Congratulations to our 2020 winning partners.

Last Updated on April 13, 2023

It’s always an honor and an exciting time of year for us when we announce our Best Outdoor Projects of the Year. Our global dealers’ network includes contractors, architects, backyard specialists, and distributors. It’s a constantly growing community of exceptional partners who share a common interest in outdoor living quality products and services. That’s what makes it exciting to reflect on our partners’ achievements and pick out winners each year for our key regions. It’s our opportunity to share the works our distributors are doing around the country and reward them.

Our outdoor project challenge jury of 2020, comprised of Designers, Journalists, and Marketers with prestigious backgrounds has deliberated and we are proud to announce our winners for the best outdoor projects of the year 2020.

1. Best Dealer Nationwide

Best dealer nationwide

Congratulations to:


The Patio District has been one of the first Florida state licensed general contractors and dealers that specializes in outdoor living spaces to carry our products.

Together, we created a multitude of commercial and residential outdoor projects in South Florida and we look forward to strenghten our partnership in the coming years.

Some of The Patio District projects:

2. Best State Dealers:

Best dealer by state

Congratulations to:



Our partnerships in North Carolina and Texas have been unique. We have driven significant outdoor project developments together with Bakyard Specialist and Stater Construction that have played an important role in imposing Azenco’s quality products in these two states.

Thanks to their regional knowledge and expertise across the spectrum of outdoor living space, our two partners saw the value that Azenco offered their clients. 

3. Best Commercial project:

best commercial outodor project

Congratulations to:

YARDEPOT for the Mila’s restaurant cover terrace.

The Mila’s covered terrace was the first project we did in collaboration with Yardepot.

This challenging outdoor construction project in the historic preservation district of Miami Beach, FL required to work collaboratively and immediately sealed our partnership.

From now on, it is always a great pleasure for our respective teams to achieve a project together.

View Mila’s covered rooftop deck project

4. Best Residential project:

best residential project

Congratulations to:

WHITE ALUMINUM for a residential project in Fort Myers, FL.

This luxury river view project gathered many options for better comfort:

  • automatic screens
  • rain and wind sensors
  • fan beams
  • corbel ends

View the covered deck project

Become one of our 2021 challenge winners!

We, at Azenco, believe in holistic development and nurturing and harnessing our partner network potential through rewarding activities.

We are happy to announce our 2021 challenge is open to all our distributors. We value every partnership and project, and we will reward:

  • The best nationwide dealer of the year
  • The best dealer by state
  • The best commercial project
  • The best residential project

Contact us to learn more azenco@azenco.outdoor.com

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