Commitment to clean oceans - Azenco Outdoor partnership with 4ocean

Azenco Outdoor and 4ocean – A Renewed Commitment to Clean Oceans

Last Updated on March 28, 2024

We have great news! And what better way to announce it than on Global Recycling Day? Azenco Outdoor and 4ocean renew their year-long partnership to save our world from tons of plastics found in our oceans and waterways. Our partners at 4ocean are committed to ending the plastic crisis. To support their great work, the Azenco Outdoor team has pledged to pull another 25,000 pounds of debris in 2024.

Plastic removed from the oceans on Global recycling day. Azenco Outdoor in partnership with 4ocean

Azenco Outdoor and 4Ocean: Partnering for Cleaner Oceans

With the help of Azenco Outdoor, 4ocean has been able to pull a total of 6,874.56 pounds (about 3118.25 kg) of debris from the oceans between January and March 2024. This is 27% of our promised pledge for a cleaner world. This was possible with a crew of 20 people, who were divided into four different locations in Indonesia, Bali, Rio Bomo Beach, and Ijo Gading River.

Jembrana Ijo Gading River Cleanup

The first clean-up was at the Jembrana Ijo Gading River, where 2401.83 pounds of debris were collected. The debris is divided into two groups: plastic and non-plastic. In this instance, we extracted 1,461.12 pounds of plastic and 940.71 pounds of non-plastic.

To make this possible, a crew of 7 employees was hired. We are thankful for all their hard work and dedication despite the challenges. River clean-ups present certain obstacles, including faster currents and accessibility. By targeting wider debris collection areas, we will make a bigger impact on the world.

Global Recycling Day - Cleanup 4ocean sponsored by Azenco - image Before

Bali River Boom 1 Cleanup

40cean organized and conducted another successful clean-up at a river in Bali with a crew of 3 people. The mission’s name was Bali River Boom 1. The “Boom” in the name, refers to the containment boom system used by 40cean. This new equipment is a modular floating barricade designed to capture and collect debris while traveling downstream without obstructing wildlife.

While this technology has already proven effective in calm streams, canals, and slow-moving rivers, its potential had not been tested in more powerful waterways —until now. In April 2023, the boom system was tested in Rio Motagua, Guatemala, where it was successful. The system allows a small crew to collect more debris in less time.

During this cleanup, the crew was able to collect 1,270.86 pounds of plastic debris before it reached the ocean.

Plastic straws in oceans - 4ocean and Azenco oceans cleanup
4ocean and Azenco partnership to clean the oceans for plastic debris

Bali River Boom 2 Cleanup

We undertook not just one, but two clean-up efforts in Bali! Another crew of 3 people collected 1,121.74 pounds of plastic removed from a river. River cleanups are crucial because they help prevent the number of debris that goes into the oceans. Rivers are more manageable than tackling oceanic debris due to factors such as concentration, flow rate, geographical scope, and ecosystem impact.

Azenco's commitment to clean ocean with 4ocean

Banyuwangi Ria Bono Beach Cleanup

The latest clean-up took place at Ria Bono Beach in Banyuwangi. Beach cleanups are of great importance in combating marine debris and protecting coastal ecosystems, but they are not the easiest to conduct. Like rivers, beaches present certain challenges that must be considered when organizing a cleanup, such as weather conditions, safety concerns, accessibility, and lack of resources.

However, we are determined to achieve our 25,000 pounds (about 11339.8 kg) goal no matter the challenges we face. With the hard and dedicated work of a 7-people crew, we were able to remove 1,194.47 pounds of plastic and 885.66 pounds of non-plastic debris.

The Global Problem: Plastic Pollution Threatens Our Oceans

Plastic contamination in the ocean is a complicated and pressing environmental issue that needs worldwide cooperation. To limit the effects of plastic pollution on marine life and ecosystems, efforts must be made to reduce plastic use, improve waste management practices, encourage recycling and plastic alternative innovation, and strengthen international collaboration.

Global Recycling Day is celebrated annually on March 18th, and it was developed to spread awareness about the significance of recycling and to inspire people all around the globe to take action to protect our planet. Azenco Outdoor wants to help raise awareness, and what better way to do it than by partnering with 4ocean?


Azenco Outdoor appreciates all the work and determination of our partners at 4ocean, which is why we have created an exclusive Azenco Outdoor-4ocean webpage, where you can learn more about our commitment towards our product, factory, and our planet.

Today, on Global Recycle Day, we invite you to help us create a greener and safer world for everyone.

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