Above the ground slatted pool cover

Rolling panel

For Simple Well-being

The perfect solution to safeguard your pool while reducing clutter around the pool.
Installed above ground at one end of the pool, the AZENCO above ground slatted cover V-Slide is easy to operate as it opens and closes electronically by the turn of a key, at your convenience and with very little effort. Anodised aluminum shaft roller positioned at one end of the pool. 80 or 150 Nm driving motor fitted inside the shaft.

pool cover V-slide by Azenco

Easy to operate
Made of opaque, watertight, adjustable PVC or polycarbonate slats that float on the surface of the water as well as a motorized shaft.

Integrated end carrier regulator
+ 3 power supply options:
electric, solar, and battery-operated with charger.
Leaf net

V-Slide automated pool cover screen

Suitable for most pools
2 finishes: shaped/square (for rounded shapes)
Cladding: wooden slats/beige PVC slats/white PVC slats

Make it yours

When you’re ready to step outside, we will be with you every step of the way –
from dreaming up your new space together to standing by you with an industry-leading warranty and service program.

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