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Azenco Outdoor Takes Home Second Consecutive NY Product Design Award! 

Last Updated on June 14, 2024

We did it again! Azenco Outdoor is proud to announce that we are 2024 NY Award winners. Our latest innovation, the R-BREEZE™, won the 2024 NY Product Design Silver Award within the Garden Appliances & Garden Equipment and Smart Garden Products/Devices category. This prestigious achievement highlights our commitment to innovative designs and custom-built outdoor covers. Thank you to our Azenco Outdoor team, this achievement could not have been possible without their determination and perseverance.

The R-BREEZE™ is a fixed louvered pergola with dual roof configurations and a patented assembly method, making it a unique product. Azenco Outdoor is the only pergola manufacturer that utilizes this easy clip-operated assembly method, which allows us to provide our customers with a seamless design.

It is truly an honor to be NY Award winners for the second consecutive year—this year for the R-BREEZE™ and last year for our modular K-BANA™, manual louvered pergola. The cabana’s success is a cherished achievement that we immensely appreciate.

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R-BREEZE™: Innovation in Pergola Design

The fixed louvered pergola features a versatile design with dual roof configurations—angled or vertical fixed slats—to accommodate different sunlight and privacy needs.

The angled slats layout is designed to maximize light and airflow, making it especially suitable for sunny climates where maintaining a cool and comfortable outdoor environment is key. This setup allows for an optimal balance of shade and ventilation. Conversely, the vertical slats option provides enhanced privacy and a distinct modern aesthetic to the structure. It is ideal for those seeking a more enclosed and visually appealing outdoor area, adding an element of sophistication to the pergola’s overall design.

Additionally, its innovative screw-free assembly not only simplifies installation but also enhances the pergola’s durability and aesthetic by eliminating visible fasteners, making it a practical and elegant choice for any residential or commercial outdoor space.

Recognition at the 2024 NY Product Design Awards

Winning the NY Product Design Silver Award 2024 NY Product Design Awards Silver Winner within the Garden Appliances & Garden Equipment – Smart Garden Products / Devices
Category by the International Awards Associate (IAA) showcases our dedication and hard work to create products that refine outdoor, leaving one space at a time.

The International Awards Associate (IAA) is an organization dedicated to recognizing and promoting excellence across various creative and design industries. They host several awards to spotlight innovation and quality in fields ranging from marketing communications to product design.

The NY Product Design Awards, one of the initiatives by the IAA, specifically celebrates outstanding product design on a global scale. This award recognizes products that stand out due to their functionality, innovation, and aesthetic value, offering significant prestige to recipients and highlighting them as leaders in design and creativity within the industry. Winning this award can enhance a company’s reputation, highlighting their commitment to excellence in a competitive market.

Charles Chapus (Azenco Outdoor CEO & Co-founder)

“Here at Azenco Outdoor, we are a family, every product and achievement would not be possible without our team’s hard work. We are proud to be NY Product Design Award winners for the second consecutive year, thank you!”

Azenco Outdoor: A Legacy of Design Excellence

Azenco Outdoor has consistently been at the forefront of innovative outdoor design solutions since its creation. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our award-winning designs, such as the K-BANA™, which last year also won this prestigious award, highlighting our expertise in the industry. This year, our dedication continues with the R-BREEZE™ fixed louvered pergola. Our record of accomplishment of receiving multiple design awards—such as the Vesta Awards from Hearth & Magazine, and the Most Valuable Product Award from Residential Products Magazine—is a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefining outdoor living spaces.

At Azenco Outdoor, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of outdoor design, continually working to blend aesthetics with functionality in every project. Discover how our latest innovation, the R-BREEZE™ pergola, can transform your outdoor space by visiting our website. Experience the future of outdoor living today!

NY product design awards - Azenco K-BANA winner

Elevating Design for a Better World: The NY Product Design Awards

The NY Product Design Awards celebrate the power of design to make a positive impact. More than just a prestigious recognition, these awards highlight innovation, creativity, and functionality in product design, empowering designers who shape our world. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), a renowned organization recognizing achievements across industries, the NY Product Design Awards gather a distinguished jury. This diverse panel of 12 experts, hailing from 11 countries, brings a wealth of international perspectives to the judging process. This competition serves as a prestigious platform for the world's most innovative product designs. By showcasing these creations, the NY Product Design Awards not only establish a benchmark for exceptional design but also inspire the continuous evolution of the design industry.

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