisture. After consistent exposure to these weather conditions, the structure’s strength and integrity will be compromised.

Aluminum pergolas are built to last, forged from materials designed to withstand the test of time and elements. Unlike wood, aluminum is immune to rot, pest infestations, and mildew. It doesn’t succumb to the invasive tendrils of vines or termites. Your pergola stays as perfect and unyielding as the day it was installed, with no need for sanding, staining, or sealing.

2. Maintenance

As opposed to the aluminum lattice pergola, wood covers require consistent maintenance, such as:

  • Regular cleaning and staining
  • Painting to preserve the wood from moisture and UV damage


Ignoring these maintenance duties will accelerate aging and create problems involving mold, mildew, and insect infestations.

High on everyone’s wish list is a low-maintenance lifestyle. With non-ferrous properties, aluminum does not rust, and a simple hose or light rinse will maintain the luster of its first day, every day.

In a comparative study of the cost of maintaining outdoor structures, aluminum emerged as the smarter long-term investment. With less annual expenditure on maintenance and repairs, it’s no wonder that aluminum, louvered, fixed or lattice pergolas are becoming the smart choice for savvy homeowners.

3. Aesthetics and Customization

While aluminum’s functional benefits are undeniable, its aesthetic versatility is often underestimated. In lattice pergolas, design and beauty are only bounded by your imagination. Azenco’s manufacturing techniques can create a range of finishes that perfectly mimic wood grain, offering the traditional beauty of wood with none of its drawbacks.

You can choose from a palette of colors and styles, customizing your outdoor structure to match your home’s unique design and personal taste. Whether you prefer the sophisticated appeal of a modern look or wish to maintain a traditional aesthetic, Azenco-s louvered, fixed roof or lattice pergolas come in various profiles and end cuts, allowing for perfect harmony in your outdoor space.

Wood Vs Aluminum Lattice Pergola: Who’s the winner?

The aluminum is your best choice when comparing the pros and cons of both pergola options. Yes, the initial cost of a wooden lattice cover is more financially reasonable. Still, you must consider how the long-term expenses associated with maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement will eventually add up.

Alternatives like aluminum offer style, durability, and low maintenance. It is an investment that will redefine your outdoor living.

Roll Formed vs Extruded Aluminum Lattice Pergola

The materials used to manufacture your lattice patio cover are of utmost importance because of the effect it can have on the resistance, durability, and aesthetic of the product.

What is roll-formed aluminum?

Roll-formed aluminum, while flexible and useful in a variety of applications, does have certain limitations. The procedure entails bending metal into forms, which might result in goods that are more susceptible to deformation under stress or impact. Furthermore, the structural integrity may be weaker than other production techniques, making it potentially unsuitable for high-load applications.

What is extruded aluminum?

Extruded aluminum is known for its strength and structural integrity. This manufacturing technique involves pushing aluminum through a die to generate complex cross-sectional profiles with greater toughness and resistance to bending and deformation.

Extruded aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it suitable for demanding applications in the construction, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Its design adaptability and ability to maintain tight tolerances throughout production are important advantages.

Why should we avoid roll-formed aluminum?

Roll-formed aluminum should be avoided in regions susceptible to extreme weather, such as hurricanes, snowstorms, and high-speed winds, due to potential structural integrity and durability issues. This manufacturing procedure may not give the necessary strength to handle severe conditions, causing safety and stability concerns.

Extruded Aluminum wins over Roll-Formed Aluminum

Extruded aluminum is preferable for patio covers over roll-formed aluminum due to its superior strength and durability. It better withstands extreme weather, ensuring both safety and longevity, making it the ideal choice for long-lasting, maintenance-free outdoor structures.

Standard vs Tailor-Made Lattice Pergola

Many companies sell standard pergola designs, colors, and sizes that do not fit or match with outdoor space, leading you to believe that these covers are not for you. Azenco Outdoor manufactures custom-built louvered, fixed or lattice pergolas that will make the most of your space and elevate the look of your patio.

Your home deserves customization

Every home is different, every backyard is different. Choosing a custom pergola can turn your backyard into something special. Something that represents you and your style. For instance, you have a nontraditional patio layout that doesn’t allow you to install a standard-size lattice pergola. Still, with an Azenco Outdoor custom design, you can make the most of that space, creating your own functional and cozy patio.

Lattice Pergola Options

With Azenco Outdoor, you have the option to integrate different compatible features, including the following:

  • LED Lights: adding LED lights can help you create that desired cozy and inviting ambiance, turning your outdoor space into the perfect entertainment spot. We have three different lighting styles: RGBW, recessed, and ramps.
  • Heaters: You can still enjoy the outdoors during those chilly nights by integrating heaters into your pergola.
  • Fans: Besides creating airflow and comfort, fans add style to your patio.
  • Privacy Wall: This premium-level accessory combines privacy and style, offering you a space where you feel comfortable and safe. This also gives you the option of mounting a TV to your pergola.
  • Screens: This feature offers protection from mosquitoes, sunlight, and strong winds.

Rather than settling for a standard pergola design, create the backyard of your dreams with Azenco Outdoor’s custom-built pergolas!

R-BREEZE™ by Azenco: The Ultimate Aluminum Lattice Pergola

The R-BREEZE™ fixed louvered pergola is one of Azenco Outdoor’s latest innovations. This lattice pergola brought outdoor partial shade to a whole new level of refinement with its two different slat options, vertical and angled.

The pergola offers unparalleled versatility, effortlessly complementing both traditional and contemporary settings. Its design combines sophistication with practical functionality, providing the ideal balance of sun and shade. This innovative product helps you create a cool, comfortable outdoor living space tailored to your preferences. Whether aiming for a cozy backyard or an elegant entertainment area, the R-BREEZE™ elevates your environment with its functional and classy design.

Starbucks - Lattice pergola - Azenco

Made of Aluminum

The R-BREEZE™ lattice pergola is manufactured with 100% natural aluminum, ensuring unmatched durability and resistance. It also employs a powder coating paint system that enhances its resistance to the elements and maintains the color’s integrity over time. This combination of high-quality materials and advanced coating techniques results in a pergola that stands the test of time, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliability and aesthetic appeal in their outdoor spaces.

Custom Made

The architectural structure of the R-BREEZE™ is carefully designed to provide you shade, making the lattice pergola more than functional for any outdoor setting. 

This innovative product is custom-built, allowing you to adapt it to any outdoor space, whether big or small.

  • Sizes: It is a versatile patio cover because it can be manufactured in different sizes and layouts, allowing you to create a unique outdoor space.
  • Slats: This pergola is available in vertical and angled slat layouts, offering versatility in design.
    • Angled Slats at 55°
    • Vertical Slats at 90°

Architectural Element

The architectural quality of a detail-oriented pergola has the power to enhance your outdoor area. Our pergolas are designed to cover small and large areas and are ideal for creating aesthetically pleasant, contemporary designs. They not only provide shade, but they also act as a focus point for your home, blending in flawlessly with any architecture. A detail-oriented pergola, whether for a residential or commercial space, is a beautiful and functional addition to any outdoor space.

Concealed Hardware

Azenco sets itself apart from other brands with its creative approach to pergola design, particularly its seamless design. Unlike standard constructions that rely on exposed components like screws, Azenco Outdoor’s pergolas are designed to have a clean and sleek look. This not only improves the aesthetics of our pergolas but also helps to create a classy outdoor space.

Discover more about Azenco Outdoor >>

All in all, it is crucial that you choose products that will elevate your outdoor space without compromising durability and style. An aluminum lattice pergola provides that stylish wooden look while offering a worry-free pergola that will last a lifetime. ?

Get in Touch, Start Your Outdoor Story With an Aluminum Lattice Pergola

An Azenco aluminum lattice pergola is more than just a structure; it’s a gateway to a new way of living. By seamlessly intertwining the indoors with the outdoors, it invites you to enjoy life’s every moment in the comfort and luxury of your own home.

If you’re considering adding a lattice pergola to your outdoor space, it’s time to take the next step. Connect with us, explore our options, and prepare to step into a world where your outdoor dreams become a tangible reality.

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